Friday, 14 May 2010

Stephen Timms MP Stabbed

I know nothing about the case. I doubt that the truth will ever be heard.

I have no sympathy for Stephen Timms. He won’t be the last. This is what happens when you fuck people’s lives up.

Sadly I doubt that message will get across to the politicians that they are responsible for the destruction of people’s lives. It will have to be repeated until they listen.


As per normal, I have had a few e-mails and comments suggesting that I approve of stabbing people and MPs in particular. Let me state so that there cannot be any misunderstanding that I do not think that stabbing people is right.

I have to repeat myself – MPs, particularly Labour ones of the last thirteen years, have caused massive damage to peoples lives, they will not listen when their victims try and explain their problems. Some people are so desperate, frustrated, fearful of their future, and angry about being unable to communicate with deliberately obtuse MPs that they have to find another language that they might understand. That language, unfortunately, is violence.

There is no prospect that MPs will become more perceptive or responsive. In response to this latest event they will become more insular. Thus a positive feedback look is created and things can only get worse.

I have no knowledge of this case, but I should imagine that the poor woman is currently being subjected to intensive questioning to try and fabricate a diagnosis of some psychotic disorder. If it is true or not doesn’t matter. What will never be considered are any injustices committed against her or the desperation she feels that with nothing left to lose, she strike out. We will never get to find out the truth.