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The end has come

Final ever post of mine on other blog: The end has come.

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More evidence that supports me

New post on my other blog, In place of justice - More evidence that supports me

Sunday, 19 September 2010

BBC sanitises FTAC report

I was contacted Chris Summers of the BBC asking questions about my experiences with the FTAC. I was reluctant to help him because the BBC has repeatedly been told of the abuses that the FTAC get up to and have failed to investigate. He said, and I have no reason to disbelieve him, that the press conference by the police on the Pope’s security was the first time he had heard of the FTAC.

In due course, Mr Summers produced his piece and published it on the BBC website. Although I had not directly assisted him he had used a couple of phases lifted from the blog. He also cited the case of Maurice Kirk.

However, the piece has been truncated and all the references to Mr Kirk and my site quotes have been removed. The report in question as it currently stands at the BBC is to be found here.

Fortunately, the internet is a wonderful thing that never sleeps and never blinks. The history of the piece by Mr Summers can be seen at News Sniffer.

What possible reason would there be to remove one whole side of a reasonably balanced report?

I have e-mailed Mr Chris Summers (chris.summers@bbc.co.uk) to ask him if he got into trouble for his report.


Mr Summers replies, "Those paragraphs were removed by one of my superiors."

I enquire further with, "Doesn't it strike you as ..... well ..... proving the point of my objection to their existence?"

His response was, "No comment ;-)"

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

FTAC and the Papal vist

It appears that the existence of the FTAC has become more widely known to the press at a briefing about the security for the Pope's visit. That was probably a mistake as they normally like to keep themselves and what they do a secret.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I have no interest in the Pope, his visit to the UK, or anything else all these sky fairy worshipers get up to. The FTAC have not contacted me about this or any other matter. I get a lot of mail from people that are probably legitimate subjects for the FTAC and none of them have mentioned the Pope either.

Could it be that they are trying to justify their existence in the face of budget cuts? Dr David James is going to have his work cut-out this time. He identified the paranoia of the last regime and their authoritarian desires so they were an easy sale. It’s going to be a lot tougher now.

I came to the attention of the FTAC because I kept on complaining about having my livelihood destroyed by the flooding of imports on fraudulent work-permits. It bankrupted me, made me homeless and destroyed my mental and physical health. I can get no help whatsoever to get my life back together.

I have been subject to the most horrific abuse including police lies and harassment such as banging on my door at 2am waking and frightening the neighbours. I have been abducted from my home and lock up in mental ward where I was subjected to treatment that could be classified as torture. I have been subject to false diagnosis, but have been refused the specific details of what that diagnosis is, the evidence it is based on and how the diagnosis was derived. I cannot get proper healthcare. I cannot get legal representation. I can not get parliamentary representation.

I am alone and without any hope.

Many times I have considered suicide; that is exactly what the FTAC and their masters want. They may get what they wish, but it is going to be on my terms.

All I want to do is work, nothing else. It is all I ever wanted to do.


Dear Pope: Gawd Bless ya guv’nor.

In the last few days the traffic to this site has shot up. Since the FTAC broke cover everybody has been asking WTF is the FTAC. Since I have been working hard to get good Google rankings for this site, they end up here. Which is nice.

Other than that, I have no interest in the Papal visit; it is nothing to do with me.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The new blog has begun

In place of justice

Is Dr Robert Dolan putting his pension ahead of his duties and the truth?

Moved to: In place of justice

Last week Ian Cowie in the Telegraph postulated that it may have been the fear of loss of his pension that may have been behind the ‘suicide’ of Dr David Kelly. I am wondering if it is a similar fear of a loss of pension that may be behind the reluctance of Dr Robert Dolan to answer the questions I posed to him about my imprisonment.

To recap, I was held prisoner at Mile End Hospital by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson on orders from the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) who themselves were acting on instruction from the Labour government. The diagnosis that ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson made was that I suffer from ‘Persistent Delusional Personality Disorder’. I believe that this is a malicious falsehood.

I have repeatedly asked everyone up to and including the chairman of East London NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Robert Dolan a simple question: For each of supposed delusional beliefs, a) what specifically is that belief, b) what is the proof that do actually hold that belief, and c) proof that the belief is a delusion. I do not think that it is unreasonable. The trust claim to use evidence based diagnosis; so what is their evidence? However, doctors Jonsson, Dolan and everyone else in the trust refuse to answer the question.

The reason why they will not answer the question is that there are no delusions. As I said, it is a malicious falsehood; I was subject to unlawful imprisonment and physical assault. If they answer then it will be shown for what it is and it will led the trust and its personal open to disciplinary proceedings, doctors being struck off, and maybe criminal prosecutions.

If ever I do get a chance to get justice, ‘doctor’ Jonsson will definitely end up in prison. However, Dr Robert Dolan has publically backed Jonsson and as a result is in very grave danger of sharing his fate to some extent. His is very likely to lose his job. With it will inevitably be the loss of his pension.

Could it be that Dr Robert Dolan would put his pension ahead of the truth and his duties? It is a possibly an explanation as to his despicable behaviour.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The economics of the madhouse

I know I said that this blog is closed, but I haven’t finished designing its replacement yet. So I will continue to post here until I do and then I will transfer them over.

On Guido’s blog he has a post about deficit deniers. He finishes his post with the phrase “the economics of the madhouse” Well; I have an anecdote about that. I have said this several times, but I think I would like to repeat it again.

My background is in the development of analytical and trading systems in the financial sector. (However, ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson has decreed that this is all a delusion.) Although I have no expectations of ever working again, it is a subject that I maintain a keen interest in.

I was abducted from my home in November, 2008 while the economic crisis was in full flow. Whilst detained I was denied all access to any serious news sources. All I was offered was random copies of the Metro free newspaper that any members of staff may have picked up on their way to work. I repeatedly asked of a copy of the Financial Times so I could see what was happening. After a few weeks they let me have a copy and I discovered how far things had developed.

The ‘named nurse’ by her own admission had no interest in finance and was more interested in Madonna’s divorce than any thing else in the news. I foolishly pointed out this nurse that when I was free it was a one level and how far it had moved.

At my first tribunal at the end of my first month of imprisonment I was astonished to hear ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson state to the members that I believed I was in control of the global economy. This is as far from my actual belief as it is possible to get. Not only do I not believe that I am in control, I believe the nature of the system is that it cannot be controlled in any significant way and that attempts to do so will destabilise the whole thing.

In her testimony the nurse claimed I was obsessed with the charts that showed a decline. Yes, I looked at the charts a lot: that is how time-series data is presented. The very nature of the crisis was that every asset class was declining with the exception of US Treasuries. That was the important thing.

None of them had ever asked me anything about what I believed, the nature of the subject, my interests, or my interpretation. They just used it to fabricate a malicious fiction to justify their imprisonment of me.

Later in one of the last ward rounds I attended (I refused to go because they were a farce; full of lies of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson who was closed to any evidence), ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson was showing off to his crowd and asked me about my thoughts on the economy. I said, “Technically speaking, you’re fucked.” There was a few laughs and Jonsson invited me to expand on my remark and how I would fix it. I said that there had been gross over spending and the debt was unsustainable. There would have to be massive cuts in public spending. At which point he cut me off and smiled at his audience.

At the end of ward round he offered me medication which I turned down. He said it would help me with my ‘peculiar’ beliefs about the economy. Its strange how things have turned out isn’t it.

Despite Jonsson having been shown to be wrong so many times, East London NHS Foundation Trust led by Dr Robert Dolan still stand by his diagnosis. However, they have never formally told me what my delusions are. Despite me repeatedly requesting answers, they refuse to answer the simple question of a) what are the supposedly delusional beliefs that I hold, b) what evidence do they have that I hold such a belief, c) proof that the belief is actually a delusion. That refusal clearly shows that there is no basis for the diagnosis, it is a malicious falsehood, and I was unlawfully imprisoned.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Fucking, piss-taking, lying cunts

I promised myself that I would never use bad language on this blog, but today I feel driven to it. I am sorry if the language offends.

Part of the home invasion of last week was they were going to arrange a session with the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) of Bethnal Green. It was intimated that unless I agreed, they were going to abduct me and lock me up again.

I fully expected that I would hear no more of it, but on Monday at 13:30 I got a call from a Mr Lawford Clough (tel:0207364 3199) offering me an appointment at 15:30 Today. I was not in a position to turn it down. If I did, they could say that they offered to help but I refused. So I agreed. I asked if he could send me confirmation via e-mail, but he said he could not. The tone of his voice was a clear give away when he said that the only had access to internal e-mail. This is odd because it is published in a directory as being lawford.clough@eastlondon.nhs.uk

So I give myself plenty of time today and get there at about 15:20 to find a sign on reception announcing that it was closed and I should use the intercom. The reception staff were in plane view having a gossip in a back room. I try the intercom, but there was no response.

Luckily, the staff took pity on me and offered to help. They took my name and contacted the doctor to say I was waiting down stairs. I was show a waiting area and assured that the doctor would be down in a moment.

The time of the appointment came (15:30) and there was no show. For a full fifteen minutes I waited, but there was no sign that anyone was going to see me nor was there any explanation for the delay. So I left.

It was going to be a short meeting anyway. The first thing I was going to ask was, “do they still stand with ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson’s diagnosis”. They were bound to say yes. At which point there is no way there could be any basis for discussion and I would leave.

There is no hope of justice for me. What really disgusts me is that everyone thinks that this is acceptable.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I am still a free man

Well, ‘the authorities’ have been round to ‘take care of me’. I had one and a half (one was a PCSO) coppers, two doctors, and a social worker round at 4:30pm today with a warrant to enter my home and remove me.

After an hours worth of me ranting about how I was abused by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson; that I have no future; and all I wanted was to be allowed to work, they find that there was no ground to section me and cart me off to Mile End Hospital. So they leave empty handed.

They are going to see if they can arrange for me to have an appointment to with the community heath people to see if the can help. That would be a totally pointless exercise. As far as they may do a fine service to most of the people they deal with; my case is beyond anything they could comprehend.

In the conversation they ask what I need. I tell them that all I want is to be allowed to work; to be treated exactly the same way as every other person in the country.

I point out that there is no prospect of any recovery while the Section III diagnosis stands. It has to be struck down before anything can happen. To achieve that Jonsson has to admit that he has lied. It also requires that I am told the evidence behind the diagnosis. I put it to all of them that asking for a formal statement of the diagnosis and supporting evidence is not an unreasonable request; none of them could retort with a rebuttal. However, it remains the case that I am not allowed this information. The Section III order and the diagnosis are fraudulent and malicious; that is why East London Foundation Trust will not answer the question.

I asked if I can have a meeting with everyone. That is MP’s, FTAC, NHS, DWP, Police, etc and let me present the full timeline of what happened, how I made every effort to live and work as a normal person, and how each of them has screwed up my life. Loads of shrugged shoulders; it is totally beyond all of them.

All that I am likely to get is one or two short “talking therapy” sessions over a period of a year and the recommendation that I take some form of medication. None of these will solve my problem, or ever recognise the fact that the cause was corruption within the previous Labour government.

There is no possibility of improvement until it is acknowledge that I am a victim of crime and that all the abuse that has been inflicted upon me is corrected. That is never going to happen. As we all know, all governments and their servants have a perfection that exceeds the divine. What is beyond me is that despite clear evidence that supports everything I say, none of these so-called professionals will ever entertain the concept that I might be right and what they are doing is morally wrong if not illegal.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Update 19 Aug 14:20

I have just had an entertaining telephone call from the council repair service. “We are calling about your recent repair of ‘replace lock and door after forced entry’”

It looks like the cheeky bastards had put in a request for repair before even turning up at my flat. This really shows the evil mentality of these people.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Another visit from the police

The police have been banging on my door again. I refused to let them in. I am all alone here with no witnesses. I cannot do that.

“Can you come out here and talk to us then?” – Yeah, right. After last time I have learned a lot. If I was in a public area, they would cart me off in a second.

I say “Go away”, and go about my business.

After a few minutes they bang on my door again and say, “We’re going now. Just to let you know the authorities are going to be coming round to take care of you”.

What does that mean? They are going to ‘take care of me’ are they? Somehow I don’t think that is going to be in my favour. I am going to be in prison very soon.

Please can all that read this blog remember that I have been begging for help for years and all I have got has been abuse. I am not sick, I am not a criminal; all I want is to be allowed to work on equal terms with everyone else. I am being locked up for wanting to work.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Monday, 9 August 2010

My quest for justice is over

I have failed – there can be none.

My MP refuses to help, like her predecessor. I cannot get a solicitor to help me. Those organisations that are supposed to help (such as MIND, CAB, etc) refuse too. I cannot get healthcare. Far from protection by the police, I am subject to harassment by them (such as 2am visits banging loudly on my door to wake up the neighbours, etc). I am excluded from being allowed to earn a living.

What shall I do now?

I don’t have any plans in place yet. However, it will inevitably involve my death; I do not have a choice. I cannot continue to exist like this; what I have to endure exceeds what any rational being would regard as acceptable. I am not asking to be given anything; I just want to be allowed to work.

The real question is by what means shall my life end and how will others be involved. I don’t know the answer just yet, but I expect it to be very messy and probably a bit disruptive.

Should those that I blame for my ‘misfortune’ feel endangered?

It’s a good job that ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson identified that all the skills, experience and knowledge that I have gained in over fifty years was all a delusion, otherwise I could be very dangerous. Every one of you can rest easy in the knowledge that Jonsson’s diagnosis was flawless; based as it was on well researched evidence and correct procedures.

The documentary evidence from independent sources that backs up my story and contradicts his is nothing to be concerned about.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.


Monday, 2 August 2010

Website visits from government secure internet gateway

I have only been checking web stats intra-day for the last week or so as I have been pushing my quest for justice. Normally, I just check first thing in the morning over coffee. However, today I have just spotted visits to both my personal site and to this blog from someone in London using the Government’s secure internet gateway. IP Address: – Hello, whoever you are.

I expect that I’ll get another visit from the police later and be abducted from my home like they did before. This time I don’t think there is any chance I will survive for more than a few hours.

If they really want to solve the problem then why not do what I have asked for repeatedly: talk to me properly and not after the police have beaten me up or the doctors have drugged me.

Radical isn’t it. They would say I have unrealistic expectations. Oh well, that is the way of government these days. Theft, betrayal, lies, abuse, violence are all legitimate tools for them. I have been on the receiving end of all of them.

Don’t let us forget my crime that is at the core of all this: I wanted to work.

Clearly the government believes that such desires are deviant and dangerous. Anyone who harbours such delusions must be severely dealt with.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.


03Aug 12:00, My lunchtime check of my visitor stats has revealed a couple of interest entries. Two of the Solicitors (Bindman’s and Fisher Meredith) that I approached to ask for assistance and who claimed to be ‘too busy’ have made visits. They are ‘too busy’ to actually help someone in desperate need, but not ‘too busy’ to surf the blog of the poor soul that they refused to help.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

I challenge Iain Duncan Smith to meet me

Nothing will come of this I know.

To: admin@centreforsocialjustice.org.uk

I have a challenge for you. Study my case with an open mind and try to understand.

Rather than write a long e-mail that you will never read may I simply say that I have been through hell and am at the stage when I have nothing left to lose anymore. I genuinely do think that death is my only option.

Briefly, I was formally a very successful freelance IT professional before the Labour government destroyed my livelihood. I have never recovered from what they did to me. This was not for the want of effort, I have tried to get help from everyone I could possibly think of. Every one of them has refused to help.

Unfortunately the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) have become involved and now things are far, far worse. I cannot get healthcare, I cannot get legal representation, I cannot get parliamentary representation, I cannot get protection under the law, I am excluded from earning a living. I am denied things that most people consider basic rights.

I cannot go on living like this. I have a slogan: All I wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace. I hate existing on benefits that will be withdrawn at any time. I have only ever wanted to work.

If I cannot be allowed to work again, may I at least be allowed to die as I describe in my blog.

If you are genuinely interested in social justice then please can we have a meeting to discuss what has been done to me?

If his group has any genuine interest in Social Justice he will meet with me. I can calmly and rationally present a case that shows that I have been subject to horrendous abuse by the state.

I have had my livelihood stolen, denied access to social benefits and housing, denied access to healthcare, denied protection under the rule of law, denied parliamentary representation, and denied access to legal advice and representation. These things are considered rights by most people. However, it is perfectly alright that I cannot have access to them.

None of the schemes that are presented in his latest report will do anything for me; and I doubt that they will for anyone else either. If this group talks to people like me who have seen what actually goes on and have the ability to analyse and formulate solutions then there will be far greater progress.

All that will happen by enacting the schemes described will be deep, widespread suffering and resentment that will probably be expressed through violence. Savings in one budget will be offset by greater spending in other areas. Genuine savings can only be achieved by doing proper research using people who have practical experience.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Euthanasia for the terminally unemployed

Earlier today this blog had a visit from a post I made on AnnaRacoons Blog about Euthanasia for the terminally unemployed. I believe that it should be available more than ever. I think it is cruel to make people continue to live on when there is no chance that they will ever be allowed to have any satisfaction in life at any level. Our only choice is suicide, but there the prospects are grim. Doing physical damage to oneself is painful with the high probability of it not being successful and having to continue in a worse state. I’ve made attempts, obviously failed, and it is the fear of failing again that has prevented me from trying again; up until now.. If successful, the remains may lay undiscovered for some considerable amount of time; it would in my case.

Western culture frowns upon suicide and will punish those that want to cease to exist by imprisoning them. Having spent sometime at the hands of such people I can assure everyone that it is worse than dying. The never ending emptiness of ones life, with nothing to do, nothing to read, nobody to talk to except your jailers, or other prisoners who although nice, were mainly very highly disturbed, and often had learning difficulties. The cleaners did their best to maintain standards, but the other patients reduced the ward to a state of disgusting squalor. I had to endure this emptiness for months on end, without any hope of change. I will never go through that again.

I am not allowed to have a life that is in anyway comparable to the standards that others expect. What is more, I am not allowed to know why. I wish I understood the logic by which this world works. Nobody, except me, thinks that there is anything wrong. In that case, you can keep it, I want no more to do with it.

There is a scene in the classic film Soylent Green that would suit me fine. In this story euthanasia is encouraged and people are treated with some modicum of dignity at their end. I clearly cannot continue, so can I have at least some dignity in death and be allowed to die like this. The alternatives for me are to die alone and let my body rot until the stench becomes unpleasant to the neighbours, or I could do something in public and inconvenience many people.

A nice bit of Beethoven, some pleasant images (can I have Caribbean scenes please) and something to peacefully end life would be nice. Dump the body in the incinerator with the rest of the waste will be fine.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Here we go again.

I've just spotted a police van out side. And there we go ... a knock on my door. Just has a calm chat. "Bla, Bla, Bla..... Good night", says I. Plod, "OK, were going now." and off they wander. Outside the look up to my flat and then get inside their van. The wait there for 15 mins, but have now driven off. Pointless.

Yet another policeman banging on my door

I just ignored it. After a while they went away.

Gentlemen, I am not going to talk to you. You cannot intimidate me by your visits.

If you want to resolve this issue then rethink what you are doing. Let me have the same rights as everyone else. Let me have protection under the law. Let me have access to proper healthcare. Let me have access to legal representation. Let me have access to political representation. LET ME WORK!

I know, they are outrageous and unrealistic expectations.


28 Jul 20:20 - There is a police car and an ambulance waiting just up the street. I think they may be for me.

28 Jul 20:27 - The ambulance has driven off, but the police car is still there.

28 Jul 20:37- The police car has gone now. I expect they will be banging on my door in the early hours again.

Another attempt to get a solicitor

It is a futile effort, I know. I have to do things like this as an evidence gathering exercise.

I e-mailed the following solicitor firms last night:

I do not expect to hear from any of them, at least not in a positive way. The best I can expect is a letter claiming that they are ’too busy’.

I’ll give them a few days and then write to the Law Society for advice. Not that anything will come of that, but it may be entertaining to see what response or lack of it I get.


(15:20) A response from one of them! Rachel Short from Fisher Meredith (rachel.short@fishermeredith.co.uk, Tel:020 7091 2849) Guess what: "Thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately at this time we do not have capacity to deal with your case."

(21:45) I have just looked at the stats for this site. Although Fisher Meredith are far too busy to help me, they found time to make over 100 visits to this site. Google has done it's magic too and the search term "Rachel Short Fisher Meredith" lists this site as number one. I know I should feel guilty about that, but ... er .. um ..[laugh] sorry.

(29Jul 11:00) I've had more than a dozen visits to this blog so far this morning from 'we are too busy' Fisher Meredith. In that time they could have written a letter to Dr Dolan of East London NHS trust to get him to answer the question. I cannot get any form of legal help because of blatant discrimination. It is disgusting.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Thoughts on a sleepless night I

As I go through the final stages before the imminent end I feel the need to express the feelings I have. Mostly this is self-indulgence to clarify things in my own mind, but if it helps others that are going through similar problems then that is a bonus.

I am writing this at around 2am. My sleep patterns are all over the place. Poor sleep hygiene is what the medical types call it. The term reminds me of comedy shows with an adolescent boy being made to ware boxing gloves at night. It is rare that I get a full night sleep, but normally I manage to cope and not suffer during the day. However, this last week has been different with painful headaches and the need to sleep during the day.

Prior to getting up, I was thinking about these last few blog posts. I was thinking of ways to describe just how I felt. The term ‘dirty’ kept coming to mind. I feel physically dirty. My surroundings are dirty. My clothes and possessions are old and worn. I feel ashamed of what I have lost and what I have become.

[This is the point when the police came banging on my door]

This is not to say that I am not looking after myself. I am far better than most single men when it comes to cleaning. Equally, I am not talking about obsessive cleaning and still feeling dirty.

The key to understanding my feelings come from something I was reading during the day about loss of identity. A phrase that I keep thinking is “this is not me”. It is as if I have been forced to step back and a barrier erected. The interface between me and the world is a façade that isn’t me at all.

When I look inside myself it is not a pleasant landscape. Though it is not devoid of joy and pleasure, these are rare. What dominate are tears, grief, loss, fear and anger. I have feelings of injustice and a desire for vengeance, but mainly confusion about why this is happening. It just doesn’t make sense at any level or perspective.

What is truly terrifying is when I look deep inside myself; into what some might call ones soul. This is best way to imagine this is to recall a scene from dreadful horror film where someone is conscious as their body purifies. I feel my very soul rotting inside me.

On top of all this gets layered the insults of ‘doctor’ Jonsson and the rest of the medical ‘professionals’. They deliberately reversed causality; decreed events and aspects, such as my skill set, as being delusions even though I have documentary evidence that they are true; and distorted or even fabricated events and beliefs. When I complain all I get is stonewalled. In fact the more I protest that they have got it wrong, the more that refuse to listen. There is no hope of any resolution.

I detest everything my life has become. Along with “this is not me”, I keep thinking the phrase, “I cannot go on living like this”. I have made a few attempts at suicide in the past, but I have been too incompetent or afraid to get it right. Some have said it was because I still had hope, but I see it as being in denial. I have no reason to exist. I have no function to perform and I derive no pleasure from existence. In deed existence is suffering and that suffering can only grow.

The time has come for things to end. The questions are ‘by what means’ and ‘how should I resolve my desire for vengeance’. These are topics for later posts.

I just wish I understood why this has happened. All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living peace. Why was that so wrong? What where they expecting me to do for the rest of my life?

Another 2am visit from the police

I am sitting here writing my next blog post and there is a bang on the door. Guess who.

“Do you have bang on my door in the early hours”, say I.

“It’s the police”.

Yeah, right. Like it’s going to be someone else.

"Yeah, I know who you are. Go away"

“People are concerned about you”, plod continues.

Yeah, right.

“Go away”, I reply.

“OK", replies plod and they leave.

If the police or any other official body had any real concern for my safety then they would talk to me properly. However, I will only talk to the police after they have formally admitted their previous lies when they abducted me from my home.

Right then, back to writing my next post. When they read the posts I’ve got planned, they will be back again no doubt.

Monday, 26 July 2010


I have exhausted all possible means to get my life back together. I have tried ever means possible to get people to listen.

In fact being persistent in trying to get ones case heard is counter productive as Dr James uses it as evidence of the complainant’s psychosis. This has given the miscreant organisations a means to avoid dealing with any of their misdeeds. They can do what ever they want and if anyone complains they can ignore it. If you carry on with your complaint then you are mentally ill. Thank you Dr James, do you really understand just what an abusive system you have created?

In the last few weeks we have seen some incredible things. We have had the case of the murdering policeman of Mr Tomlinson. He was caught on camera assaulting the poor man, having a previous history of misdeeds and was thrown off the police force in the past, but manages to get away with murder.

Then there was the sad case of Raul Moat. The behaviour of the police was appalling. It show total incompetence in their ability to find him, but also I was disgusted in their use of lies to the media. I am not saying what Mr Moat did was not wrong. However, I believe he was let down and abused by the system and particularly the police.

Although we have seen the end of the Labour government their replacement are just as bad. None of the criminals will ever face trial for what they did. Things are going to get a lot worse for their victims too. I am a man with no hope, nothing left to lose and a massive feeling of injustice; a very explosive combination.

As always; All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Blood money: £100,000 salary of FTAC doctors

I have noticed a bit of unusual traffic to this blog with search phrases like “FTAC Buckingham Gate”. However, the giveaway for what is going on was “FTAC Jobs”. A quick look myself reviled that the FTAC a recruiting more staff.

Contact NameDr Robert Bates
Email Addressrobert.bates@beh-mht.nhs.uk
Telephone020 8375 2713

That is right; they pay these evil people £100,000 pa. This is disgusting. The whole of the scheme is a fraud. It was sold to the pervious government to ease their paranoia and to enable them to ‘disappear’ people they found ‘inconvenient’.

I have found form bitter experience just how corrupt these people are. There seems no end to the supply of doctors in the NHS who can be persuaded to give false diagnosis and condemn people to imprisonment without trial. For £100,000 there will be a queue of people every so willing to give whatever diagnosis is required of them.

Take my example, ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson fabricated a diagnosis and found two others to back him up without any problem whatsoever. It was obvious that they had made up their minds the moment the interview started. Jonsson claims that I suffer from a persistent delusional personality disorder. However, I cannot get East London NHS Foundation Trust to tell me what those delusions are. There are no delusions. The FTAC decreed that I should be locked up and grounds were fabricated to put on the paperwork.

I have repeatedly challenged all of those involved to hold a proper investigation by a truly independent analyst (i.e. non-NHS, and preferably from overseas). Then I can present evidence to show that I have been a victim of the criminal behaviour of the previous government, the incompetence and spite of the civil service, and the lies and corruption of the FTAC, police and NHS.

However they refuse to hold an investigation. We can only assume that they have a lot to hide.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Dr David James founder of the FTAC

I am indebted to a contributor who best remains anonymous for the knowledge that the founder of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is doing the rounds of the conferences at the moment. Next week (5-6 July 2010) Dr James (david.james5@ntlworld.com) is appearing at a two day workshop entitled “Assessing Stalking Risk”. For £500 you can hear him spout his nonsense.

The brochure contains a very poor image of the miscreant. I don’t know about anyone else, but this is the sort of picture the tabloid press like to print when they have a story about a paedophile or rapist.

In a way I am jealous of what Dr James has achieved, but he used his knowledge and spotted an opportunity and has milked it for all it’s worth. He correctly spotted where the former government was most fearful i.e. for their own safety. This is a common trait amongst all dictatorial regimes thought history; he doesn’t get any marks there. What he did was find a way to sell to them his services to remove potential nuisances from society without having to go through the tiresome business of putting them on trial. He could get them locked up without anyone giving a damn.

Not satisfied with the power to order people to be locked up until they die, James wanted more. He has gotten on the lecture circuit and appears from London to Australia telling people how to spot nutters and how it is alright to abuse peoples human rights.

Will I be ‘stalking’ him outside the venue in Belgrave Square? No, I’ve got far more interesting things to do. However, I offer this challenge to Dr James: talk to me. Listen to the truth. Let me present to you proper evidence that proves everything I have said about what happened to me, the corrupt or incompetent behaviour of MP’s and government departments. One condition, there has to be witnesses and it has to be fully recorded and documented. If you uphold the fraudulent diagnosis of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson and you can convince the witnesses then I will willingly be locked up forever (though I would prefer execution). If you do not then I want my life back in full and a commitment that your organisation, the police, and everyone else that has cause me so much suffering keep out of my life forever. You can carry on selling your snake oil to fearful governments; just don’t do it to me.

I expect that this offer will reach him sometime as I have them all over this blog on a regular basis. However, I do not expect that they will ever take me up on my offers to talk. They can’t have something as embarrassing as the truth causing them trouble.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Update (17:48) I sent a URL for this post to david.james5@ntlworld.com and repeated my offer and said "The questions is: are you an honorable and professional doctor, or just a snake oil salesman to oppressive governments?" I had a visit from someones Blackbury at 17:39. I suppose I should expect the police to be knocking on my door later.

Update (03 jul 18:00)

On Friday there were a fair number of visits to this site from Blackberry devices and IP Addresses thought to be associated with the FTAC. I have not heard anything from them. You would think if they were so confident in their analytical abilities and that I was a legitimate case with no possibility of error, they would relish the chance to demonstrate how clever they are.

Your Freedom : Abolish the FTAC

Prompted by JuliaM’s comment on the previous post, I have looked at the ‘Your Freedom’ website from the government asking for suggestions. I found that someone has already suggested the abolition of the FTAC. I had not bothered as I didn’t see any prospect of the suggestion remaining on their system and there is no chance of the government closing it down. However, since someone has made an entry I suppose I better make a comment.

The FTAC is open to abuse and I am proof of it.

I was held prisoner for five months at Mile End Hospital on instructions from the FTAC. At the root of my complaint to MP’s was the abuse of the intra-company transfer scheme that was destroying the livelihoods of thousands of British IT professionals and causing long-term damage to the British economy and potentially national security.

The treatment that I had to endure bordered on torture in the way that I suffered personal degradation such as not being allowed to wash properly or even cut my nails, through to assault by forcible medicated in the last month although no medication was used the whole of the previous four months. Everything I had ever done or achieved in my life was denied to have ever happened. Even though I could produce documentary evidence to prove it, I was never allowed to present it. I suffered five months of doctors micro-scrutinising my every action and contriving ever wilder explanations to justify their detention of me.

I have been branded as suffering from having a persistent delusional personality disorder. However, my requests for East London NHS to be specific in what those delusions actually are have been refused. They claim to use evidence based diagnosis but refuse to state that evidence. In truth, there are no delusions; everything I ever said I can provide documentary evidence, has come to pass and is now in the historical record, or is a widely held belief by respectable people. There only remains fabrications by doctors which there is no evidence that I hold the belief.

There is no recourse to any form of justice for anyone that has been subject to the abuses of the FTAC. The IPCC and the relevant ombudsmen organisation automatically decide against the complainant regardless of any evidence. No lawyer will touch a case where the FTAC are involved if they have a choice. When forced to represent someone they will not represent them properly. Obviously trying to get ones own MP to help will get no response whatsoever.

Although I was release by a tribunal, I have been totally abandoned with no help whatsoever. I live in poverty and squalor with a continuous fear of what the state is going to do to me next. I have no prospect of ever getting back to work, but face the very real danger of having my benefits withdrawn. Even if they are not, they will decline in real-terms driving me into ever deeper poverty.

The FTAC is used to eliminate the politically inconvenient as well as truly sick people. Those that implement the directives to detain people are far too willing to commit fraud and abuse peoples rights. Those organisations that are charged with oversight and ensuring best practice turn a blind eye. People who should represent the individual who have been subject to injustice shun them. The FTAC is a dark stain on Britain; it is a feature of many a dystopia fiction that come to life.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

I expect that the whole suggestion will be deleted at anytime; my comment certainly will.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Rushanara Ali MP: Why won't you help me?

I am still here! In a way I am disappointed to still be at liberty. I would like to put on trial because then I would be able to question the people that put me there. I doubt if they will try the mental hospital trick again. The police turn up and say ‘we want a chat’ and when I refuse, they wander off!

Just to cause some mischief, I have e-mailed my new MP, Rushanara Ali, this morning to ask her why she will not help me.
May I ask exactly why you refuse to help me?
  • Is it, like George Galloway before you, I am of the wrong race, or, formally, of the wrong social class?
  • Is it because you believe that anyone who does not agree with the Labour party must be insane and should be locked up?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable for someone to destroy a person’s livelihood and reputation for their own profit?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable to deny people any help to get back to work?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable for Doctors to fabricate diagnosis just to detain people and forcibly medicate them on political orders?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable for Doctors to refuse to give details of a diagnosis and the evidence they used to form it?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable for an MP to refuse to help their constituents out of spite?
I can provide documentary evidence to support everything I have said. I have had my life stolen from me for no reason on my part. I am a completely innocent man who became collateral damage caused by the incompetence and corruption of others.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

UPDATE (30 Jun) No reply yet. Typical Labour: Highly discriminatory, lazy and spiteful.

Reminder sent:

I am still waiting for a response to my questions.

How do you reconcile what you are doing to me now and what has been done over the last six years with basic human rights?

All I want is to be allowed to work again.Why is this so wrong?

UPDATE (02 Jul)I have just had an odd call on the mobile. "Hi, is that xxx?" "Yup", say I and the phone goes dead. That is nothing unusual with 3-Mobile. However, there was no return call. A quick check of the web stats to see if it was someone trying to contact me and I find someone from Tower Hamlets on IP Address ( has visited shortly before finding my site via Google using the search string "labour party Rushanara Ali MP". My site is on the first page! Nice one Googlebot.

Friday, 4 June 2010

In prison or the morgue by the end of the day?

There is a very good chance that I will be in prison by the end of the day; maybe even dead.

Before I go into details I want to state my slogan: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

This latest round of attempts to silence me stem from the simple question I asked of the Chief Executive of East London Foundation NHS Trust, Dr Robert Dolan: what precisely are the delusions that I am supposed to have. Despite repeatedly asking the question he has refused to answer.

I have tried to get the Department of Health and even the Minister to ‘encourage’ him to respond, but they refuse to intervene claiming that it is a local matter.

Dr Dolan’s resistance to answer the question is because there are no delusions. The diagnosis of persistent delusional disorder by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson was a pure fabrication to justify the detention ordered by the FTAC. Dr Dolan cannot produce the evidence used for the diagnosis because there isn’t any.

I have repeatedly offered to be examined by a truly independent (i.e. non-NHS and preferably non-UK) set of medical professionals to assess me. I would provide completely truthful and detailed answers to their questions. This offer has been rejected.

This week we have had the very sad case of Derrick Bird in Cumbria. Inevitably I can identify with the poor man. When I listened to a medical pundit on the radio the other morning I was reminded of just how incompetent the doctors are. His explanation of the motivations and choices made by people in these situations is way off. The pundit ended by stating the obvious that they do not really know because the individual usually ends up dead.

Let me state that I have no wish and certainly no plans to do this myself. However, I have to state that this could be a scenario at some point in the future. This is not a threat, but simply one of the many scenarios to be considered. I expressed that I have insights into the though processes of these cases and would be willing to share them in return for having my life back. This was ceased upon by Dr Dolan as an excuse to send the police round again.

There is no way that I will ever talk to the police under any circumstances. I will never let them in to my home. If they want to take me then the will have to break in. This is because of the actions of the police last time. I let them in then, but they lied about it. I will not put myself in the same position again.

All of this can be solved very quickly and easily. All that needs to be done is for the damage done to me to be repaired and that I am allowed to work again. The country needs people like me to generate wealth to pay off the debts that grew exponentially due to the insanity of the last regime. Claiming that documented facts are not true and locking people up who complain about government incompetence, fraud and corruption is not the way to go.


17:00 – The police are a no-show. I was convinced that they would be banging on my door this morning. It’s unusual for them to take ‘No’ for an answer when they say they want a ‘chat’.

I’ve had the NHS paying loads of visits to this blog today. They are probably trying to find something that they can distort into a reason lock me up. I had five months of them trying to do that. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

I have the police at my door.

They arrived at 10pm.

“We want to have a chat”, they say. “Sorry, I’m not going to talk to you”, says I.

After last time I let them in, there is no way that I am going to do it again. If they want to take me away then they will have to force their way in and record it as such.

Even if they take me away I will not say anything to them.


10:28They have got bored and wandered off. I expect them to be back later.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

A radical solution to getting me off benefits: Let me work

Iain Duncan-Smith thinks that he is the man to cut the benefit bill by threatening to put people into chain gangs picking up dog mess in the local park. Just how that makes them more attractive candidates in the eyes of employers I don’t know. I am open to instruction on how that works.

I have repeatedly begged for help to get back to work, but have been refused on every occasion. From reports I read and hear, I haven’t lost out on much. There was a chap o the wireless the other day describing what the ‘help’ he gets. He is put in front of a computer and told to search and apply for jobs on-line. There simply isn’t any practical help available. I don’t need instruction on how to find roles, or how to apply for them. I already have a good CV. There is nothing lacking in my motivation either. The days of me having any self-respect or pride have long been abandoned and I will do accept any form of employment no matter how degrading, disgusting, or even dangerous.

Every time the letter box rattles I have a mini-panic attack out of fear that today will be the day that I get called in to have the reassessment done on my incapacity claim. What am I to say to them? On the one hand I have on my record that I have been held under section 3 and diagnosed with having persistent delusional disorder. However, when challenged with the question “What are your delusions”, I have to respond with “I don’t know, they won’t tell me”. The supplemental question of “Do you think that you are delusional?” I have to respond with “No.” That will cause my claim to be closed and I be left destitute with no hope of ever being able to get back to work.

Before all my trouble started, I was a highly skilled and experienced freelance IT developer in the financial sector. That was before the Labour government flooded the market with fraudulent work permits. At the beginning I did not lack skills; I did not have any background problems such as poor credit history; I do not have an alcohol problem and have never taken drugs. I was a totally respectable business person. All that happened was that I was denied the opportunity to earn a living through the use of cheap imported workers on fraudulent work permits. Once a gap in the employment history appears, it compounds exponentially. Very rapidly my life collapsed as the money I had ran out.

Although I have tried my best to keep both my technical skills and business knowledge up-to-date it is a bit patchy. My physical and mental health has been damaged so much that I don’t believe I could safely work full time until I have had substantial medical treatment first. In any case, no employer would ever hire me given my background. When they find out about the time I have spend out of work, my disastrous financial status, and now a history of mental health problems any employer will bin any application. These details can never be hidden; any attempt by me to do so will be found out and would make things even worse.

The solution to getting me off benefits and back to work is not to be found by driving me into ever deeper poverty and degradation. It is to be found in asking questions about what put me out of work in the first place and why are applications for jobs rejected. Every person will have unique circumstances, but there will be many common features.

Demonising claimants is counter productive. It is not going to shame people into getting jobs, but it is going to make employers more prejudiced against hiring them. To solve the problem it is necessary to get tough on the employers and not the unemployed.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Can Andrew Lansley get Dr Dolan to answer the question?

I never expect an answer to these questions because I am excluded from having any political representation. However, I continue to try so that critics cannot say later that I should have gone through the political process.

To: Andrew Lansley MP, Simon Burns MP, Paul Burstow MP
Cc: Dr Robert Dolan East London NHS, Rushanara Ali MP, FTAC Watch

Dear Gentlemen,

I am trying to get the Chief Executive to East London NHS, Dr Robert Dolan, to respond to a question regarding the justification used to imprison me between November 2008 and April 2009 in one of the hospitals he controls. However, despite repeated requests he, and all those under his command, refuses to provide me with any response.

The consultant responsible was a Doctor Ferdinand Jonsson. He claimed that I suffer from a persistent delusional disorder. I dispute this claim. I have requested that I be told what those so-called delusions are. Specifically, I have requested for each delusion, a) what that belief is, b) proof that I actually do hold that belief, and c) proof that the belief is a delusion. However, I cannot get Doctor Jonsson, Doctor Dolan, or anyone else to tell me the answers to these simple questions.

I do not believe that I have any delusions and their reluctance to provide any evidence that I do just supports that position. The things that I said during my time imprisoned at Mile End Hospital I can provide documentary evidence for, have come to pass and are now in the historical record, or are wildly held beliefs by respectable people. Anything else is a fabrication by Doctor Jonsson who cannot provide evidence to support his position.

If East London NHS is confident that they made the correct diagnosis then why won’t they state the evidence that it is based on?

Can you use your influence to encourage Doctor Dolan to provide a suitable response to my questions?

This blog has chronicled the many attempts I have made to resolve my situation. Everyone of then has failed. Nothing gets any sort of response. My experience is typical. This is why people find that they have to turn to violence.

If anyone has any suggestion as to what I can do to get out of the problems I am in without hurting myself or others then I will follow them.

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace – the New Labour regime stole that from me.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Dr Robert Dolan (Chief Executive of East London NHS) what are my delusions?

I have recently been trying to get an answer to a simple question from East London NHS Foundation Trust; specifically Doctor Robert Dolan the Chief Executive. (robert.dolan@eastlondon.nhs.uk) According to ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson, I suffer from Persistent Delusional Disorder. The NHS has a buzz-phrase that they use everywhere ‘evidence based’. For ‘doctor’ Jonsson to arrive at a diagnosis he would have had to identify delusional beliefs that I hold. What are they?

Formally put, my question was: for each of my delusions, a) what was the belief; b) proof that I do/did hold that belief; c) proof that the belief is a delusion.

Not that difficult a question is it? However, Dr Robert Dolan and the East London NHS refuse to tell me the answer. If Dr Robert Dolan and the East London NHS who employ ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson maintain their assertion that the diagnosis is correct then why will the not allow it to be subjected to proper scrutiny?

As far as the things that I did actually say, I can either provide documentary evidence, they have come to pass and are now part of the historical record, or they are widely held beliefs by respected people. All that remains are those that were fabricated by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson.

The truth is that there are no delusions. It was the FTAC who ordered ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson to detain me. Doctor Jonsson fabricated a reason to hold me and got two other medical professionals to back him up. He spent the next five months subjecting me to degradation, abuse and assault.

I have already documented on this blog that there was dissent amongst the doctors, the ward staff openly refusing to obey ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson’s orders and backing me up at the tribunal, and the tribunal ridiculing Jonsson with their questioning which led them to order my discharge.

Doctor Robert Dolan was fully aware of what was going on, but refused to intervene. This was despite my direct appeals to him. He condones the use of NHS facilities for political detentions.

UPDATE (24-May-2010 16:00)

A quick check of my stats shows I've had a visit from the Maudsley Hospital (IP: Hello there!

There has also been a visit from someone else at the NHS (IP: This one was via Google where they have discovered that this post is on the first page of results for "dr robert dolan"

Friday, 14 May 2010

Stephen Timms MP Stabbed

I know nothing about the case. I doubt that the truth will ever be heard.

I have no sympathy for Stephen Timms. He won’t be the last. This is what happens when you fuck people’s lives up.

Sadly I doubt that message will get across to the politicians that they are responsible for the destruction of people’s lives. It will have to be repeated until they listen.


As per normal, I have had a few e-mails and comments suggesting that I approve of stabbing people and MPs in particular. Let me state so that there cannot be any misunderstanding that I do not think that stabbing people is right.

I have to repeat myself – MPs, particularly Labour ones of the last thirteen years, have caused massive damage to peoples lives, they will not listen when their victims try and explain their problems. Some people are so desperate, frustrated, fearful of their future, and angry about being unable to communicate with deliberately obtuse MPs that they have to find another language that they might understand. That language, unfortunately, is violence.

There is no prospect that MPs will become more perceptive or responsive. In response to this latest event they will become more insular. Thus a positive feedback look is created and things can only get worse.

I have no knowledge of this case, but I should imagine that the poor woman is currently being subjected to intensive questioning to try and fabricate a diagnosis of some psychotic disorder. If it is true or not doesn’t matter. What will never be considered are any injustices committed against her or the desperation she feels that with nothing left to lose, she strike out. We will never get to find out the truth.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Cameron was responsible for FTAC detaining me

When I was held prisoner by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson at Mile End Hospital on orders from the FTAC they referred to an email that I had sent. There were three targeted recipients of that e-mail: Gordon Brown, David Cameron and George Galloway. The email to Gordon Brown always fails as his mailbox is set to being full so that he doesn’t get any e-mail. George Galloway always deletes emails from me without ever reading them. So that leaves David Cameron, unless my e-mail was being intercepted, as the source of the email that was being referred to by FTAC and Jonsson.

I have repeatedly asked for a statement from the Conservatives about their plans for the continued use of the FTAC to disappear the politically inconvenient, but they have always refused to comment on the issue. One can only assume that they plan to use it in the same way as Labour.

If the Conservatives succeed in overthrowing the Labour regime on Thursday I will have very mixed feeling. On the one hand I will rejoice that Labour was gone, but I know that my life will probably be even worse under the new regime. I face an extremely grime future; there is no realistic chance of me ever working again as nobody would ever take me, but I will be driven into ever deeper poverty and subjected to continually increasing abuse from the government to find work. I think the best thing for me (other than take my own life) is to commit some serious crime so that I spend the rest of my life in prison or mental hospital. At least I will be kept warm and feed. I will also have a bed; which is something I don’t have now.

It is all such a waste. I have never fully understood why they did this to me. I was highly skilled. I was extremely hard working. I just became collateral damage of the incompetence and corruption of members of parliament from all parties.

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Monday, 19 April 2010

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace

There is a saying, “if all else fails, go back to the beginning”. I have run out of ideas so I am going to go back to when everything went wrong and start again. Well, very nearly. I was working abroad before all this started. Indeed that is where I truly want to go; I want to leave the UK and never return. I stand no chance of getting work as I did before.

I am going to go back to trying to get help from the DWP. I sent the following e-mail to the DWP to be routed to the Hoxton office.

I am forced to ask one last time for assistance to get back to work. I know that this futile and that you will refuse to help me. Indeed, I expect that this plea will not get a response of any kind, or even deleted without ever being read. I have to give you the chance anyway.

I have not worked since my return to the UK in July, 2004. Despite numerous pleas during the last six years, I have been refused any realistic help in my desperate desire to return to work. I have tried standard requests for assistance, begging the DWP for help, begging my MP for help, begging government ministers for help. In my desperation to get proper attention I have even tried to use threats in the hope that I will either be put on trial to publicise my plight, or maybe get some other sort of help. All that achieved was the FTAC ordered me locked up in a mental hospital with a doctor fabricating diagnosis to attempt to justify my detention. It took me five months to win my freedom.

Almost every day I read about the schemes that will help claimants off of sickness benefits and back into work. This fills me the terror; I cannot survive any longer on the benefits I currently get and if they are cut by the third that I expect as a minimum then I will dead within weeks. I am so fearful of the time when I am called in that I cannot sleep, I cannot concentrate on anything, and have a constant headache. The last six years have broken me; I am a physical and mental wreck. The prospect of even lower income (definitely in real terms as inflation exceeds up-rating, or probably in actual terms when my claim is stopped) fills me with terror as does the probability that I will end up spending the rest of my days in prison or mental hospital. Death appears to be the only viable option left to me. I have made half-hearted attempts in the past, but it doesn’t look like I will have to make sure it succeeds next time.

It doesn’t have to be this way; it never has. My circumstances are not of my creation; it was done to me. I am not lazy; I was always considered to be a workaholic. I was not devoid of skills; I still try to keep up-to-date (despite being told by a member of staff at the DWP that I didn’t need to) and can demonstrate them. I don’t want to live off benefits; it goes against everything I believe in and I am disgusted with myself and ashamed to have to do it.

I am begging you to help me get back into work. I don’t know the full details of what is required, but I do know that existing schemes will never work for me. I do not need help with motivation, writing a CV, or how to do job searches. In my case, advice such as “lower my sights”; “take the speculative approach”; or “broaden my horizons” is platitudes that are completely inappropriate. The damage that has accumulated over the last six years is so great that basic remedial work on bringing me back to health and a standard of living raised to comparable level to other before I could make any applications for work.

Returning to my first paragraph, I fully expect you to ignore this plea for help. The good thing about e-mail is that there is an audit trail. I have sent this message with receipts requested. At least I shall be able to show that I did ask for help.

I know that it is a futile exercise; they have always refused to help me in the past and I have no expectations that they will help me now. I just don’t understand why. The government and opposition parties all claim to want to get people back to work. They come out with allsorts of ideas for penalties on people to motivate them to work such as driving them into even greater poverty or putting them in a chain-gang picking up dog mess in the local park. However, when someone desperately wants to work they refuse and do whatever they can to stop them.

I will be extremely surprised if this will be responded to directly. What I expect to happen is that I will be called in for one of their corrupt medicals which are used to justify stopping claims. I will be left destitute and homeless again. This will be pure DWP / government vindictiveness.


19/04/10 17:28I have sent the message and their servers have returned a delivery receipt. I was half-expecting to get a message that my IP address was blocked from sending mail to them.
20/04/10 10:14I have just received a read receipt from their servers (they run MS Exchange 6.5). Now they can’t say that they didn’t get it and read it. I was expecting it to be either blocked from their servers in the first place or deleted without ever being read.
21/04/10 11:00

As expected absolutely no response from the DWP regarding my pleas to have some help getting back to work.

Employment statistics were released earlier today. The government are spinning that the claimant count is down more than expected. However as always, the devil is in the detail. The wider measures all show that unemployment rocketed up. The total non-working count is about 11 million people. This is roughly 20% of the UK workforce.

At the same time the Home office is issuing work permits at an every greater rate to combat the so-called skills shortage. Are all of those 11 million out of work so lazy, devoid of skills, sick, or mad that they could not fill those roles?

22/04/10 12:30

Still no response from the DWP; I do not expect any.

Here is a very sad story from the Daily Mail of a young lady called Vicky Harrison, with good qualifications who took her own life rather continue living as a victim of this government. Just how many more will have to die before someone will help the 11 million of us that have been abused and abandoned?

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Just what do I have to do to get my case heard?

I have run out of ideas; anyone got any suggestions?

To recap my complaint:

  • I have had my livelihood destroyed by the actions of the Labour government when the allowed vast numbers of overseas IT workers to flood the UK market and exclude British professionals. I was blocked from working in 2003-2004 and have never worked since. Nobody would consider me for roles outside of IT either.
  • It has lead to my bankruptcy, homelessness and destroyed my physical and mental health.
  • All of my appeals for realistic help to get back into work to the Department of Work and Pensions have been rejected.
  • I have been lucky to be re-housed after a long and tortuous struggle. However, I have not been allowed a grant to furnish the place. So I live without a proper bed, chairs, or even any means to cook food. Again, I try to get help, but have been refused any.
  • I have tried to get help from our elected representatives, but they either cause the problem in the case of ministers, or I am in the ‘wrong’ group to be helped in the case of my own MP, George Galloway. Opposition MP’s will not touch the case either. I have tried to complain to the parliamentary ombudsman that my MP discriminates against me and will not help, but he refuses to intervene either.
  • In my frustration I have used ever stronger forms of words to prompt some form of action from ministers, but that resulted in then instructing the FTAC to order the police and the NHS to imprison me to shut me up. The police unlawfully removed me from my home and then lied about it. A complaint to the IPCC has stonewalled and only investigated under pressure and then the results were a complete whitewash.
  • At Mile End Hospital I was subjected to disgusting treatment that borders on examples from the internet ledged “The Torturer’s Handbook”. The ‘doctor’ there Ferdinand Jonsson lied about my case and fabricated a diagnosis based on no evidence whatsoever. He would never allow me to present any evidence; he just decreed that everything I said was a delusion. He did nothing for four months except detain me. Only under pressure to justify his continued imprisonment of me did he decide to forcibly medicate me despite there being no medical justification for the action. Individual ward staff members repeatedly told me in private that they though what the hospital was doing to me were wrong. In the end they refused to carry out Jonsson’s orders.
  • My appeal to a tribunal was deliberately timed to ensure that the chair person would be politically biased. They selected a date when the wife of a Labour MP would be chairing it. Even though the date was fixed weeks in advance, I was not told until the last moment. However, their plan failed as the report from the ward supported me rather than the doctors and the tribunal humiliated Jonsson with their questioning. They had no problem ordering my discharge from hospital.
  • I have still received no help whatsoever despite my situation getting progressively worse.

There is no chance of me ever working again. It has been too long and the damage is too great. Nobody would ever consider hiring me; I wouldn’t even consider it. However, I live in the daily fear of what the DWP will do next. I fully expect the DWP to call me in for a medical where they will contrive some grounds to claim that I can work. I cannot survive on what I get now and the prospect of having that cut by a third terrifies me.

Just this morning I have received another gas bill that exceeds £300. Soon I will get the electricity bill. Yesterday I paid a £50 telephone bill despite having made no called whatsoever in the billing period. With water bills of £25 and TV license of £12 per month life is impossible. Everyday I have a mini panic attack when I hear the postman. I am terrified of what new disasters have been delivered. I cannot sleep properly because of fear. I live in a constant state of misery and terror all day, every day. I am exhausted by it all. It is obvious that it has robed me of the ability to think rationally.

I never wanted state hand-outs. I wanted to be able to provide for myself like I have done for decades. I had the skills and the motivation to do so, but I have had the opportunity stolen.

So I pose this question to anyone that reads this: What am I supposed to do? Please don’t contribute idiotic strategies such as ‘take any job’, ‘try harder’, ‘lower you sights’, ‘ do something different’. Please believe me, I did all of those at the beginning and they didn’t work and now it is too late.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

This is a death treat.

George Galloway is an evil racist fucking cunt. If he had helped me when I begged him to back in 2005 I would never have suffered so much.

Let me state here for all to see: if I ever get the chance, I WILL KILL HIM.

Yes this is a death threat. I call for the government to put me on trial and give me a platform to reveal what has been done to me.

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

UPDATE: 13:30 – 12 April 2010

I am still here. It is a bit disappointing; I was expecting the police to be banging on my door this morning. In the past they have gone out of their way to find anything to pin on me to justify my imprisonment. Now I make an explicit threat to kill an MP and they totally ignore it.

Of course this is just an attention getting stunt; I have no intention of carrying out these threats. However, this has never stopped the police from prosecuting people in the past. I want to be put on trial. It is going to be the only way that my case will ever be heard. I want to have a chance to tell everyone just what has been done to me. I don’t have anything left to lose.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Is this man delusional too?

The Daily Express reports another poor soul that stood on London Bridge begging for work. A case of a highly skilled man that is desperate and begging for work. Sound familiar? Is he delusional too?

GORDON Brown’s failure to provide British jobs for British workers was exposed yesterday after a despairing IT expert was forced to stand on London Bridge to beg for work.

A day after official figures showed 1.7million new jobs went to migrant workers, father-of-one Paul Bowler staged the appeal for even a trial job after his position was outsourced to Bangalore.

Yesterday it emerged 98 per cent of jobs created by Labour since 1997 were given to workers from overseas. And critics accused the Government of leaving UK workers worse off than 13 years ago.

Mr Bowler, 47, of Banstead, Surrey, was made redundant last May after working all his adult life and having 23 years’ experience in the IT industry.

The reality is that everyone knows that this is going on. It is well documented in the media and official reports. However, I said it and it was used against me.

After my appeal to the first tribunal failed because of the lies told by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson I was hurriedly rushed into an assessment by two other medical staff, one doctor and a social worker, so the could detain me under section 3 of the mental health act. It was obvious from the moment I got there that they had already made up the minds; they were simply following ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson’s instructions. I reported that there were massive amounts of displacement of British IT staff by Indians through outsourcing and on-shoring (where they are brought here). I was explicitly told that this was not happening; it was all a delusion that I was happening.

One of the other lies that ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson told the tribunal was that I believed that I was in control of the world economy. I have no idea where he got the evidence to base that one on. All I can think of is that I used to work in finance and still maintain an interest. I requested a copy of the Financial Times so I had something to read and to keep up. He has blown this up into something he could use to imprison me. Not only do I NOT believe that I am in control, but nobody can control it; I am a follower of Hayek not Keynes.

Jonsson at one of the few ward rounds that I attended once said that I had ‘peculiar ideas about the economy’. He once tried to entertain the court he was holding by asking me about the economy. I replied, “Well, technically speaking, it’s fucked.” He asked, “How would you fix it”. I responded, “The major problem is the vastly excessive public spending. There will have to be massive cuts”. At which point he cut me off and smiled at his followers. This was supposed to be another indicator of my delusional state. It’s odd that even Gordon Brown has admitted the same thing. Maybe ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson would like to explain his position on my diagnosis and treatment plan?

It should be noted that there was no mention of this supposed ‘delusion’ in any of the reports to, or at, the second tribunal.

The whole case for imprisoning me was based on lies, or at least an unwillingness to accept that reality conflicts with the political prejudices of medical staff. Their own blind following of Labour dogma and propaganda makes the treat anyone that has an opinion or experience that conflicts with it as being delusional. If my detention was not an explicit case of being a political prisoner then it is at least a case of medical negligence.

I am sure that Mr Bower who stood on London Bridge to publish his plight will feel the same as I when I say: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Word Verification

Over at Old Holborn's blog I got another good verification word.
I certainly do.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

FTAC Watch is No. 1 Google for Ferdinand Jonsson

I have known this for some while. It has been an objective to gain that status. I have not mentioned it before; I have just taken quiet satisfaction of the achievement. It pays off too. It is the highest keyword phase behind FTAC or FTAC Watch. Now any potential patients, students, work colleges, or employers can find out about this evil man.

Last night I had several page views from someone at IP Address that found this site via Google using the term ‘Ferdinand Jonsson. This morning I had a visit from one of the NHS addresses to the item ‘Doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson –a danger to all.

I wish to repeat what my complaint is against this man.

  • He subjected me to abuse and degrading treatment while I was imprisoned at Mile End Hospital, the extent of which could be considered torture. I was not allowed a change of clothing; allowed to wash properly; not allowed to do basic personal maintenance such as cut nails; and I was held in the nosiest part of the ward with out any privacy from other patients; and subject to 24 hour one-to-one observation.
  • He is a liar. He fabricated events that were reported to other doctors and to medical tribunals.
  • He refused to allow me to produce any evidence to support anything I said. He just decreed it all to be delusions.
  • He directed other doctors and other medical personal to what their reports are to be rather than let them produce their own independent ones as they are required to do.
  • It was always his intention that I would never be released. He deliberately tried to make me react in a way that he could use to continue to imprison me.
  • There was no treatment in the first four months of my imprisonment, just detention.
  • He forcibly medicated me with highly dangerous drugs for no clinical reason just so he could show that he was treating me although no drugs were forced on me for four month prior.
  • He did not have the full support of other doctors in his actions. Towards the end of my imprisonment, the ward staff openly refused to obey his instructions.
  • He deliberately arranged for a tribunal that was politically biased by ensuring that the chair was the wife of a Labour MP. At that tribunal his was humiliated by their questions and they had no trouble ordering my discharge.

This is just a summary of what went on. I have been subject to the most horrendous experience and injustice.

The evil ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson should not be allowed to inflict such pain on any more people. He should not even be at liberty: he is a danger to everyone. Furthermore, questions need to be asked. What were his motivations for doing what he did to me? Why did the other medical personal go along with it? Why did his superiors condone such actions?

If ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson has objection to these statements then he has every right to seek to prosecute me for deformation; I would welcome it. I only wish that I could get legal help for a counter claim. Unfortunately, lawyers will not touch anything involving the FTAC out of fear.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Monday, 29 March 2010

An offer to the police to interview me

At some point I know that the FTAC are going to order my abduction again. So in the sprit of 'no retreat, no surrender’ I am taking the campaign to them.

Dear Sirs,
At some point in the near future your officers will be taking me into custody again. I seek to avoid the unpleasantness that will go with it.

I have resumed my quest for justice regarding the destruction of my life that has been inflicted by this government. It has been a year since I was release from imprisonment at Mile End Hospital at the hands of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson on orders of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) acting for the government.

In November of 2008 I was abducted from my home by your officers unlawfully and who lied about the details of the detention later. I was then subject to five months of abuse, degradation, assault and further lies at Mile End Hospital. I was freed by a tribunal that although specifically selected to be biased against me by the choice of a chairperson, namely Maria Fernandes the wife of Labour MP Keith Vaz, could not uphold the continuation of the detention and discarded me.

Since I won my freedom back nothing has changed. In fact it is worse. It is clear that post-election, whoever wins, my circumstances will decline to the point where my like is unsustainable. I am a desperate man without hope. I have lost everything except my liberty and life. These are now worthless and I am now willing to surrender both.

I am offering you a chance to interview me now. I will answer all questions honestly and in detail. I also offer myself to be analysed by medical staff. I only ask that the whole process be witnessed and documented. Given the behaviour of the police and doctors in the UK, I also request that whoever undertakes the questioning is shadowed by someone independent from overseas.

If at the end of the process, you believe that I should be imprisoned then you may do so.

No threats are implied by this letter; it is simply a presentation of an opportunity.

You are free to ignore this offer. However, I must point out that I am posting this on my blog as a permanent record to show that I made every effort to cooperate with the police and government.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Given the limited wit of the police, I will probably have the door broken down at 3am, or be abducted off the street at gun point and detained under the anti-terror laws. It’ll be a bit harsh on someone whose only objective is to be able to get back to work.

Comment is free censors FTAC Watch

The Guardian has disabled my ability to post on Comment is Free. Obviously freedom to comment doesn’t go as far as criticising the Labour government.

All I had posted was a comment that a potential Conservative government would be no different than the existing Labour one and that I had e-mailed the Conservatives to ask if the would continue to use the FTAC to detain the politically inconvenient as Labour has. I also linked to the post on this blog about asking if the Conservatives would close the FTAC.

Make of it what you will.

Just remember: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A question for George Galloway: why won’t you represent me?

Way back shortly after when problems started, I tried to approach my local MP, George Galloway, for help. He refused. I have repeated tried to enlist his help, but to no avail. Eventually my e-mails from my own domain were deleted without even being read. I am totally without any form of political representation.

Galloway was expelled from the Labour party in October 2003 and formed the Respect party which won the Bethnal Green and Bow seat in the 2005 election. The Respect party is a joint venture between a bunch of Islamofascist and extreme socialist groups.

He has never explained why he will not represent me, but I suspect that there is a racial component to it. Coupled with my background as being a businessman involved in finance and I must be a text-book case of who they hate.

I am in a bit of a mischief mood today so I’ve sent him another e-mail. As with the one to Cameron and Grayling, I will be extremely surprise to get any response. Even if I did get one then it would not be favourable.

Mr Galloway

In the Sunday press, Margaret Moran has admitted that there has been a deliberate policy of allowing overseas IT workers to displace British professionals. In fact she has boasted about taking money from companies to influence ministers to make it even easier. I have complained about this for years. Everything I have said is true, but all this time you have refused to listen to me.

Will you now explain, given that there is incontrovertible evidence to support my case, why you have refused to help me? You would never have tolerated what has happened to me if you had done your assigned duty as my MP properly; you have betrayed me.

Why do think that in Britain in the twenty first centenary someone can:

  • have their livelihood stolen on the whim of the ruling class for their own gain
  • be bankrupted and made homeless
  • have their health destroyed and to attempt suicide more than once
  • be denied access to support that is available to others
  • be denied access to any ability to earn a living
  • be denied democratic representation
  • be subject to political imprisonment
  • be subject to abuse, personal degradation and assault whilst in hospital

All of these things have happened to me in the last six years; I have gone through absolute hell. I am in no way responsible for any of the horrid things that have happened to me. My life has been destroyed by the evil policies of this government and you have supported them.

On what grounds do you feel that I am not worthy of representation? Is it because of my race, or is it because I was once a successful businessman before becoming a victim of this evil Labour government that you were once part of?

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

If you would like to help then you could also send him an email to gallowayg@parliament.uk asking him why he is so selective in his representation and how he reconciles it with his duty as an MP to be equanimous?

Another one of my ‘delusions’ turns out to be true.

Although I could never get ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson to give me formal list of what my supposed delusions were, amoungst the things that he said was not happening was that the Labour government was deliberately allowing the import of overseas IT workers displacing British professionals. I was never allowed to present any evidence to support my assertion; Jonsson simply decreed that it was not true.

The Daily Mail (I know it is not fashionable to cite them as a source) is reporting that Margaret Moran, Labour MP for Luton, “used a private company based at the commons to change immigration policy to allow cheap workers to be brought in from India”.

She is not alone. Fellow disgraced MP Patricia Hewitt is on record as supporting the opening up of the UK IT skills market to overseas imports when she was at the DTI. Ms Hewitt was formally at Accenture which is a big outsourcing provider and user of such imports. However, now she is a non-executive director of BT Group. They are part owner of Tech Mahindra which imports staff in bulk. BT is eliminating all British IT staff as fast as it can.

Far from this being one of my delusions, it is a national scandal. Not only is it fraud, it is causing massive long-term economic damage to the country.

It was my continued complaints that this was going on and my taking ever desperate steps to gain attention to my plight that cause the FTAC to order my abduction from my home and detention in a mental hospital.

Once again I have been proved right. However, nothing I do will ever get the Labour government to admit it. Jonsson and complacent doctors, on his instructions, sectioned me of false evidence. I was unlawfully held prisoner at Mile End Hospital, where I was subjected to degrading abuse. Jonsson ordered that I should be forcibly administered with highly dangerous anti-psychotic drugs on fraudulent clinical grounds.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Question to the Conservatives: Will you close the FTAC?

Right then, I am refreshed and determined not to let the bastards grind me down again.

If Gordon Brown allows it, we may have a general election soon. The Conservatives are unlikely to win (although I am very happy to be proved wrong), but I am going to start asking them a series of question. Today, I have sent an email to shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling (copied to Mr Cameron) asking if they will close the FTAC or continue to use it for political detentions.

To: graylingc@parliament.uk, camerond@parliament.uk

Dear Gentlemen,

As we approach a general election, I am resuming my quest to have my life restored to me. I have asked this before and you have refused to answer. All that happens is that I get harassment from the police. However, I will ask again. Please remember that your response, or lack of one, will be made public on my blog.

Will a Conservative government close the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) and fully investigate the cases it has handled to determine which ones were genuine and which were erroneous or politically motivated?

As a background and to provide evidence, I was subject to detention ordered by the FTAC. My crime was to become desperate as a result of being stonewalled in my complaint of having my life destroyed by the abuse of the work-permit system that has flooded the market for my skills with cheap Indian imports on fraudulent claims of skills shortages. I would like to bring to your attention that one of the main advocates for allowing so many imports was an ex minister of the DTI who is now an executive director of BT Group, a part owner of Tech Machindra which is a major user of these imports, is the infamous Patricia Hewitt who has been subject to cash for influence claims.

During my detention by ‘doctor’ Jonsson at Mile End Hospital, I was subject to abuse that could be considered torture. Jonsson made completely false claims. His justification for continuing to detain me became increasingly ridiculous and in the end the ward staff refused to carry out his instructions. I was finally released by a tribunal that ridiculed Jonsson with their questioning.

I am proof that the FTAC has been used for political detentions. Does a Conservative government intend to continue to use it the same way?

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

I will be extremely surprised if I get an answer.

Monday, 8 March 2010

I have returned!

Late last week and over the weekend I have been giving thought to resuming my campaign against the government and their instruments: the FTAC, police, East London NHS and especially ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson.

But firstly, I had an email from a Robert Jones from Wales this morning:

Dear Sirs/Madams of the FTAC watch,

Just the other day I was pulled in front of my psychiatrist and told that the FTAC had seen my YouTube videos on PorkupineTV and RobertAlexanderJones and that they considered them inappropriate and threatening.

In fact they have been hacked into the the police and cut down and voiced over in some places to make them less likely to crate a puturbance to Prince Charles' murder conspiracy.

As I was writing this to you a third party saved a copy to the draft folder without my instruction.

I have been signed out of my e-mail account from someone using my live messenger to impersonate me on previous occasions and of course if you have access to someone's e-mail you can get all their pass words and so hack everything they do.

So here is the stuff:- http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=94278

Yours faithfully,
Robert Alexander Jones B.Eng

This is one of those cases where the involvement of the FTAC is legitimate. However, I have a bit of a suspicion that he is just a troll on the David Icke web forum. If he is the genuine article then ladies and gentlemen of the FTAC do your duty; you will get no objection from me.

Robert’s case is an example of why the FTAC was created. However, it is also the façade behind which the darker side of the FTAC operate.

I am willing to concede that the majority of the FTAC case work deals with the like of some nutter who claims that Prince Charles was in the car park of some pub in a dodgy village in the arse end Wales ordering that the spooks come and stab him. However, there is another side where people with legitimate grievances that have reached the end of their tether have been abducted from their homes and imprisoned without trial in mental wards with the doctors instructed to find something to hold them on, even if it is a lie.

Resumption of campaign

I previously gave up because I felt that I was getting nowhere and it was making me both mentally and physically ill. I received e-mails at the time urging me to continue and I every now and again I receive more.

Last night I decided to resume after I watch an episode of a Sci-fi show from a couple of years ago. The protagonist had been captured and was being tortured as part of his interrogation with a view to making him confess. I could identify with the treatment I received at the hand of ‘doctor’ Jonsson. I have never said that I was physically abused, but the treatment that I was subjected to was extremely degrading and I believe it was designed to ‘break’ me. In the TV show, there was one line that struck me. Our hero was presented with someone that had already been broken and was confessing. He was urging the broken prisoner to resist. “All you have to do is say, ‘No I won’t’, one more time than they say, ‘Yes, you will’”.

I here by give notice. I am saying, “No. I won’t”. There is another slogan from the TV series: “No retreat. No surrender”