Wednesday, 3 February 2010

More Labour dirty trick and vindictiveness

The dirty tricks department of the Labour government are trying to make me homeless again. They have dragged up a disputed rent overlap from four years ago and a pursuing payment. I was placed in a temporary flat while I was applying for permanent a place. When I was allocated on it was at year end. I was given only a few weeks to move in. The place was disgustingly filthy and I had no furniture whatsoever. I made an application for a grant but these things take time to process because to the laziness and incompetence of the staff. I had no option but to stay where I was.

In the end I was given no option; I had to leave where I was and move in despite not having anything. There was a period when the overlap was disputed, but that went away. I presumed that the matter had been settled.

Now, four years later, they have brought up this so-called debt again. I do not believe that I owe them any money at all. I certainly do not have the funds or assets to pay them.

This is obviously a bit of vindictive dirty tricks. I have asked for the date and location of the court hearing. I will publish them on this blog. I will attempt to defend myself, but if I fail then I will kill myself in front of everyone. Although I would have taken my own life, it will be another murder by the Labour government.

For the attention of Mr Abdul Tarekh (020 7364 7465) of Tower Hamlets council: you are a collaborator with this evil government; you have blood on your hands.

It is such a waste that could easily be settled. All I ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace.