Friday, 9 April 2010

Is this man delusional too?

The Daily Express reports another poor soul that stood on London Bridge begging for work. A case of a highly skilled man that is desperate and begging for work. Sound familiar? Is he delusional too?

GORDON Brown’s failure to provide British jobs for British workers was exposed yesterday after a despairing IT expert was forced to stand on London Bridge to beg for work.

A day after official figures showed 1.7million new jobs went to migrant workers, father-of-one Paul Bowler staged the appeal for even a trial job after his position was outsourced to Bangalore.

Yesterday it emerged 98 per cent of jobs created by Labour since 1997 were given to workers from overseas. And critics accused the Government of leaving UK workers worse off than 13 years ago.

Mr Bowler, 47, of Banstead, Surrey, was made redundant last May after working all his adult life and having 23 years’ experience in the IT industry.

The reality is that everyone knows that this is going on. It is well documented in the media and official reports. However, I said it and it was used against me.

After my appeal to the first tribunal failed because of the lies told by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson I was hurriedly rushed into an assessment by two other medical staff, one doctor and a social worker, so the could detain me under section 3 of the mental health act. It was obvious from the moment I got there that they had already made up the minds; they were simply following ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson’s instructions. I reported that there were massive amounts of displacement of British IT staff by Indians through outsourcing and on-shoring (where they are brought here). I was explicitly told that this was not happening; it was all a delusion that I was happening.

One of the other lies that ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson told the tribunal was that I believed that I was in control of the world economy. I have no idea where he got the evidence to base that one on. All I can think of is that I used to work in finance and still maintain an interest. I requested a copy of the Financial Times so I had something to read and to keep up. He has blown this up into something he could use to imprison me. Not only do I NOT believe that I am in control, but nobody can control it; I am a follower of Hayek not Keynes.

Jonsson at one of the few ward rounds that I attended once said that I had ‘peculiar ideas about the economy’. He once tried to entertain the court he was holding by asking me about the economy. I replied, “Well, technically speaking, it’s fucked.” He asked, “How would you fix it”. I responded, “The major problem is the vastly excessive public spending. There will have to be massive cuts”. At which point he cut me off and smiled at his followers. This was supposed to be another indicator of my delusional state. It’s odd that even Gordon Brown has admitted the same thing. Maybe ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson would like to explain his position on my diagnosis and treatment plan?

It should be noted that there was no mention of this supposed ‘delusion’ in any of the reports to, or at, the second tribunal.

The whole case for imprisoning me was based on lies, or at least an unwillingness to accept that reality conflicts with the political prejudices of medical staff. Their own blind following of Labour dogma and propaganda makes the treat anyone that has an opinion or experience that conflicts with it as being delusional. If my detention was not an explicit case of being a political prisoner then it is at least a case of medical negligence.

I am sure that Mr Bower who stood on London Bridge to publish his plight will feel the same as I when I say: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.