Friday, 21 August 2009

Questions to opposition Members of Parliament

My questions to Grant Shapps were passed to the office of James Brokenshire to answer. It would appear that Mr Shapps has no opinion of the FTAC; so why did he ask questions in the House of Commons?

Someone at the Houses of Parliament (IP: visited my website at about 16:50 on the 17 July 2009. I received a reply from an assistant to Mr Brokenshire called James Bury ( Tel 020 7219 8400, Fax: 020 7219 2043) confirming receipt of my question shortly after, but stating that he was going on annual leave the following week and would attend to the matter upon his return.

I have been busy on another project since then so I have not been able to chase this matter. However, on the 19 August 2009 I sent a reminder to Mr Bury to see if he was going to reply to my questions. I also added brief details of my horrific experience at the hands of the FTAC. On the 20 August 2009 at about 11:12 I had another visit to my site from the same IP address as before; no reply from Mr Bury followed.

However, at about 16:20 of the 21 August, 2009, I have eight visits to the blog from an IP address registered to the NHS ( They have been to my site before on the 6 July 2009. I can only speculate as to whether these two events are related.

As I type this, I’ve had another two visits to the site from the Houses of Parliament IP address. At long last, I have now received another e-mail from Mr Bury promising that Mr Brokenshire will see my e-mail and I will receive a response. That response will be published on this blog if it actually materialises and provided I have not been imprisoned again.

Update (27 Aug 2009): More of a non-update really. As expected, there has been no response from Mr Brokenshire’s office. Given the lack of response and the fact that this blog was investigated by the NHS shortly after my last query; I can only deduce that the Conservative position on the FTAC is that it fully supports it and it will continue to use the NHS to detain its political opponents. In other news; the Pope is discovered to be a catholic.