Monday, 26 July 2010


I have exhausted all possible means to get my life back together. I have tried ever means possible to get people to listen.

In fact being persistent in trying to get ones case heard is counter productive as Dr James uses it as evidence of the complainant’s psychosis. This has given the miscreant organisations a means to avoid dealing with any of their misdeeds. They can do what ever they want and if anyone complains they can ignore it. If you carry on with your complaint then you are mentally ill. Thank you Dr James, do you really understand just what an abusive system you have created?

In the last few weeks we have seen some incredible things. We have had the case of the murdering policeman of Mr Tomlinson. He was caught on camera assaulting the poor man, having a previous history of misdeeds and was thrown off the police force in the past, but manages to get away with murder.

Then there was the sad case of Raul Moat. The behaviour of the police was appalling. It show total incompetence in their ability to find him, but also I was disgusted in their use of lies to the media. I am not saying what Mr Moat did was not wrong. However, I believe he was let down and abused by the system and particularly the police.

Although we have seen the end of the Labour government their replacement are just as bad. None of the criminals will ever face trial for what they did. Things are going to get a lot worse for their victims too. I am a man with no hope, nothing left to lose and a massive feeling of injustice; a very explosive combination.

As always; All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.