Thursday, 10 September 2009

You, yes YOU, have a personality disorder

This page from the Royal College of Psychiatrists will prove it. I defy anyone to look at the details and spot something that might apply to them. For the vast majority of people these are just aspects of their personality; it doesn’t mean that there is anything actually wrong with them. The most successful, or creative, people would clinical cases on the basis of these criteria.

Now look at it another way. If someone pointed out any random individual to you and said, “That person has a personality disorder” you would immediately be fearful and would seek to protect yourself, and, if it was you responsibility, others from them. If the accuser was a medical professional, you would be straight onto the police to have them arrested.

But what if the person pointed to was you? For the safety for the people you have to be arrested and locked up. As we have seen everyone has a personality disorder if those tests are applied to them.

Now imagine the case where a doctor has the objective of detaining someone. The easiest was is to claim they have a personality disorder. Consultant Psychiatrists have an expert knowledge of the supposed criteria for personality disorder and can spin any detail of a person’s life to support one or more of these criteria. Lay people will accept what the doctors say without question. The result is that the subject, it could be you, is indefinitely detained.

This is what happened to me. ‘Doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson was under instructions to detain me by the FTAC. I had five months of him and his underlings trying to contrive ever wilder interpretations of whatever parts of my life they could find out just to make the criteria fit. If they could not find something to twist then they would fabricate something.

In the end he became a laughing stock in the ward where I was being held. The ward staff ended up believing me not him and refused to comply with his instructions when they wrote the report for my second tribunal. The tribunal itself saw through his lies immediately and ‘Doctor’ Jonsson was humiliated by the panels questioning. In the end the tribunal had no problem ordering my discharge.

I very much doubt that my case is unique.