Thursday, 29 July 2010

Euthanasia for the terminally unemployed

Earlier today this blog had a visit from a post I made on AnnaRacoons Blog about Euthanasia for the terminally unemployed. I believe that it should be available more than ever. I think it is cruel to make people continue to live on when there is no chance that they will ever be allowed to have any satisfaction in life at any level. Our only choice is suicide, but there the prospects are grim. Doing physical damage to oneself is painful with the high probability of it not being successful and having to continue in a worse state. I’ve made attempts, obviously failed, and it is the fear of failing again that has prevented me from trying again; up until now.. If successful, the remains may lay undiscovered for some considerable amount of time; it would in my case.

Western culture frowns upon suicide and will punish those that want to cease to exist by imprisoning them. Having spent sometime at the hands of such people I can assure everyone that it is worse than dying. The never ending emptiness of ones life, with nothing to do, nothing to read, nobody to talk to except your jailers, or other prisoners who although nice, were mainly very highly disturbed, and often had learning difficulties. The cleaners did their best to maintain standards, but the other patients reduced the ward to a state of disgusting squalor. I had to endure this emptiness for months on end, without any hope of change. I will never go through that again.

I am not allowed to have a life that is in anyway comparable to the standards that others expect. What is more, I am not allowed to know why. I wish I understood the logic by which this world works. Nobody, except me, thinks that there is anything wrong. In that case, you can keep it, I want no more to do with it.

There is a scene in the classic film Soylent Green that would suit me fine. In this story euthanasia is encouraged and people are treated with some modicum of dignity at their end. I clearly cannot continue, so can I have at least some dignity in death and be allowed to die like this. The alternatives for me are to die alone and let my body rot until the stench becomes unpleasant to the neighbours, or I could do something in public and inconvenience many people.

A nice bit of Beethoven, some pleasant images (can I have Caribbean scenes please) and something to peacefully end life would be nice. Dump the body in the incinerator with the rest of the waste will be fine.