Thursday, 19 November 2009

So what can we do?

Old Holborn (a hero of mine, along with Guido) asks the question "What can we do?" I have made a response, but although OH has a policy on not censoring posts he may make an exception for mine. So I am posting it here too. I’ll probably expand upon the idea later.

I know that there is no chance of me ever recovering from the damage done to me by the evil New Labour regime. I also know that the Conservatives will be just as bad, if not worse in some respects. I live in squalid conditions and have no access to any help whatsoever. The prospect of living the rest of my life like this or even worse fills me with dread so I have reluctantly decided to terminate myself sometime before the end of the year. It is not something that I want to do, but I have no other choice.

Rather than kill myself quietly, alone, and not be discovered for months, maybe there should be a spectacular where everyone can see that New Labour is KILLING PEOPLE. How about setting fire to myself in Parliament Square on Christmas Day?

All I ever wanted to do is to earn a living in peace.

Forcibly drugged by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson without medical justification

I have received an e-mail from someone called ‘Coker’ who is inquiring what drugs I was forced to take. They believe that the drugs that they were forced to take has caused permanent damage to their health. I would like to give another part of my story to explain what happened.

Doctor Ferdinand Jonsson of Mile End Hospital forced me to take anti-psychotics. However, it was only after four months of detention did he decided to do that. He and everyone else knew that it wasn’t necessary on medical grounds; it was only so he could claim that I was receiving ‘treatment’ and hence justify my continued detention.

In the first month of imprisonment under section 2 for ‘assessment’ and for the first three month held under section 3 for ‘treatment’, I received no treatment of any kind. I was purely detained. I was prescribed medication, but I refused to take it and there was no coercion to make me. It was only my attempts to appeal to his superiors for my release did ‘doctor’ Jonsson resort to force the anti-psychotic drugs on me.

Anti-psychotic drugs are highly dangerous. Thankfully, I was only on these for a couple of weeks before the tribunal set me free. They are used to treat people who supposedly suffer from a range of disorders such as schizophrenia and sever cases of bipolar disorder. They are known to have several side-effects and can be potentially fatal. They are also known for causing damage to the heart which is pertinent to me as I have a chronic case of hypertension that was well known to the medical staff at the hospital. My life was deliberately endangered by the actions of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson.

In my case ‘doctor’ Jonsson was using a diagnosis of ‘persistent delusional disorder’ to imprison me. However, despite me making numerous formal requests I was never told: a) what those delusional beliefs were, b) what the evidence was to indicate that I held those beliefs, and c) evidence that those beliefs were actually false. Everything I said a) has come to pass and is now part of the historical record, b) I can prove by providing documentary evidence, or c) is the opinion of experts of a belief held in the wider population. The so-called diagnosis by ‘doctor’ Jonsson is a fabrication. It is a lie to justify my detention; it was purely politically motivated as I identified (and can provide evidence) the policies of the New Labour regime cased the destruction of my livelihood. Most of the people working in the NHS are Labour supporters and to hold a belief that their party could do anything that was less than perfect is a clear sign, in their eyes, of delusion.

Time has shown that the performance of the New Labour government has been a bit less than perfect. Maybe, just maybe, I might not be so delusional after all?

All the ward staff privately told me that, in their opinion, what ‘doctor’ Jonsson was doing was wrong. It led to them disobeying his orders when it came to their report to the tribunal. Instead of backing him on my continued detention, they backed me in my attempt to be released. At the tribunal, instead of the normal named nurse it was the ward manager who was there and backed me up in everything I said. The tribunals questioning of ‘doctor’ Jonsson was humiliating. In the end they had no problem whatsoever in ordering my discharge from imprisonment.

Doctor Ferdinand Jonsson is an incompetent, a liar and an abuser of his patients. He should never have been allowed to put people through the torture that he inflicts on people. The man should be in prison. I have tried to make complaints to the hospital about his behaviour by they would not seriously consider my case. I also tried to take my case to the healthcare commission, now the parliamentary and healthcare ombudsman, but they also refuse to look into the abuse I received. Anything that involves the FTAC will never be properly investigated as I also found when I tried to complain to the IPCC. They, and their operatives such as ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson, are operating outside the law without any scrutiny.

There is no hope of me every recovering from the damage that has been done to me by the evil New Labour government. There is no chance that the Conservatives would be any better for me, and may indeed be a whole lot worse. I face spending the rest of my life living in total squalor. So I am being forced to make that life short. I do not want to kill myself, but continued existence like this is impossible.

All I ever wanted to do is earn a living in peace.