Monday, 3 May 2010

Cameron was responsible for FTAC detaining me

When I was held prisoner by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson at Mile End Hospital on orders from the FTAC they referred to an email that I had sent. There were three targeted recipients of that e-mail: Gordon Brown, David Cameron and George Galloway. The email to Gordon Brown always fails as his mailbox is set to being full so that he doesn’t get any e-mail. George Galloway always deletes emails from me without ever reading them. So that leaves David Cameron, unless my e-mail was being intercepted, as the source of the email that was being referred to by FTAC and Jonsson.

I have repeatedly asked for a statement from the Conservatives about their plans for the continued use of the FTAC to disappear the politically inconvenient, but they have always refused to comment on the issue. One can only assume that they plan to use it in the same way as Labour.

If the Conservatives succeed in overthrowing the Labour regime on Thursday I will have very mixed feeling. On the one hand I will rejoice that Labour was gone, but I know that my life will probably be even worse under the new regime. I face an extremely grime future; there is no realistic chance of me ever working again as nobody would ever take me, but I will be driven into ever deeper poverty and subjected to continually increasing abuse from the government to find work. I think the best thing for me (other than take my own life) is to commit some serious crime so that I spend the rest of my life in prison or mental hospital. At least I will be kept warm and feed. I will also have a bed; which is something I don’t have now.

It is all such a waste. I have never fully understood why they did this to me. I was highly skilled. I was extremely hard working. I just became collateral damage of the incompetence and corruption of members of parliament from all parties.

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.