Sunday, 1 November 2009

Open letter to Gordon Brown, David Cameron and George Galloway

I sent the following letter this morning.

Gordon Brown
David Cameron
George Galloway

1 November 2009


This is an open letter to you and is also published on my blog FTAC Watch.
November will bring the first anniversary of my politically motivated imprisonment.
My life was destroyed back in 2003 by the policy of flooding the market for my skills with cheap overseas staff on fraudulent work permits. This led to my bankruptcy, homelessness and serious medical problems.

I have BEGGED for help to repair the damage that you have done, but it has always been refused. As I got ever more desperate you decided that I should be ‘shut-up’ so I was abducted from my home by the police and locked up in a mental ward where I was subject to conditions that could be considered torture.

Even though I won my freedom despite the lies told the medical staff and in particular ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson of Mile End Hospital, I am not able to recover from the trauma of the experience.

The damage done to my life is so great that there is no way to repair it. I cannot go on living like this so I have decided that I have no option left but to take my own life before the end of the year.

Although my elimination will be welcomed by you and I will soon be forgotten, the fight will go on. Far too many people have had their lives destroyed. I hope that one day each and every one of you will be executed for treason.

All I ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace.

It will probably end up being ignored or maybe they will send the police to abduct me again. Either way, I am beyond caring. It has become far too much for me. I cannot sleep properly. I cannot concentrate on anything; which is the reason why I cannot continue with the story of my abuse whist in hospital.

As I said in my letter, all I ever wanted to do is to earn a living in peace.