Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More evidence that supports me

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  1. The shrinks probably have nightmares about a person who murders or suicides and then it is said in the media that that person should have been "treated" by them. It happens occasionally and people who are affected by such a happening clamour for more "mental health care". The shrinks often sacrifice one or two of their number and then succeed in gaining more power than they had before. The world is a ratchet for these people, it only goes their way.

    But it's a crock of shit because over the years the shrinks themselves have created the setting, both in actuality and in the form of stories and ideas, for this type of hysteria to flourish. And they have been assisted by all types of special interest groups and individuals who are generally motivated so as to shift blame from themselves.

    Just one example of this is the reliance upon psychiatry that devout Catholics very often exhibit. They will drive their sons and daughters crazy with their stupid religion and then have them diagnosed with a mental illness. They do this because they think it will save them from hell in the event that they kill themselves. They literally think of psychiatrists as being priests that will absolve the potential suicide. You and I know of course that there would be much more hope for the person if they could be reassured and consoled over the fact that their parents are crazy.

    So that's just one small example of the kind of support that psychiatry has because they have cultivated it and because they take advantage of ordinary human stupidity where ever they see it. And it's not hard to find. In effect the shrinks are predators and panderers.

    I know that if I had a magic wand and was able to ban coercive psychiatry in a blink that there would be absolute chaos. But this would be a situation that is only inevitable because of the wrongdoings that have been done over many years. So while it's true to say that there would be chaos it is not true say that what is being currently done is right. Compromises and concessions would have to made on both sides of the argument AT FIRST and over a period of time until such a time as coercive psychiatry was finally recognized by all sensible people for what it is and then disposed of.

    A person such as you or I can feel over whelmed when we realize that we are up against not just the shrinks but against the dopey public as well. It can give the shrinks even more ammunition if we complain about the fact that the world at large acts in support of psychiatry. So we need to acknowledge that this is a real problem that we have. We also need to maintain that a very large number of people would not support the shrinks IF those people were fully informed.

    Since neither you or I are in a position to attempt to inform sufficiently large numbers of people we need to focus on exposing the conduct of the shrinks as it applies to OUR particular cases. This means amongst other things that you don't spend too much time belabouring upon such things as FTAC or politics or Big Pharma and stuff like that. Mention them occasionally but try do do so in a way that makes a point that can communicate understanding as to how it applies specifically to your case.

    I say that it is very possible that you can achieve a very satisfactory outcome for yourself. You will never slay the dragon, just as I will never possess the magic wand, but if you do it the right way you could gain sufficient credibility (along with cash) that you could assist other people that you could also come to care about. This would also give you the further satisfaction of destroying at least a small number of shrinks without giving the industry any more power.