Monday, 14 September 2009

Further examples of political bias in the public sector

The Times today gives more examples of the blatant political bias that is endemic thought the public sector. It exposes how dozens of union officials are employed at taxpayers’ expense.

It reports that “A Whitehall whistleblower has told The Times that union officials spend time on ‘far-left political campaigns”. It also states that they are given free access to office space, computers and photocopiers.

However, these are not isolated examples. The cancer of left-wing political activities and bias is ingrained in the public sector. Any challenge to the divine perfection of the Labour party will be met with all the spiteful vengeance that any one or group of employees can bestow.

I have had personal experience of this from my imprisonment by ‘Doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson in Mile End Hospital on instructions from the FTAC. The doctors and other medical professionals where selected on the basis political beliefs so that they would make the ‘right’ decision. The tribunal date was deferred until they chair was the wife of a Labour MP. However, that one failed miserably as even a politely biased tribunal saw through his lies and humiliated him with their questions. They had no problem ordering my discharge.