Tuesday, 30 March 2010

FTAC Watch is No. 1 Google for Ferdinand Jonsson

I have known this for some while. It has been an objective to gain that status. I have not mentioned it before; I have just taken quiet satisfaction of the achievement. It pays off too. It is the highest keyword phase behind FTAC or FTAC Watch. Now any potential patients, students, work colleges, or employers can find out about this evil man.

Last night I had several page views from someone at IP Address that found this site via Google using the term ‘Ferdinand Jonsson. This morning I had a visit from one of the NHS addresses to the item ‘Doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson –a danger to all.

I wish to repeat what my complaint is against this man.

  • He subjected me to abuse and degrading treatment while I was imprisoned at Mile End Hospital, the extent of which could be considered torture. I was not allowed a change of clothing; allowed to wash properly; not allowed to do basic personal maintenance such as cut nails; and I was held in the nosiest part of the ward with out any privacy from other patients; and subject to 24 hour one-to-one observation.
  • He is a liar. He fabricated events that were reported to other doctors and to medical tribunals.
  • He refused to allow me to produce any evidence to support anything I said. He just decreed it all to be delusions.
  • He directed other doctors and other medical personal to what their reports are to be rather than let them produce their own independent ones as they are required to do.
  • It was always his intention that I would never be released. He deliberately tried to make me react in a way that he could use to continue to imprison me.
  • There was no treatment in the first four months of my imprisonment, just detention.
  • He forcibly medicated me with highly dangerous drugs for no clinical reason just so he could show that he was treating me although no drugs were forced on me for four month prior.
  • He did not have the full support of other doctors in his actions. Towards the end of my imprisonment, the ward staff openly refused to obey his instructions.
  • He deliberately arranged for a tribunal that was politically biased by ensuring that the chair was the wife of a Labour MP. At that tribunal his was humiliated by their questions and they had no trouble ordering my discharge.

This is just a summary of what went on. I have been subject to the most horrendous experience and injustice.

The evil ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson should not be allowed to inflict such pain on any more people. He should not even be at liberty: he is a danger to everyone. Furthermore, questions need to be asked. What were his motivations for doing what he did to me? Why did the other medical personal go along with it? Why did his superiors condone such actions?

If ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson has objection to these statements then he has every right to seek to prosecute me for deformation; I would welcome it. I only wish that I could get legal help for a counter claim. Unfortunately, lawyers will not touch anything involving the FTAC out of fear.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Monday, 29 March 2010

An offer to the police to interview me

At some point I know that the FTAC are going to order my abduction again. So in the sprit of 'no retreat, no surrender’ I am taking the campaign to them.

Dear Sirs,
At some point in the near future your officers will be taking me into custody again. I seek to avoid the unpleasantness that will go with it.

I have resumed my quest for justice regarding the destruction of my life that has been inflicted by this government. It has been a year since I was release from imprisonment at Mile End Hospital at the hands of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson on orders of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) acting for the government.

In November of 2008 I was abducted from my home by your officers unlawfully and who lied about the details of the detention later. I was then subject to five months of abuse, degradation, assault and further lies at Mile End Hospital. I was freed by a tribunal that although specifically selected to be biased against me by the choice of a chairperson, namely Maria Fernandes the wife of Labour MP Keith Vaz, could not uphold the continuation of the detention and discarded me.

Since I won my freedom back nothing has changed. In fact it is worse. It is clear that post-election, whoever wins, my circumstances will decline to the point where my like is unsustainable. I am a desperate man without hope. I have lost everything except my liberty and life. These are now worthless and I am now willing to surrender both.

I am offering you a chance to interview me now. I will answer all questions honestly and in detail. I also offer myself to be analysed by medical staff. I only ask that the whole process be witnessed and documented. Given the behaviour of the police and doctors in the UK, I also request that whoever undertakes the questioning is shadowed by someone independent from overseas.

If at the end of the process, you believe that I should be imprisoned then you may do so.

No threats are implied by this letter; it is simply a presentation of an opportunity.

You are free to ignore this offer. However, I must point out that I am posting this on my blog as a permanent record to show that I made every effort to cooperate with the police and government.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Given the limited wit of the police, I will probably have the door broken down at 3am, or be abducted off the street at gun point and detained under the anti-terror laws. It’ll be a bit harsh on someone whose only objective is to be able to get back to work.

Comment is free censors FTAC Watch

The Guardian has disabled my ability to post on Comment is Free. Obviously freedom to comment doesn’t go as far as criticising the Labour government.

All I had posted was a comment that a potential Conservative government would be no different than the existing Labour one and that I had e-mailed the Conservatives to ask if the would continue to use the FTAC to detain the politically inconvenient as Labour has. I also linked to the post on this blog about asking if the Conservatives would close the FTAC.

Make of it what you will.

Just remember: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A question for George Galloway: why won’t you represent me?

Way back shortly after when problems started, I tried to approach my local MP, George Galloway, for help. He refused. I have repeated tried to enlist his help, but to no avail. Eventually my e-mails from my own domain were deleted without even being read. I am totally without any form of political representation.

Galloway was expelled from the Labour party in October 2003 and formed the Respect party which won the Bethnal Green and Bow seat in the 2005 election. The Respect party is a joint venture between a bunch of Islamofascist and extreme socialist groups.

He has never explained why he will not represent me, but I suspect that there is a racial component to it. Coupled with my background as being a businessman involved in finance and I must be a text-book case of who they hate.

I am in a bit of a mischief mood today so I’ve sent him another e-mail. As with the one to Cameron and Grayling, I will be extremely surprise to get any response. Even if I did get one then it would not be favourable.

Mr Galloway

In the Sunday press, Margaret Moran has admitted that there has been a deliberate policy of allowing overseas IT workers to displace British professionals. In fact she has boasted about taking money from companies to influence ministers to make it even easier. I have complained about this for years. Everything I have said is true, but all this time you have refused to listen to me.

Will you now explain, given that there is incontrovertible evidence to support my case, why you have refused to help me? You would never have tolerated what has happened to me if you had done your assigned duty as my MP properly; you have betrayed me.

Why do think that in Britain in the twenty first centenary someone can:

  • have their livelihood stolen on the whim of the ruling class for their own gain
  • be bankrupted and made homeless
  • have their health destroyed and to attempt suicide more than once
  • be denied access to support that is available to others
  • be denied access to any ability to earn a living
  • be denied democratic representation
  • be subject to political imprisonment
  • be subject to abuse, personal degradation and assault whilst in hospital

All of these things have happened to me in the last six years; I have gone through absolute hell. I am in no way responsible for any of the horrid things that have happened to me. My life has been destroyed by the evil policies of this government and you have supported them.

On what grounds do you feel that I am not worthy of representation? Is it because of my race, or is it because I was once a successful businessman before becoming a victim of this evil Labour government that you were once part of?

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

If you would like to help then you could also send him an email to gallowayg@parliament.uk asking him why he is so selective in his representation and how he reconciles it with his duty as an MP to be equanimous?

Another one of my ‘delusions’ turns out to be true.

Although I could never get ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson to give me formal list of what my supposed delusions were, amoungst the things that he said was not happening was that the Labour government was deliberately allowing the import of overseas IT workers displacing British professionals. I was never allowed to present any evidence to support my assertion; Jonsson simply decreed that it was not true.

The Daily Mail (I know it is not fashionable to cite them as a source) is reporting that Margaret Moran, Labour MP for Luton, “used a private company based at the commons to change immigration policy to allow cheap workers to be brought in from India”.

She is not alone. Fellow disgraced MP Patricia Hewitt is on record as supporting the opening up of the UK IT skills market to overseas imports when she was at the DTI. Ms Hewitt was formally at Accenture which is a big outsourcing provider and user of such imports. However, now she is a non-executive director of BT Group. They are part owner of Tech Mahindra which imports staff in bulk. BT is eliminating all British IT staff as fast as it can.

Far from this being one of my delusions, it is a national scandal. Not only is it fraud, it is causing massive long-term economic damage to the country.

It was my continued complaints that this was going on and my taking ever desperate steps to gain attention to my plight that cause the FTAC to order my abduction from my home and detention in a mental hospital.

Once again I have been proved right. However, nothing I do will ever get the Labour government to admit it. Jonsson and complacent doctors, on his instructions, sectioned me of false evidence. I was unlawfully held prisoner at Mile End Hospital, where I was subjected to degrading abuse. Jonsson ordered that I should be forcibly administered with highly dangerous anti-psychotic drugs on fraudulent clinical grounds.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Question to the Conservatives: Will you close the FTAC?

Right then, I am refreshed and determined not to let the bastards grind me down again.

If Gordon Brown allows it, we may have a general election soon. The Conservatives are unlikely to win (although I am very happy to be proved wrong), but I am going to start asking them a series of question. Today, I have sent an email to shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling (copied to Mr Cameron) asking if they will close the FTAC or continue to use it for political detentions.

To: graylingc@parliament.uk, camerond@parliament.uk

Dear Gentlemen,

As we approach a general election, I am resuming my quest to have my life restored to me. I have asked this before and you have refused to answer. All that happens is that I get harassment from the police. However, I will ask again. Please remember that your response, or lack of one, will be made public on my blog.

Will a Conservative government close the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) and fully investigate the cases it has handled to determine which ones were genuine and which were erroneous or politically motivated?

As a background and to provide evidence, I was subject to detention ordered by the FTAC. My crime was to become desperate as a result of being stonewalled in my complaint of having my life destroyed by the abuse of the work-permit system that has flooded the market for my skills with cheap Indian imports on fraudulent claims of skills shortages. I would like to bring to your attention that one of the main advocates for allowing so many imports was an ex minister of the DTI who is now an executive director of BT Group, a part owner of Tech Machindra which is a major user of these imports, is the infamous Patricia Hewitt who has been subject to cash for influence claims.

During my detention by ‘doctor’ Jonsson at Mile End Hospital, I was subject to abuse that could be considered torture. Jonsson made completely false claims. His justification for continuing to detain me became increasingly ridiculous and in the end the ward staff refused to carry out his instructions. I was finally released by a tribunal that ridiculed Jonsson with their questioning.

I am proof that the FTAC has been used for political detentions. Does a Conservative government intend to continue to use it the same way?

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

I will be extremely surprised if I get an answer.

Monday, 8 March 2010

I have returned!

Late last week and over the weekend I have been giving thought to resuming my campaign against the government and their instruments: the FTAC, police, East London NHS and especially ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson.

But firstly, I had an email from a Robert Jones from Wales this morning:

Dear Sirs/Madams of the FTAC watch,

Just the other day I was pulled in front of my psychiatrist and told that the FTAC had seen my YouTube videos on PorkupineTV and RobertAlexanderJones and that they considered them inappropriate and threatening.

In fact they have been hacked into the the police and cut down and voiced over in some places to make them less likely to crate a puturbance to Prince Charles' murder conspiracy.

As I was writing this to you a third party saved a copy to the draft folder without my instruction.

I have been signed out of my e-mail account from someone using my live messenger to impersonate me on previous occasions and of course if you have access to someone's e-mail you can get all their pass words and so hack everything they do.

So here is the stuff:- http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=94278

Yours faithfully,
Robert Alexander Jones B.Eng

This is one of those cases where the involvement of the FTAC is legitimate. However, I have a bit of a suspicion that he is just a troll on the David Icke web forum. If he is the genuine article then ladies and gentlemen of the FTAC do your duty; you will get no objection from me.

Robert’s case is an example of why the FTAC was created. However, it is also the façade behind which the darker side of the FTAC operate.

I am willing to concede that the majority of the FTAC case work deals with the like of some nutter who claims that Prince Charles was in the car park of some pub in a dodgy village in the arse end Wales ordering that the spooks come and stab him. However, there is another side where people with legitimate grievances that have reached the end of their tether have been abducted from their homes and imprisoned without trial in mental wards with the doctors instructed to find something to hold them on, even if it is a lie.

Resumption of campaign

I previously gave up because I felt that I was getting nowhere and it was making me both mentally and physically ill. I received e-mails at the time urging me to continue and I every now and again I receive more.

Last night I decided to resume after I watch an episode of a Sci-fi show from a couple of years ago. The protagonist had been captured and was being tortured as part of his interrogation with a view to making him confess. I could identify with the treatment I received at the hand of ‘doctor’ Jonsson. I have never said that I was physically abused, but the treatment that I was subjected to was extremely degrading and I believe it was designed to ‘break’ me. In the TV show, there was one line that struck me. Our hero was presented with someone that had already been broken and was confessing. He was urging the broken prisoner to resist. “All you have to do is say, ‘No I won’t’, one more time than they say, ‘Yes, you will’”.

I here by give notice. I am saying, “No. I won’t”. There is another slogan from the TV series: “No retreat. No surrender”