Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Some response to my questions to James Brokenshire.

Now that the children have gone back to school in Westminster, some responses are coming out of them. I hope they had a nice relaxing time because I have not had any sort of break for six years; just continuous poverty and terror.

Mr Brokenshire sent some questions to the Home office and he got a response from David Hanson MP. All the letter does is rehash the same old nonsense that has been published before and includes a reference to the propaganda piece published in the Guardian some years ago.

The Conservative have still not given any indication as to wheatear they intend to continue with this secretive group or close it down. By their silence we can only assume that they will continue with it.

I sent the following e-mail to Mr Brokenshire today.

When I checked my visitor stats today I noticed that someone had came from Google using the search term 'buryj@parliament.uk' This points to the item that my question about the Conservatives not answering questions about their attitude and intentions to continue with the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre. Indeed that search term has my site at the first entry for UK Google; thank you.

Today the internet brought down a gagging order on press reporting. My story of abuse, some parts could be interpreted as torture, at the hands of the New Labour government through the FTAC and at the direct order of ‘doctor’ Jonsson at Mile End Hospital is slowly coming out and is getting a wide following, The next part of my story will appear in the next couple of days. Although I know that my life will be over soon, but I know that my story will remain despite the deletion of the blog.

The Conservatives silence on this matter can only be interpreted as full support for this secretive and vile operation. Is this what the Conservative party really wants? Does the Conservative party support and plan to continue a policy of abducting people from the homes, detaining them in mental hospitals, subjecting them to abuse through personal degradation, forcing dangerous and harmful drugs on people without any legitimate medical reason and fabricating lies and false diagnoses to justify continued detention all for the crime of wanting to work?