Friday, 11 December 2009

My last attempt at BEGGING for help

I know that I am wasting my time with this, but hey, it’s a dull, cold Friday morning and it’s not as if there is much else I can do. I would far rather be earning a living, but I am excluded from such things.


The revelation of the latest MP’s expense claims led me to make a post on my blog contrasting how I have to live. On the one hand we have Jacqui Smith claiming £611 for a bed, but I sleep on a mattress that I found in the street. Kitty Ussher claims £16,000 for a kitchen and I don’t even have a cooker.

I don’t want to be ‘given’ anything; I want my life back so I can provide for myself. My life was stolen from me back in 2003 as a result of the government flooding the market for my IT skills with cheap foreign imports on fraudulent work permits. It has led to me becoming bankrupt, homeless and has destroyed my mental and physical health.

Since then I have been desperate to return to work, but every time I have BEGGED the DWP for help it has been refused. All my protests have achieved is to have the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) ordering my political detention thereby inflicting more injury. The damage has grown exponentially and now there is very little chance of me ever working again.

Please let me make one last attempt at BEGGING you to help me.

As I wrote above, the damage that has been done is severe, it will take a lot to repair. For that reason it is not appropriate for my case to be handled locally; it will require ministerial action both the home office, the department of health and the department of work and pensions.

Allowing me to work will also create employment for others and bring in much needed revenue. Which is far better for everyone than the current policy of keeping me in poverty so that incompetence and corruption can be covered up.

I am not a lunatic, a criminal, or a terrorist; all I ever wanted to do is earn a living in peace.

Let us see if I get a response from any of them. I won’t hold my breath.