Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Welcome back – have a nice Christmas?

My stalker is back. I get visits from the IP address, which is a known police address, several times a day. It looks like they are back from their Christmas holidays.

This is a sample of my logs for this site:

Date and Time IP Address IP Address Label Page Title
30/12/2009 08:48 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
30/12/2009 08:47 Police? FTAC Watch: MP’s live in luxury while their victims live in squalor
30/12/2009 08:47 Police? FTAC Watch: My last attempt at BEGGING for help
30/12/2009 08:46 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
29/12/2009 16:08 Police? FTAC Watch: Open letter to Gordon Brown, David Cameron and George Galloway
29/12/2009 16:06 Police? FTAC Watch: November 2009
29/12/2009 16:04 Police? FTAC Watch: My last attempt at BEGGING for help
29/12/2009 16:04 Police? FTAC Watch: Updates on suicidal thoughts
29/12/2009 16:02 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
24/12/2009 13:25 Police? FTAC Watch: November 2009
24/12/2009 13:25 Police? FTAC Watch: September 2009
24/12/2009 13:24 Police? FTAC Watch: October 2009
24/12/2009 13:24 Police? FTAC Watch: August 2009
24/12/2009 13:22 Police? FTAC Watch: July 2009
24/12/2009 13:21 Police? FTAC Watch: June 2009
24/12/2009 13:20 Police? FTAC Watch: Updates on suicidal thoughts
24/12/2009 12:43 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
24/12/2009 08:07 Police? FTAC Watch: The IPCC back the fascists once again
24/12/2009 08:05 Police? FTAC Watch: My last attempt at BEGGING for help
24/12/2009 08:05 Police? FTAC Watch: December 2009
24/12/2009 08:05 Police? FTAC Watch: August 2009
24/12/2009 08:00 Police? FTAC Watch: September 2009
24/12/2009 08:00 Police? FTAC Watch: August 2009
24/12/2009 07:59 Police? FTAC Watch: July 2009
24/12/2009 07:59 Police? FTAC Watch: June 2009
24/12/2009 07:56 Police? FTAC Watch: Updates on suicidal thoughts
24/12/2009 07:56 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
24/12/2009 07:56 Police? FTAC Watch
24/12/2009 07:53 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
24/12/2009 03:35 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
24/12/2009 03:35 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
24/12/2009 03:34 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
24/12/2009 02:13 Police? FTAC Watch: Updates on suicidal thoughts
24/12/2009 02:11 Police? FTAC Watch: The IPCC back the fascists once again
24/12/2009 02:10 Police? FTAC Watch: MP’s live in luxury while their victims live in squalor
24/12/2009 02:04 Police? FTAC Watch: My last attempt at BEGGING for help
24/12/2009 02:04 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
24/12/2009 02:04 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
24/12/2009 01:59 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 13:43 Police? FTAC Watch: November 2009
23/12/2009 13:43 Police? FTAC Watch: Updates on suicidal thoughts
23/12/2009 13:41 Police? FTAC Watch: The IPCC back the fascists once again
23/12/2009 13:41 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 13:36 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 13:36 Police? FTAC Watch: Updates on suicidal thoughts
23/12/2009 13:36 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 13:34 Police? FTAC Watch: My last attempt at BEGGING for help
23/12/2009 13:33 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 13:32 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 13:30 Police? FTAC Watch: Updates on suicidal thoughts
23/12/2009 13:30 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 13:28 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 12:42 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 12:42 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 12:41 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me
23/12/2009 12:40 Police? FTAC Watch: My last attempt at BEGGING for help
23/12/2009 12:40 Police? FTAC Watch: Somebody's Watching Me

However, this all started from my personal site which was getting similar visits even though there is little content. These visits were happening several times a day, for days in a row. I have put in redirects for these addresses to some abuse sites. Later I changed it to here.

Here is an open letter to the police:

Dear Plod,

I see that you are back to monitoring my websites. Did you have a nice Christmas? How was your dinner? Of course, I did not have anything because your masters have decreed that I cannot have the means to cook a proper meal.

Rather than constantly searching through my web sites for something you can use to twist into a reason to once again abduct me from my home and abuse me in a mental ward, how about talking to me directly? I will tell you all about it. You won’t like my answers because I can prove that everything I have said is true. Get in touch; you know how. No visits to my home, please.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace.

I know I won’t get any response from the police because they will have to admit the lies they have told and acknowledge the abuse I suffered at the hands of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson of Mile End Hospital. Their masters in government won’t allow it either as I can show that they are responsible for my situation and all I am is a totally innocent, drive-by victim of their traitorous policies.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Somebody's Watching Me

Nobody will be surprised to hear that my desperate pleas have yielded no results whatsoever. Actually, that is not entirely true. I have been awarded the pleasure of extra attention from the police.

The thing is that they are looking at the wrong website! Rather that looking here, they are looking at my personal website. I only use the domain name for e-mail and the website has no meaningful content at all and gets very few hits; until last week. All of a sudden I have been getting hits and the visitor scans through all four pages. They then revisit the following day and the day after that. Checking on the IP Address shows with a bit of digging that it belongs to the police.

Just what they think they are going to achieve I don’t know. They won’t find any evidence there to justify abducting and imprisoning me again. Are they trying to ‘send me a message’ that they a watching me? Maybe, but this form of harassment is a bit too subtle for the police. I believe they are repeatedly looking there because they have been given the wrong address and are too stupid to realise it.

On Friday I put a redirect on the site to send them elsewhere. Initially I sent them to the metropolitan police website. This didn’t stop them so on Saturday I changed it to this internet ledged. If they continue this week I feel a goatse coming on.

Here is a radical idea for you Mr. Plod, have you ever thought about getting someone to talk to me sensibly? I mean without abducting me from my home, throwing me into a mental hospital where and I can be abused and tortured, and continuously lie about everything? Somehow I don’t think you will do that as that might mean that everything I said about being an innocent victim of government policy will be proved to be correct and your masters will not allow that.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace.

Update: So far today (Tuesday) I've had over six attempted visits from the 212.74.97 addresses which are used by the police. So I have redirected the whole of the range off to a goatse.

Update II: Visits have continued. I hope they like what they get! They are even trying to use TOR now. A new visitor has been from ( So I have put a redirect to here.

Friday, 11 December 2009

My last attempt at BEGGING for help

I know that I am wasting my time with this, but hey, it’s a dull, cold Friday morning and it’s not as if there is much else I can do. I would far rather be earning a living, but I am excluded from such things.


The revelation of the latest MP’s expense claims led me to make a post on my blog contrasting how I have to live. On the one hand we have Jacqui Smith claiming £611 for a bed, but I sleep on a mattress that I found in the street. Kitty Ussher claims £16,000 for a kitchen and I don’t even have a cooker.

I don’t want to be ‘given’ anything; I want my life back so I can provide for myself. My life was stolen from me back in 2003 as a result of the government flooding the market for my IT skills with cheap foreign imports on fraudulent work permits. It has led to me becoming bankrupt, homeless and has destroyed my mental and physical health.

Since then I have been desperate to return to work, but every time I have BEGGED the DWP for help it has been refused. All my protests have achieved is to have the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) ordering my political detention thereby inflicting more injury. The damage has grown exponentially and now there is very little chance of me ever working again.

Please let me make one last attempt at BEGGING you to help me.

As I wrote above, the damage that has been done is severe, it will take a lot to repair. For that reason it is not appropriate for my case to be handled locally; it will require ministerial action both the home office, the department of health and the department of work and pensions.

Allowing me to work will also create employment for others and bring in much needed revenue. Which is far better for everyone than the current policy of keeping me in poverty so that incompetence and corruption can be covered up.

I am not a lunatic, a criminal, or a terrorist; all I ever wanted to do is earn a living in peace.

Let us see if I get a response from any of them. I won’t hold my breath.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

MP’s live in luxury while their victims live in squalor

I was just about to make a post over at Guido’s blog regarding MP’s expense claims and how I have nothing when I thought I would make a blog post myself documenting just how badly I live. I apologise for the quality of the photographs; my camera, like its owner, is old, decrepit, and not long for this world.

This is my bedroom.

Jacqui Smith claims £611 for another bed and mattress. Well, I don’t have a bed at all. I sleep on a mattress that I luckily found in the street outside. Prior to that, I had to make do with a cheap inflatable one that I bought from Argos. The chair is one of two I found outside too. When I found then they were covered in grime from being left on someone’s patio for years. They’ve cleaned up a treat. The curtains/blinds are by the Financial Times (my favourite newspaper). It was a hell of a struggle cleaning the walls, but I did manage to get most of the graffiti off; however, if you can still see the marks and indentations in the plaster work.

This is the kitchen

When the council made their half arsed attempt to renovate this flat they did update the kitchen, but made a bit of a hash about it. However, what is important here is not the state of the kitchen, but what is not in it. The only means of cooking food is the steamer I bought. I do not have any thing else. I don’t have a fridge, or anything else.

This is my main room

It is where I spend the most time. Again the thing to be noted is the complete absence of anything.

When I was imprisoned at the hands of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson at Mile End hospital, I was occasionally allowed to return home for an hour. Everyone that accompanied me was shocked at the conditions that I have to live under. My flat was officially noted in my file as being ‘uninhabitable’. Jonsson (even though he had never seen the flat) tried to use the fact that I was living in extremely poor conditions as evidence that I was psychotic. I suppose the reasoning went along the lines that only loonies would choose to live like that or that I was too feeble minded to live any better. It was also noted in my file that I should be helped. However, once I managed to win my freedom at a tribunal, I was refused any help.

I don’t want to be ‘given’ anything. The thing is that I should never been here and certainly not under these conditions. If the government had not stolen my livelihood I would have been living in my own property and with possessions that I have been paid for out of my own earnings.

I was not without skills. I do not have any drug or alcohol problems. I have not suffered sudden mental retardation (yes, Jonsson tried to use that one too!) I have done nothing wrong. Yet the government seeks to blame me for what happened when all along it was just that I was an innocent bystander victim of their drive-by policies.

As always: All I ever wanted to do is earn a living in peace.

The IPCC back the fascists once again

I got the results of my appeal to the decision by the IPCC about my detention this morning. Nobody will be surprised to hear that it was not upheld. The case work manager was Matthew Ward (Telephone: 0207 166 3131, email:

The policemen, PC Blears and PC Nash that arrested me claim to have never entered my flat and that I was detained in the common areas. This is a total lie. I was inside my home when six or more policemen came banging on my front door demanding to be let in. One was carrying a metal rod that he was handling in a way that indicated that he was preparing to beat me. When I challenged that officer about it he said that they were told that I was armed. I was ‘requested’ to go with them, but I said no. After a frank exchange of views the police officer, PC Blears, said that they could get an order to remove me. I invited them to leave and to do just that. In response, PC Blears said, “No, I’m going to arrest you for breach of the peace” and took me by the arm. I was not allowed to do anything apart from put on my shoes, and pick up my coat and keys. I was allowed to look my front door, but to make the flat secure such as switching off the central heating, lock the back door, or switch off electrical equipment like the coffee machine and computer. Once outside the building (not in the communal area as claimed), PC Blears said, “You are now no longer under arrest for breach of the peace, but I am detaining you under section 136 of the mental health act.

It make no sense to suggest that I was outside my flat, dressed in clothes that I used when doing the housework and only possessing my house keys. It is a total fabrication by the police.

The IPCC’s investigation was a total whitewash. For ages they would not investigate anyway. When they did, the policeman obviously lied and they just accepted it. The appeals process was nonsense too. Firstly, they delayed doing anything for ages, then without thinking rationally, accepted the original findings without question.

What this shows is that the police can just come to your home and abduct you without any proper legal process, lie about what they did, and there is no way that the IPCC will consider anything other than the police side of the story. This is the fascist police state that New Labour has created in the UK in action.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Updates on suicidal thoughts

Several readers of this blog have e-mailed to urge me to reconsider terminating my existence this month. Although I appreciate their concern and I have no real wish to die, none of them have made a good case for me not to go ahead with it. Some have said that worse things have happened to others, which is true, but unhelpful. The ‘something will turn up’ argument is totally without merit as given the dire economic condition that this evil and incompetent government has put us into there is no doubt that my already low income from benefits will be under threat.

One reader did get my attention when they sent me a link to a story about a young mother, Christelle Pardo, and her baby son, Kayjah, died when she was driven to jump out of window by the DWP. Caseworkers at the DWP will do anything to reduce the claimant count and they know that driving the claimant to kill themselves is a very good way to close a case and avoid any appeals. They also know that they can get away with a murder like this without any fear of being held accountable. As my emailer says,” they want you to kill yourself. Nobody will give a damn about you”

One of the major things that made me want to end it all is the continuous feeling of frustration I have as I consider all the things that I know I am capable of achieving but have been permanently denied. I have always wanted to create; that is why I refer to my death as termination rather than destruction (a concept that appeared to be beyond the comprehension of the staff in the hospital I was imprisoned in). Maybe I should marshal my thoughts into a new direction?

At this point all the people at the FTAC will be wetting themselves as they jump up and down saying, “Ah! There you see. Vague and ambiguous threats. This is typical in these cases”. They will recommend that the police come round to my house and abduct me again. The problem with people like the FTAC is that they are obsessed with finding threats where there are none to justify their existence. My response to the question ‘are you making a threat’ is (I am sorry, I cannot resist this) ‘maybe I am, or maybe I am not; you will find out someday’.

There is another way of ensuring that I pose no threat to anyone (apart from incarceration or assignation; both of which are practiced by this government) which is to actually listen to me. I can prove everything I have said. Massive damage has been done to me by the state and I am not responsible for any of it. If the damage could be repaired then it would yield immediate and large dividends. However, such thinking is beyond the capacity of this government and its operatives such as the FTAC; I am far more likely to be locked up, killed, or left to rot with the hope I will kill myself. There is no chance that they would help me and thereby several others at the same time.

As always: All I ever wanted to do is earn a living in peace.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Visit from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health in Australia

I have noticed from my visitor logs that I have been getting a few visits from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health in Australia also known as Forensicare. They are free to read my blog as anyone else. This is to be expected as this is where another specialist in the field, Dr Paul Mullen, is based. He has collaborated with Dr David James on several occasions and both lecture worldwide.

I make this offer to Forenicare, and to any other forensic mental heath department in the world except the UK: come and interview me (or fund a visit of me to you). Rather than base your beliefs on fraudulent reports from the UK and reading this blog, how about access to the primary data? I will give you detailed and honest answers to all your questions. I will provide detailed evidence to back up everything I believe so that the accusation of delusions by the FTAC and ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson can be proved to be a lie.

A good scientist would be interested in access to primary data rather than, shall we say disputed, secondary data. Are you motivated in finding out the truth or are you going with the lies?

I doubt if I will hear from anyone. The health services all claim to be ‘evidence based’, but actually they do not consider it at all. In any case, the UK would seek to block it as the last thing they want is someone investigating the details of my detention and treatment.

UPDATE (02Dec09): It will come as a surprise to nobody that the Australian equivalent of the FTAC has chosen not to avail themselves of an opportunity to learn the truth. One would have thought that proper scientist would welcome the chance of access to examine a subject that the UK FTAC has identified. Maybe they already know that I am not a real psychological case, but one of political detention and they want nothing to do with it?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Million British people could be back in work within a month

However, they won’t. This is because the government won’t let them. If you are out of work and eager to find employment there is a job out there with your name on it. The problem is that the New Labour party have sold it to someone else from abroad why is more likely in the long term to support them rather than anyone else. This is far from a fantasy no matter what lies come of ministers’ mouths. We have had reports extracted with great pain that show that the majority of the fabled new jobs created over the last few years have gone to imported staff. Just the other month we had an admission by government advisors that the immigration policy was a deliberate attack on the British people.

My experience drawn from not only the nightmare last six years, but of past recessions gives me a perspective on the plight of those at a professional level that have lost the jobs recently. Many have commented on the plight of the young or the unskilled, but it is the professionals that will suffer in this recession. You face losing everything you have worked so hard for over the years. There is no help for you to recover. In fact, because you have been ‘a looser’ will be used against you too. I have to break it to you that you are highly unlikely to ever be employed again. You may be lucky, but don’t expect anything more that a role than demands a fraction of your ability.

Only a few of the millions of unemployed people in the country are benefit scroungers, but the government have painted all of them as such. The only help that the government gives is to offer to take benefits away; in their sick minds it will encourage people. Someone has been reading too much Samuel Johnson (“when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully"). I always wondered how driving someone into ever deeper poverty makes them a more attractive candidate to an employer; I believe that it would have the opposite effect, but I am just a simple man.

So how do I plan to get one million people back to work within a month? In essence, I plan to give people back the jobs they should have had in the first place. Firstly, I would announce a strict audit of every work-permit, especially those for intra-company transfers, that has ever been issued and that those employers that have work-permit staff that fail this audit will face fraud charges including custodial sentences for the directors and senior executives. This measure alone will ‘encourage’ many to dump their imported staff and re-hire indigenous ones. Once a few headline convictions happen, this re-hiring will grow exponentially. Secondly, all active permits and applications are to be listed on a website where jobseekers can apply for the roles. If someone is in the role then they the permit should be suspended and the holder required to return to their own country pending the outcome of the review. If the employer does not take the applicant, then there should be an independent tribunal to judge if the employer has indeed tried to properly recruit in the UK and withdraw the permit (and prosecuted for fraud considered) if found not to have properly attempted to hire locally. Thirdly, the cost of permits should be increased, with the revenue to go into training, and their duration reduced. Unfortunately, there has been so much abuse and for so long that it will take the draconian actions outlined to bring the problem under control. These measures will create a strong demand for British staff, but not create so-called shortages as if there is a genuine need to hire overseas then they can. As the government always says, if you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear.

However, there remains the problem of all the damaged souls. The first thing to do is for the government to acknowledge a few things about unemployed professionals: they are victims and not criminals; damage caused by unemployment is cumulative and reach a point of no return very easily; they don’t need to be motivated through fear; and they also require help and it’s nature is vastly different from that you inflict on levels 0, and 1 skilled people. Just remember, if you are a professional unemployed desperately looking for work, but finding no luck, it’s because New Labour sacrificed your life for the good of their party.

In my case, I am beyond recovery; the damage is just too great. Although I have tried to keep my skills current (I was once told by an idiot down the Jobcentre that I didn’t need to as IT skill are like riding a bike, you never forget), it is a bit patchy as I’ve not studied every aspect to the same depth. In any case, although it is enough for me to develop a few things, it would never be considered by any recruiter as it was not done ‘in a commercial environment’. Officially, my technical skills are stuck in 2003 which is two versions of SQL Server ago and a language that I have not written anything in for over four years as I now use C# rather than C++. Apart from atrophied technical skills, it is an unavoidable consequence of not being able to work that your financial standing is destroyed. I have a very poor financial history, but I maintain that this is not a result of my incompetence but of the damage done to me; if I had been allowed to work then it would be the excellent status as it once was. My field was finance. I used to develop trading and analytical systems for traders. To work in a financial institution requires that one has a clean financial record. Outside that field, potential employers say that I have no relevant experience.

The years have also taken its toll on my health, both physically and mentally. Now that ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson of Mile End Hospital chose to impose a Section 3 on me, I have no chance of ever working again. That Section 3 was totally fraudulent and was used to imprison me on orders from the FTAC. I am willing to be studied by an independent doctor from abroad (i.e. NOT from the NHS) and provide documentary evidence to prove that there is nothing wrong with me in the way that Jonsson claims.

However, nothing will be done and I have had enough. I am planning to kill myself sometime in the coming weeks once I have summoned up the courage. It is not something I want to do, but I face a bleak future without any hope of improvement.

All I ever wanted to do is to earn a living in peace.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

So what can we do?

Old Holborn (a hero of mine, along with Guido) asks the question "What can we do?" I have made a response, but although OH has a policy on not censoring posts he may make an exception for mine. So I am posting it here too. I’ll probably expand upon the idea later.

I know that there is no chance of me ever recovering from the damage done to me by the evil New Labour regime. I also know that the Conservatives will be just as bad, if not worse in some respects. I live in squalid conditions and have no access to any help whatsoever. The prospect of living the rest of my life like this or even worse fills me with dread so I have reluctantly decided to terminate myself sometime before the end of the year. It is not something that I want to do, but I have no other choice.

Rather than kill myself quietly, alone, and not be discovered for months, maybe there should be a spectacular where everyone can see that New Labour is KILLING PEOPLE. How about setting fire to myself in Parliament Square on Christmas Day?

All I ever wanted to do is to earn a living in peace.

Forcibly drugged by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson without medical justification

I have received an e-mail from someone called ‘Coker’ who is inquiring what drugs I was forced to take. They believe that the drugs that they were forced to take has caused permanent damage to their health. I would like to give another part of my story to explain what happened.

Doctor Ferdinand Jonsson of Mile End Hospital forced me to take anti-psychotics. However, it was only after four months of detention did he decided to do that. He and everyone else knew that it wasn’t necessary on medical grounds; it was only so he could claim that I was receiving ‘treatment’ and hence justify my continued detention.

In the first month of imprisonment under section 2 for ‘assessment’ and for the first three month held under section 3 for ‘treatment’, I received no treatment of any kind. I was purely detained. I was prescribed medication, but I refused to take it and there was no coercion to make me. It was only my attempts to appeal to his superiors for my release did ‘doctor’ Jonsson resort to force the anti-psychotic drugs on me.

Anti-psychotic drugs are highly dangerous. Thankfully, I was only on these for a couple of weeks before the tribunal set me free. They are used to treat people who supposedly suffer from a range of disorders such as schizophrenia and sever cases of bipolar disorder. They are known to have several side-effects and can be potentially fatal. They are also known for causing damage to the heart which is pertinent to me as I have a chronic case of hypertension that was well known to the medical staff at the hospital. My life was deliberately endangered by the actions of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson.

In my case ‘doctor’ Jonsson was using a diagnosis of ‘persistent delusional disorder’ to imprison me. However, despite me making numerous formal requests I was never told: a) what those delusional beliefs were, b) what the evidence was to indicate that I held those beliefs, and c) evidence that those beliefs were actually false. Everything I said a) has come to pass and is now part of the historical record, b) I can prove by providing documentary evidence, or c) is the opinion of experts of a belief held in the wider population. The so-called diagnosis by ‘doctor’ Jonsson is a fabrication. It is a lie to justify my detention; it was purely politically motivated as I identified (and can provide evidence) the policies of the New Labour regime cased the destruction of my livelihood. Most of the people working in the NHS are Labour supporters and to hold a belief that their party could do anything that was less than perfect is a clear sign, in their eyes, of delusion.

Time has shown that the performance of the New Labour government has been a bit less than perfect. Maybe, just maybe, I might not be so delusional after all?

All the ward staff privately told me that, in their opinion, what ‘doctor’ Jonsson was doing was wrong. It led to them disobeying his orders when it came to their report to the tribunal. Instead of backing him on my continued detention, they backed me in my attempt to be released. At the tribunal, instead of the normal named nurse it was the ward manager who was there and backed me up in everything I said. The tribunals questioning of ‘doctor’ Jonsson was humiliating. In the end they had no problem whatsoever in ordering my discharge from imprisonment.

Doctor Ferdinand Jonsson is an incompetent, a liar and an abuser of his patients. He should never have been allowed to put people through the torture that he inflicts on people. The man should be in prison. I have tried to make complaints to the hospital about his behaviour by they would not seriously consider my case. I also tried to take my case to the healthcare commission, now the parliamentary and healthcare ombudsman, but they also refuse to look into the abuse I received. Anything that involves the FTAC will never be properly investigated as I also found when I tried to complain to the IPCC. They, and their operatives such as ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson, are operating outside the law without any scrutiny.

There is no hope of me every recovering from the damage that has been done to me by the evil New Labour government. There is no chance that the Conservatives would be any better for me, and may indeed be a whole lot worse. I face spending the rest of my life living in total squalor. So I am being forced to make that life short. I do not want to kill myself, but continued existence like this is impossible.

All I ever wanted to do is earn a living in peace.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Open letter to Gordon Brown, David Cameron and George Galloway

I sent the following letter this morning.

Gordon Brown
David Cameron
George Galloway

1 November 2009


This is an open letter to you and is also published on my blog FTAC Watch.
November will bring the first anniversary of my politically motivated imprisonment.
My life was destroyed back in 2003 by the policy of flooding the market for my skills with cheap overseas staff on fraudulent work permits. This led to my bankruptcy, homelessness and serious medical problems.

I have BEGGED for help to repair the damage that you have done, but it has always been refused. As I got ever more desperate you decided that I should be ‘shut-up’ so I was abducted from my home by the police and locked up in a mental ward where I was subject to conditions that could be considered torture.

Even though I won my freedom despite the lies told the medical staff and in particular ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson of Mile End Hospital, I am not able to recover from the trauma of the experience.

The damage done to my life is so great that there is no way to repair it. I cannot go on living like this so I have decided that I have no option left but to take my own life before the end of the year.

Although my elimination will be welcomed by you and I will soon be forgotten, the fight will go on. Far too many people have had their lives destroyed. I hope that one day each and every one of you will be executed for treason.

All I ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace.

It will probably end up being ignored or maybe they will send the police to abduct me again. Either way, I am beyond caring. It has become far too much for me. I cannot sleep properly. I cannot concentrate on anything; which is the reason why I cannot continue with the story of my abuse whist in hospital.

As I said in my letter, all I ever wanted to do is to earn a living in peace.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

I’ve been discharged

Not too sure just what to make of a letter received today from Shirley Browne, the Social Worker that was recommending my indefinite imprisonment at the hands of ‘doctor’ Jonsson at Mile End Hospital.

“I write to inform you than the discharge CPA review was held in your absence and you are now discharged from our team”

So, six months ago, according to ‘doctor’ Jonsson and Shirley Browne, I was suffering from persistent delusional personality disorder that required me to be imprisoned and forcibly treated with strong anti-psychotic drugs and described as ‘chilling’ by Jonsson. Since my release, I have refused to have any contact with the community mental health team whatsoever and send them replies to their letters insulting them. I set up this blog that has allsorts of interesting visitors, some of whom are very worried about me (thank you). Yet they still have enough evidence to come to the conclusion that I am suitable for discharge! Oh Lordy, Lordy! It’s a miracle cure.

One can only speculate on their motives. Is it entrapment? Are they trying to cover their backsides by putting some distance between themselves and me? Or could it be that there was never ever anything actually wrong with me and they have been lying all this time? Whatever they are up to, it won’t be in my best interest.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Some response to my questions to James Brokenshire.

Now that the children have gone back to school in Westminster, some responses are coming out of them. I hope they had a nice relaxing time because I have not had any sort of break for six years; just continuous poverty and terror.

Mr Brokenshire sent some questions to the Home office and he got a response from David Hanson MP. All the letter does is rehash the same old nonsense that has been published before and includes a reference to the propaganda piece published in the Guardian some years ago.

The Conservative have still not given any indication as to wheatear they intend to continue with this secretive group or close it down. By their silence we can only assume that they will continue with it.

I sent the following e-mail to Mr Brokenshire today.

When I checked my visitor stats today I noticed that someone had came from Google using the search term '' This points to the item that my question about the Conservatives not answering questions about their attitude and intentions to continue with the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre. Indeed that search term has my site at the first entry for UK Google; thank you.

Today the internet brought down a gagging order on press reporting. My story of abuse, some parts could be interpreted as torture, at the hands of the New Labour government through the FTAC and at the direct order of ‘doctor’ Jonsson at Mile End Hospital is slowly coming out and is getting a wide following, The next part of my story will appear in the next couple of days. Although I know that my life will be over soon, but I know that my story will remain despite the deletion of the blog.

The Conservatives silence on this matter can only be interpreted as full support for this secretive and vile operation. Is this what the Conservative party really wants? Does the Conservative party support and plan to continue a policy of abducting people from the homes, detaining them in mental hospitals, subjecting them to abuse through personal degradation, forcing dangerous and harmful drugs on people without any legitimate medical reason and fabricating lies and false diagnoses to justify continued detention all for the crime of wanting to work?

Monday, 5 October 2009

A return to blogging very soon.

I am beginning to feel better about writing some more about the suffering I had at the hands of Jonsson at Mile End Hospital. I have wanted and promised to write more for ages, but when I sit with Word open I feel horrid; I just freeze and cannot write anything. Everyday, every week for months, I spend all day at my computer achieving very little. I struggle to do the simplest tasks; more complex ones generally never get completed. None of it seems worth it.

This inability to do anything infects everything I am working on. I have another project that I use to keep my skills up-to-date and it is a prototype of a potential business. That is if the government would repair the damage it has done so I can operate as a normal human being again. It also serves to show that show that I do indeed have advanced technical skills in database and software design and development as applied to financial products. This is something that ‘doctor’ Jonsson claimed that I did not really have, but was another one of my delusions. He would not allow me to present any evidence to back up anything I said; he just decreed everything to be delusions. I am stuck making progress with that too. Although that is in part because the computer I use for development is old and not powerful enough to handle the current development tools when applied to projects of anything but the smallest size.

I am disgusted by myself; I feel filthy. I often sit and think, “Who is this man that I have become because it is no the real me”. I just don’t understand why this evil government has done this. I was everything that was required of me. I was once a successful, respectable, and very hardworking businessman. Now I am a disgusting wreck living in squalor. I am not responsible for any of this. I did not choose to be out of work, I am not an alcohol or drug abuser, nor did I ‘hear voice’ telling me to do stupid things. I do not believe that initially they specifically targeted me; I was just one of many thousands that were collateral damage of this evil governments policies. Let this be a warning to everyone: it could happen to you.

I have come to terms with the reality that there is no chance of ever escaping this disgusting squalor that I have been forced in to. Future prospects look even direr. Today the Conservatives announced that they would be even more aggressive than the current government at finding ways to contrive reasons for withdrawing or at the very least reducing benefits for people like me. My only option is obvious. However, it is not imminent; I have a lot more trouble to cause with this blog before I am finished.

All I ever wanted to do is earn a living in peace. It is all such a waste – but that is the nature of governments, both Labour and Conservative, in the UK.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Summoned to appear at another CPA review meeting

Mrs Shirley Browne of the Bethnal Green Community Mental Health Team (Tel: 0207 364 1056) wrote to me on the 16 September (letter received 22 September). She is the supervisor of Mr Ramesh Rajoo who normally sends these letters.

This meeting is on the 2 October 2009 at 11:00 to be held at their offices. The letter does not have an address on it, but I know were it is anyway (the Pritchard’s Road Day Centre). Not that it matters because there is no way in hell that I would ever attend such a meeting. An interesting variation is that for the first time it formally acknowledges the involvement of Robbie Forfar of the FTAC.

This is my response:

Dear Mrs Browne & Mr Forfar,

CPA Review – 2nd October, 2009

I presume that you fully understand the request in my last letter to “Please do not attempt to contact me again in anyway whatsoever”. So I take your latest letter as a deliberate insult.

You will not be surprised to learn that I will not be attending. Let me say once again, I shall never attend any meeting at your office or any other, with you, or any other member of the police or NHS.

Let me make my position clear. Your report to the tribunal was flawed because you followed instructions from ‘doctor’ Jonsson to recommend my continued imprisonment. However, the tribunal saw through the lies of Jonsson and totally dismissed your report. The result was that they had no problem ordering my discharge. Furthermore, despite your legal obligations to provide assistance to me when I was discharged from hospital, your department refused to do so. I will not have anything to do with those that abused me.

Given that I will not attend your or anybody else’s offices, I shall now expect you and the police to attempt to abduct me from my home again or take advantage of any opportunity when I leave it. It is truly the mark of an evil fascist state.

Yours sincerely

I expect I shall need the services of a lawyer again soon. Is there anybody out there that can be trusted? The ones that I have experienced so far have either been supporters of Labour (although some have expressed doubts about their support), or have been too afraid to go up against them.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Further examples of political bias in the public sector

The Times today gives more examples of the blatant political bias that is endemic thought the public sector. It exposes how dozens of union officials are employed at taxpayers’ expense.

It reports that “A Whitehall whistleblower has told The Times that union officials spend time on ‘far-left political campaigns”. It also states that they are given free access to office space, computers and photocopiers.

However, these are not isolated examples. The cancer of left-wing political activities and bias is ingrained in the public sector. Any challenge to the divine perfection of the Labour party will be met with all the spiteful vengeance that any one or group of employees can bestow.

I have had personal experience of this from my imprisonment by ‘Doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson in Mile End Hospital on instructions from the FTAC. The doctors and other medical professionals where selected on the basis political beliefs so that they would make the ‘right’ decision. The tribunal date was deferred until they chair was the wife of a Labour MP. However, that one failed miserably as even a politely biased tribunal saw through his lies and humiliated him with their questions. They had no problem ordering my discharge.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

You, yes YOU, have a personality disorder

This page from the Royal College of Psychiatrists will prove it. I defy anyone to look at the details and spot something that might apply to them. For the vast majority of people these are just aspects of their personality; it doesn’t mean that there is anything actually wrong with them. The most successful, or creative, people would clinical cases on the basis of these criteria.

Now look at it another way. If someone pointed out any random individual to you and said, “That person has a personality disorder” you would immediately be fearful and would seek to protect yourself, and, if it was you responsibility, others from them. If the accuser was a medical professional, you would be straight onto the police to have them arrested.

But what if the person pointed to was you? For the safety for the people you have to be arrested and locked up. As we have seen everyone has a personality disorder if those tests are applied to them.

Now imagine the case where a doctor has the objective of detaining someone. The easiest was is to claim they have a personality disorder. Consultant Psychiatrists have an expert knowledge of the supposed criteria for personality disorder and can spin any detail of a person’s life to support one or more of these criteria. Lay people will accept what the doctors say without question. The result is that the subject, it could be you, is indefinitely detained.

This is what happened to me. ‘Doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson was under instructions to detain me by the FTAC. I had five months of him and his underlings trying to contrive ever wilder interpretations of whatever parts of my life they could find out just to make the criteria fit. If they could not find something to twist then they would fabricate something.

In the end he became a laughing stock in the ward where I was being held. The ward staff ended up believing me not him and refused to comply with his instructions when they wrote the report for my second tribunal. The tribunal itself saw through his lies immediately and ‘Doctor’ Jonsson was humiliated by the panels questioning. In the end the tribunal had no problem ordering my discharge.

I very much doubt that my case is unique.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The FTAC are not accountable to anyone

The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre runs rogue without any scrutiny or means to hold them to account. I have found through my sad experiences how they are free to abduct and abuse anyone they chose without any form of accountability. The IPCC do not investigate complaints involving the FTAC. The same goes for the Parliamentary and Healthcare Ombudsman.

Here are my experiences that illustrate what goes on.

After I was released from imprisonment by the tribunal I began to fight back through conventional means. This has proved futile. Prior to my release I had tried to complain to the Healthcare commission, but that was stonewalled.

Upon my release I began the process of complaining to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) regarding the method of abducting me from my home, the lies they told the hospital, and the five months of abuse I suffered. The complaint was registered with the IPCC on 22 April, 2009 (reference: 2009/007514).

I was sent a confirmation letter from a caseworker called Rebecca Tonge (Tel: 0161 246 8554, Email: dated 27 April 2009. The letter stated that the matter was passed to the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) and I should hear from the police with 14 days. It will come to no surprise to anyone that I heard nothing from them.

The solicitor that represented me at my tribunal might seem an obvious choice to represent me in an attempt to repair the damage that had been done. What a mistake that was. I shall have more to say about the despicable behaviour of Floyd Porter of Miles and Partners (Tel: 020 7426 0400) latter. Amongst the things he did eventually do is send a chasing letter to the IPCC.

I also chased up the complaint to the IPCC, but was told that the police had only received the case notes on the 8th June. Either the police lied about receiving the original notes in April or the IPCC lied about sending them. Anyway, I was told that there was nothing they could do until the DPS finished their investigations. Every week for over a month I send an e-mail to the IPCC to ask on progress and got the same reply from either Simon Keogh (e-mail: Tel: 020 7166 3979), or his supervisor Shetal Patel (e-mail: i.e. there is nothing they could do until the DPS responded.

So here is an easy way for the police to get away with anything: don’t respond to complaints and the IPCC is powerless to do anything about it and eventually the problem may go away.

However, at the end of July I got a telephone call from a Mr Nick Balmath of Bethnal Green police station regarding my complaint. He asked if I wanted local resolution, which I declined, and said that he would send off the papers to the appropriate office.

On the 1 August I got a telephone call from a Detective Sergeant Brady (Tel: 020 8345 4309). She said that she was the investigating officer. A few days later I received a letter (date: 03 Aug 2009, ref: PC/03312/09) summarising the points of my complaint. I replied immediately correcting a few details in her letter. Since then there has been nothing.

As soon as there is any reference to the FTAC, all complaints are dropped. The FTAC are free to do whatever they want to anyone and nobody holds them to account for there actions.

Update (14 Sep 2009): Last Monday, I e-mailed the complaints department at the IPCC asking for an explanation. A few hours later that day I got a reply from a Mr Douglas Cleaver who claims to be the Head of Internal Complaints promising to respond to my complaint. A week later and nothing has been forthcoming. I sent another e-mail at 9am this morning; there has sill been no response.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

My story – Part I

This is the first part of the story of my imprisonment by the FTAC. It covers my arrest and admission to hospital.

On the 10 November, 2008 between 11am and noon the police came banging on my door. This was the begging of a nightmare experience that showed just how evil the Labour regime is.

Earlier that day I had attended a meeting with a job broker called Work Directions. These are part of the nonsense of supposedly helping people get back to work. All their ‘advice’ consisted of was that there is a dark pool of hidden vacancies and all one had to do is send out speculative applications. I said that this was nonsense and that they were useless and left is some distress. On the way home I admit that I was a little in tears; there is no hope of me ever returning to work. After I had left, work directions had telephoned the police reporting my distressed state. After I had got home I put the coffee machine on and changed clothes to do the housework. I got the vacuum cleaner out, but sat to do the e-mail as I had my first cup of fresh coffee.

Then came the knocking on my front door, but I have a policy of not answering my door unless I am expecting a caller; I just ignore them and generally they get fed up and go away. The police were having none of that and carried on banking on my door and it sounded like they were about to break it down. I went to the door and told them to stop banging and to go away. Obviously, they declined that invitation. I had to open the door otherwise they would have broken it down. At which point they stormed in demanding where the gun was. I have never had a gun; I despise the things. The policeman said that they were told that was armed. I said they were talking nonsense and I said that they were free to search for one. Recognising that they could not get away with that lie, the policeman gave up on that line.

We moved from the hallway to my lounge. I sat at my desk and resumed drinking my coffee. The policeman then ‘invited’ me to go with them to a hospital; I declined. In the frank exchange of views that followed the police office said that they could get a warrant to forcibly remove me from my home. I invited them to do so and asked them to leave. The officer made a start towards the door, but halted and retuned. He then said that he wasn’t going to do that, but he was going to arrest me for breach of the peace instead. He told me to put my shoes on quickly and go with them. I asked if I may change my clothes as I was not appropriately dressed to leave the flat (the clothes I was wearing were those I use for housework etc: dirty and worn out), but he refused to let me. I was not allowed to take anything with me, no wallet or any other money, without my distance glasses, no telephone, or anything else. I had my keys and coat at that was it.

The police showed no concern about leaving my flat in a secure condition. The backdoor was unlooked; the coffee machine and other electrical equipment was left running as was the central heating.

I was marched down the stairs and out the main doors of the block. Once outside the building the police officer then said that I was now no longer under arrest for breach of the peace, but now being detained under section 136 of the mental health act. This is a clear abuse of police powers. Section 136 can only be used in a public place, not for removing someone from their home. The police abused the breach of the peace arrest to get be outside so they could use Section 136. I was then thrown into a van and the door slammed on me.

The van drove for some way before arriving at what I assume was Homerton Hospital in Hackney; I was never told where I was. I was kept in a room with two officers for several hours before I was interviewed by some medical person. During that time the police officers decided to confiscate my flat keys. I do not know if she was a doctor or a nurse; frankly I didn’t care. She asked me numerous questions, but I was not very forthcoming with responses. After the questioning finished the police officers left and I was moved to another room and left. There I remained until about 6pm. They would not admit to that hospital. I understand that it was because I did live in Hackney, but Tower Hamlets. Sometime after 6pm I was bundled into a minibus with an escort and driven to the Royal London hospital casualty department.

At the Royal London, after a sometime sitting on benches I was thrown into a room with a security guard outside. There I stayed for well over two hours before anyone bothered to see me. I was interrogated by three doctors. It was clear from their line of questioning that they had been given a false story by the police about where I was when the arrested me and what I was doing. One line of questioning implied that they thought that I was some sort of vagrant because of the state of my clothing. My explanation that those were my clothes used for dirty jobs was dismissed out of hand. It was clear that they were under instructions to detain me. After these doctors were finished I asked if I might go to the lavatory and the doctors agreed. Every time I had asked before, the security guard refused to let me. Even when I was allowed to go the door had to remain open with the guard watching me. I was left for another hour before being moved on to a third hospital.

I arrived at the Mile End hospital sometime after 10pm. I was taken on to a secure ward, dumped in a chair and told to wait. There I stayed for an hour or more before they could find me a bed. At about midnight I was allocated a room. This ward was to be my prison for nearly five months.

At no point during those twelve hours was I offered any food or drink. I had no opportunity to speak to any legal representative. No explanation of what was happening was given. Once someone is detained their human rights are suspended and they can do whatever they want to you.

The next part of the story will detail the first month of abuse I suffered at the hands of Doctor Ferdinand Jonsson. It will cover the personal degradation I was subject to and the lies to the appeal tribunal by Jonsson and the nursing staff.

Doctor confesses to political influence in clinical decisions

An example of the willingness of doctors to comply with political influence in clinical decisions has been exposed today. The case of Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi yields political scandal on a daily basis. Today, there are reports that bring doubt to the validity that the medical report that was the basis of his release. Professor Karol Sikora, the medical director of CancerPartnersUK has confessed to the Sunday Telegraph, “The figure of three months was suggested as being helpful”. Duly instructed, that is what the report stated. Meanwhile in Tripoli, Megrahi has been moved out of intensive care.

Such behaviour is endemic thought the medical profession, as my experiences have shown. Doctors in the NHS are far too keen to comply with instructions as to what decisions they should make. In my case the FTAC, through the police, instructed the doctors of East London NHS to detain me and they very willingly complied.

The support from members of the public services that the Labour party enjoys makes this even easier for the government. If anyone makes any statement against the Labour government, they have plenty of willing supporters who will use whatever powers they have to act against the complainant. This is especially true within the police and NHS; both have the power to detain people. In the latter case, the poor detainee is stripped of their human rights and very limited right of appeal to a hugely biased tribunal service. That is why the government created the FTAC.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Where is my story?

One of the reasons that my story has not started yet, apart from being sick for a bit, is that I have an outstanding complaint with the IPCC. The officer handling it, a woman by the name of DS Brady, commented that reporting the case on this blog would undermine the investigation. I originally made the complaint on 22 April, 2009 and it was only on the 1st August , 2009 that they contacted me. Since then I have had no other response. I do not expect a proper investigation; as soon as there is any mention of the FTAC, complaints disappear without trace (like their victims).

Since the IPCC will not act, I have decided that I am no longer constrained on reporting what happened. My story will commence on this blog on the 1st September, 2009. The first part will report how I was abducted from my home for breach of the peace for sitting at my desk, drinking a cup of coffee, dressed and getting organised to do the housework, and then dragged through three hospitals in the east end. It will report how the police lied to the hospitals to ensure a detention. It resulted in me not having a change of clothes, my home unlocked and electrical equipment left running for nearly a month. But that is only the start of the abuse; there is far more to tell.

Summoned to a meeting

I send a reminder e-mail message to the office of Mr Brokenshire which is followed by a number of hits on this blog from addresses known to be the NHS, and then on Saturday I get a letter from Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) Ramesh Rajoo (Tel: 020 7364 1183) calling me in for a meeting. Of course, there isn’t a chance in this quantum reality that I would ever attend such a meeting. It maybe that I am not long for this world!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Questions to opposition Members of Parliament

My questions to Grant Shapps were passed to the office of James Brokenshire to answer. It would appear that Mr Shapps has no opinion of the FTAC; so why did he ask questions in the House of Commons?

Someone at the Houses of Parliament (IP: visited my website at about 16:50 on the 17 July 2009. I received a reply from an assistant to Mr Brokenshire called James Bury ( Tel 020 7219 8400, Fax: 020 7219 2043) confirming receipt of my question shortly after, but stating that he was going on annual leave the following week and would attend to the matter upon his return.

I have been busy on another project since then so I have not been able to chase this matter. However, on the 19 August 2009 I sent a reminder to Mr Bury to see if he was going to reply to my questions. I also added brief details of my horrific experience at the hands of the FTAC. On the 20 August 2009 at about 11:12 I had another visit to my site from the same IP address as before; no reply from Mr Bury followed.

However, at about 16:20 of the 21 August, 2009, I have eight visits to the blog from an IP address registered to the NHS ( They have been to my site before on the 6 July 2009. I can only speculate as to whether these two events are related.

As I type this, I’ve had another two visits to the site from the Houses of Parliament IP address. At long last, I have now received another e-mail from Mr Bury promising that Mr Brokenshire will see my e-mail and I will receive a response. That response will be published on this blog if it actually materialises and provided I have not been imprisoned again.

Update (27 Aug 2009): More of a non-update really. As expected, there has been no response from Mr Brokenshire’s office. Given the lack of response and the fact that this blog was investigated by the NHS shortly after my last query; I can only deduce that the Conservative position on the FTAC is that it fully supports it and it will continue to use the NHS to detain its political opponents. In other news; the Pope is discovered to be a catholic.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

‘Doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson – a danger to all.

Please see the a later post about the details of my complaint against 'doctor' Ferdinand Jonsson.

This is a quick post to show that this blog is very much alive. I’m busy on another project at the moment.

This blog is getting a little bit of traffic; which is very surprising considering the lack of marketing that I have done. However, I have studied the traffic and have concluded that it is mainly the police and health authorities keeping a track of what I am saying in the hope that they can find something they can use to lock me up again.

Today I spotted someone (IP: coming from Google with the search term ‘Ferdinand Jonsson”. This is the ‘doctor’at Mile End Hospital that was responsible for keeping me locked up for five months until a tribunal saw through his lies and ordered my discharge. I shall have a very detailed post on this evil man later. If you, or one of your relatives, have the grave misfortune to have him as a consultant then request to have another one as soon as you can. He is an extremely dangerous man. He should never be trusted. This totally corrupt, incompetent, lying bastard should not be at liberty, and definitely should not be allowed to practice medicine, or to have the honorific ‘Doctor’.

Update (07 Sep 09): This post is the post popular one on this blog. However, many of the visits are from the NHS (IP Address: One could almost say that they are fixated about it. It may be Jonsson ego browsing (which supports a diagnosis of him having grandiose delusions), or he could be checking to see what I am saying about him (which supports a diagnosis of paranoia). Alternatively, it could be fellow members of the NHS having a jolly good laugh at him.

If it is general NHS staff monitoring this blog then the good stuff is coming soon. I shall be naming names right up to the Chief Executive of the East London NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Robert Dolan, who refused my pleas for a meeting to discuss the abuse I was suffering at the hands of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson. I suspect that Dolan, like many others, recognised that what Jonsson was doing was seriously wrong, but were desperate to avoid any association with the case. It won’t work.

Update 09 Jun 2010: Would you believe that the NHS keep visiting this page! Guy's have a look at the rest of the blog; I say a lot worse! If you don't like what I say about Jonsson then put me on trial.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Been a bit poorly

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I've had some sort of bug (not piggy flu!) for part of last week and I've fallen behind on another project of mine. So this one has suffered. I should be back with some of the story by the weekend.

I looked at the stats earlier. A few things to note. My stalker at from London has been back today.

Also there was someone in Royal Leamington Spa at did a google search for 'ftac james' the other day and visited my site. The 'james' in question is Doctor David V. James who the senior forensic psychiatrist the FTAC. I must do a whole post on him so that more comes up when people search for him on the internet.

Monday, 6 July 2009

What do we officially know about the FTAC?

One thing that is striking when researching the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) is the total lack of published information about it. A Google search produced a few items, but not much detail.

The Police

On the Metropolitan Police web site there are no pages that admit to the existence of the FTAC. A deeper search reviled only one reference; a sidebar in an article on stalking from an issue from November 2007 of the house journal called ‘The Job’.

The Press

Press coverage has been remarkably absent. Back in late May of 2007 the Mail on Sunday broke the story, and it was subsequently covered by the Times and Telegraph the following day. Their coverage correctly raised the insidious nature of this organisation.

In response to this initial coverage, the Observer cooperated in a piece to cover up the concerns that have been raised.

Since the Observer article there has been virtually no coverage at all in the mainstream media whatsoever. The other security services my look with envy at the ability of the FTAC to avoid any serious scrutiny.


Our representatives in parliament have not been too inquisitive either. Hansard reveals that MPs have asked about the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre a grand total of twice. Once shortly after the Mail on Sunday revelation by Tim Loughton and another over two years later by the Conservative MP Grant Shapps. Other than that: nothing. The government forms a police department that abduct people and lock them up in mental hospital and no one of the opposition members challenges them.

Personal accounts

One story that has been picked up by the conspiracy websites has concerns someone who was called in to see their GP. The GP revealed that they had been ordered by the FTAC to ascertain the person’s state of mind. The person in question had sent e-mails to disgraced former home sectary Jaqui Smith calling her a communist. Apparently she had instructed FTAC to ‘deal’ with that person.

The only other case is someone clearly psychotic who admits in their own words to hear voices. We can only assume that all other cases have been locked up so securely that nobody will ever hear from them.

Now there is my story. I shall shortly begin describing what happened to me. What I have to tell will really shock everyone that reads it. I will reveal the lies, abuse and corruption that infest the police and the NHS. I am going to name those that are responsible.

I've got someone attention!

Considering that I’ve only just stated this blog, it’s got very little content (at the moment), and I’ve not done much to market it, you can imagine my surprise when I checked my stats service for all my sites and found that this one has had some hits.
What is very interesting that the majority of the hits today have been coming from a NHS user at another one has been from

Can I expect a knock at the door later to be carted off to prison or mental hospital on another fictitious reason?

Friday, 3 July 2009

Grant Shapps asked questions in the house. What are his options of the FTAC?

I thought I’d ask Grant Shapps, for his opinions about the FTAC. Since he asked questions in the House of Commons.

I’ve e-mailed him tonight:

Dear Mr Shapps,

I am building a blog about the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) and their behaviour along with that of the medical staff that collaborate with them.

My research on the internet has shown that you have asked questions about FTAC of the responsible minister recently. I would like to ask some simple questions. Please note that your responses or lack of them will be reported on the blog.

1. Where you satisfied with the response you got from the minister?

2. What are your personal opinions of this group?

3. Would a Conservative government allow its continued operation or would it close it down?

As you have probably guessed, my motivation for setting up this blog is because of personal experience. I was held prisoner without justification in Mile End Hospital for five months because of them and the actions of the consultant there, Dr Ferdinand Jonsson. The full details of my case will be published on the blog where I will give details of the abuse I suffered and the lies that were told.

I have tried to make complaints to the parliamentary ombudsman and the IPCC, but they are stonewalling me. My own MP is George Galloway. As you know is a law to himself and has no concerns about the issues of people like me. In the face of such behaviour of official channels, it is time to make use of the new opportunities that the web offers to bring our abusers to account.

My readers and I look forward to your response.

I’ll keep everyone posted on what response, if any, I get.

UPDATE (14-JUL-09): After following up the e-mail with a post on his website. He did respond. However, it was only to say that his questions where asked in his personal capacity and not as a member of the opposition. He added that he would pass my question on to the Shadow Home Office Minister responsible, James Brokenshire. However, he did not state what his opinions of the FTAC were.

I am yet to recieve any response from James Brokenshire.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

FTAC Watch

This blog is under development at the moment.

The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) was formed in October 2006. It is a joint venture between the Metropolitan Police and the National Health Service.

It does not actually detain anyone. That is left to the NHS because detention under the mental health act is not subject to habeas corpus or the human rights act. All that is required is that two doctors have an ‘opinion’ that the person should be sectioned and that is it. In reality FTAC tells the doctors to lock someone up and that is what happens.

4-5 Buckingham Gate

It is headed by Dr David V. James. Other names associated with FTAC:


  • Robert Halsey
  • Robbie Forfar


  • Tom Kerrigan, DI
  • Bob Garratt, DCI
  • Mark Whittle, DC

The first example of the behaviour of the police and NHS will cover my own case. However, I am very interested in hearing anyone experiences at the hands of this shady bunch. Please email your stories to

This blog will name names of those responsible for all to see.