Tuesday, 30 March 2010

FTAC Watch is No. 1 Google for Ferdinand Jonsson

I have known this for some while. It has been an objective to gain that status. I have not mentioned it before; I have just taken quiet satisfaction of the achievement. It pays off too. It is the highest keyword phase behind FTAC or FTAC Watch. Now any potential patients, students, work colleges, or employers can find out about this evil man.

Last night I had several page views from someone at IP Address that found this site via Google using the term ‘Ferdinand Jonsson. This morning I had a visit from one of the NHS addresses to the item ‘Doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson –a danger to all.

I wish to repeat what my complaint is against this man.

  • He subjected me to abuse and degrading treatment while I was imprisoned at Mile End Hospital, the extent of which could be considered torture. I was not allowed a change of clothing; allowed to wash properly; not allowed to do basic personal maintenance such as cut nails; and I was held in the nosiest part of the ward with out any privacy from other patients; and subject to 24 hour one-to-one observation.
  • He is a liar. He fabricated events that were reported to other doctors and to medical tribunals.
  • He refused to allow me to produce any evidence to support anything I said. He just decreed it all to be delusions.
  • He directed other doctors and other medical personal to what their reports are to be rather than let them produce their own independent ones as they are required to do.
  • It was always his intention that I would never be released. He deliberately tried to make me react in a way that he could use to continue to imprison me.
  • There was no treatment in the first four months of my imprisonment, just detention.
  • He forcibly medicated me with highly dangerous drugs for no clinical reason just so he could show that he was treating me although no drugs were forced on me for four month prior.
  • He did not have the full support of other doctors in his actions. Towards the end of my imprisonment, the ward staff openly refused to obey his instructions.
  • He deliberately arranged for a tribunal that was politically biased by ensuring that the chair was the wife of a Labour MP. At that tribunal his was humiliated by their questions and they had no trouble ordering my discharge.

This is just a summary of what went on. I have been subject to the most horrendous experience and injustice.

The evil ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson should not be allowed to inflict such pain on any more people. He should not even be at liberty: he is a danger to everyone. Furthermore, questions need to be asked. What were his motivations for doing what he did to me? Why did the other medical personal go along with it? Why did his superiors condone such actions?

If ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson has objection to these statements then he has every right to seek to prosecute me for deformation; I would welcome it. I only wish that I could get legal help for a counter claim. Unfortunately, lawyers will not touch anything involving the FTAC out of fear.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.