Monday, 2 August 2010

Website visits from government secure internet gateway

I have only been checking web stats intra-day for the last week or so as I have been pushing my quest for justice. Normally, I just check first thing in the morning over coffee. However, today I have just spotted visits to both my personal site and to this blog from someone in London using the Government’s secure internet gateway. IP Address: – Hello, whoever you are.

I expect that I’ll get another visit from the police later and be abducted from my home like they did before. This time I don’t think there is any chance I will survive for more than a few hours.

If they really want to solve the problem then why not do what I have asked for repeatedly: talk to me properly and not after the police have beaten me up or the doctors have drugged me.

Radical isn’t it. They would say I have unrealistic expectations. Oh well, that is the way of government these days. Theft, betrayal, lies, abuse, violence are all legitimate tools for them. I have been on the receiving end of all of them.

Don’t let us forget my crime that is at the core of all this: I wanted to work.

Clearly the government believes that such desires are deviant and dangerous. Anyone who harbours such delusions must be severely dealt with.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.


03Aug 12:00, My lunchtime check of my visitor stats has revealed a couple of interest entries. Two of the Solicitors (Bindman’s and Fisher Meredith) that I approached to ask for assistance and who claimed to be ‘too busy’ have made visits. They are ‘too busy’ to actually help someone in desperate need, but not ‘too busy’ to surf the blog of the poor soul that they refused to help.