Wednesday, 15 September 2010

FTAC and the Papal vist

It appears that the existence of the FTAC has become more widely known to the press at a briefing about the security for the Pope's visit. That was probably a mistake as they normally like to keep themselves and what they do a secret.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I have no interest in the Pope, his visit to the UK, or anything else all these sky fairy worshipers get up to. The FTAC have not contacted me about this or any other matter. I get a lot of mail from people that are probably legitimate subjects for the FTAC and none of them have mentioned the Pope either.

Could it be that they are trying to justify their existence in the face of budget cuts? Dr David James is going to have his work cut-out this time. He identified the paranoia of the last regime and their authoritarian desires so they were an easy sale. It’s going to be a lot tougher now.

I came to the attention of the FTAC because I kept on complaining about having my livelihood destroyed by the flooding of imports on fraudulent work-permits. It bankrupted me, made me homeless and destroyed my mental and physical health. I can get no help whatsoever to get my life back together.

I have been subject to the most horrific abuse including police lies and harassment such as banging on my door at 2am waking and frightening the neighbours. I have been abducted from my home and lock up in mental ward where I was subjected to treatment that could be classified as torture. I have been subject to false diagnosis, but have been refused the specific details of what that diagnosis is, the evidence it is based on and how the diagnosis was derived. I cannot get proper healthcare. I cannot get legal representation. I can not get parliamentary representation.

I am alone and without any hope.

Many times I have considered suicide; that is exactly what the FTAC and their masters want. They may get what they wish, but it is going to be on my terms.

All I want to do is work, nothing else. It is all I ever wanted to do.


Dear Pope: Gawd Bless ya guv’nor.

In the last few days the traffic to this site has shot up. Since the FTAC broke cover everybody has been asking WTF is the FTAC. Since I have been working hard to get good Google rankings for this site, they end up here. Which is nice.

Other than that, I have no interest in the Papal visit; it is nothing to do with me.