Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The economics of the madhouse

I know I said that this blog is closed, but I haven’t finished designing its replacement yet. So I will continue to post here until I do and then I will transfer them over.

On Guido’s blog he has a post about deficit deniers. He finishes his post with the phrase “the economics of the madhouse” Well; I have an anecdote about that. I have said this several times, but I think I would like to repeat it again.

My background is in the development of analytical and trading systems in the financial sector. (However, ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson has decreed that this is all a delusion.) Although I have no expectations of ever working again, it is a subject that I maintain a keen interest in.

I was abducted from my home in November, 2008 while the economic crisis was in full flow. Whilst detained I was denied all access to any serious news sources. All I was offered was random copies of the Metro free newspaper that any members of staff may have picked up on their way to work. I repeatedly asked of a copy of the Financial Times so I could see what was happening. After a few weeks they let me have a copy and I discovered how far things had developed.

The ‘named nurse’ by her own admission had no interest in finance and was more interested in Madonna’s divorce than any thing else in the news. I foolishly pointed out this nurse that when I was free it was a one level and how far it had moved.

At my first tribunal at the end of my first month of imprisonment I was astonished to hear ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson state to the members that I believed I was in control of the global economy. This is as far from my actual belief as it is possible to get. Not only do I not believe that I am in control, I believe the nature of the system is that it cannot be controlled in any significant way and that attempts to do so will destabilise the whole thing.

In her testimony the nurse claimed I was obsessed with the charts that showed a decline. Yes, I looked at the charts a lot: that is how time-series data is presented. The very nature of the crisis was that every asset class was declining with the exception of US Treasuries. That was the important thing.

None of them had ever asked me anything about what I believed, the nature of the subject, my interests, or my interpretation. They just used it to fabricate a malicious fiction to justify their imprisonment of me.

Later in one of the last ward rounds I attended (I refused to go because they were a farce; full of lies of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson who was closed to any evidence), ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson was showing off to his crowd and asked me about my thoughts on the economy. I said, “Technically speaking, you’re fucked.” There was a few laughs and Jonsson invited me to expand on my remark and how I would fix it. I said that there had been gross over spending and the debt was unsustainable. There would have to be massive cuts in public spending. At which point he cut me off and smiled at his audience.

At the end of ward round he offered me medication which I turned down. He said it would help me with my ‘peculiar’ beliefs about the economy. Its strange how things have turned out isn’t it.

Despite Jonsson having been shown to be wrong so many times, East London NHS Foundation Trust led by Dr Robert Dolan still stand by his diagnosis. However, they have never formally told me what my delusions are. Despite me repeatedly requesting answers, they refuse to answer the simple question of a) what are the supposedly delusional beliefs that I hold, b) what evidence do they have that I hold such a belief, c) proof that the belief is actually a delusion. That refusal clearly shows that there is no basis for the diagnosis, it is a malicious falsehood, and I was unlawfully imprisoned.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.