Monday, 21 December 2009

Somebody's Watching Me

Nobody will be surprised to hear that my desperate pleas have yielded no results whatsoever. Actually, that is not entirely true. I have been awarded the pleasure of extra attention from the police.

The thing is that they are looking at the wrong website! Rather that looking here, they are looking at my personal website. I only use the domain name for e-mail and the website has no meaningful content at all and gets very few hits; until last week. All of a sudden I have been getting hits and the visitor scans through all four pages. They then revisit the following day and the day after that. Checking on the IP Address shows with a bit of digging that it belongs to the police.

Just what they think they are going to achieve I don’t know. They won’t find any evidence there to justify abducting and imprisoning me again. Are they trying to ‘send me a message’ that they a watching me? Maybe, but this form of harassment is a bit too subtle for the police. I believe they are repeatedly looking there because they have been given the wrong address and are too stupid to realise it.

On Friday I put a redirect on the site to send them elsewhere. Initially I sent them to the metropolitan police website. This didn’t stop them so on Saturday I changed it to this internet ledged. If they continue this week I feel a goatse coming on.

Here is a radical idea for you Mr. Plod, have you ever thought about getting someone to talk to me sensibly? I mean without abducting me from my home, throwing me into a mental hospital where and I can be abused and tortured, and continuously lie about everything? Somehow I don’t think you will do that as that might mean that everything I said about being an innocent victim of government policy will be proved to be correct and your masters will not allow that.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace.

Update: So far today (Tuesday) I've had over six attempted visits from the 212.74.97 addresses which are used by the police. So I have redirected the whole of the range off to a goatse.

Update II: Visits have continued. I hope they like what they get! They are even trying to use TOR now. A new visitor has been from ( So I have put a redirect to here.