Friday, 29 January 2010

Further examples of the lies of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson

Regular reader Rod from Australia has given me an idea for a post. In a response to the post about the stalking by the police, be brings up the issue of monetary compensation. Well, there is a story about that.

Most of my posts are finished with the line “All I ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace”. Prior to the Labour government destroying my livelihood I was a freelance IT consultant in the finance sector. I had been successful for years and was living in the West End of London. In late 2001 I had the opportunity to some business based in one of the Caribbean tax havens. However, this also required that I also continue with some consultancy work in the UK. The theft of the market for my skills produced a cascade of failures in all parts of my life. It resulted in me being homeless, bankrupt and suffering sever damage to my mental and physical health. Before I became a victim of the Labour government I was a very respectable, successful businessman; now I am a disgusting wreck.

To further set the scene I must describe the strict conditions that I was being held under. I was under ‘one-to-one’ continuous observation which meant that there was somebody watching me all the time. I could not even go to the toilet or shower without someone watching what I was doing. I was held in a room where I was on display to everyone on the ward. No privacy at any time whatsoever. I was not allowed have a change of clothes; so for a whole month I had to remain in the dirty clothes that I use for doing the housework that I was wearing when I was abducted. I was not allowed to perform the most basic of grooming tasks such cut my nails. There was no access to anything to pass the time and definitely no access to any form of media so that I could find out what was going on in the world.

I discussed these conditions with somebody shortly after I was released and they said that this sounds like the techniques outlined in the CIA torture manual. I originally thought that the description was a bit excessive and emotive. However, I traced down the document he was referring to and I can see many analogies between how ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson was treating me and the torture techniques. I was subject to sensory deprivation, humiliation and degradation.

Before I leaned better, I was discussing my plight with ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson or Mile End Hospital. I discussed my prior life and the extensive damage done. Little did I know it at the time, but it was purely an exercise for him to glean a few things upon which to base his lies.

As part of our discussion, the question of the monetary value of my losses came up. Remember that I was held under very stressful conditions and without any access to data to produce and justify an accurate estimate. I roughly worked out the losses of possessions, lost earning to date, what costs would be involved to repair the damage and set me off again. I did not cover future earnings, and I forgot about things like pensions. Because I was working abroad and desperately wanted to leave the UK and return there, I worked in US Dollars rather than Sterling. I estimated that the amount of my losses and cost to repair was somewhere between 1 and 5 million Dollars.

I was clear that this was an estimate of the damage done, but ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson twisted that into a lie that I was demanding 5 million Pounds compensation. This lie was recorded on my notes and has frequently been repeated. Only when it is repeated in my presence do I have any opportunity to rebut this lie. I have never been able to get the lie to be removed from the file or have the truth recorded in the notes and linked to Jonsson’s claims. Anyone that reads the notes will over see his claims and will never see my rebuttal of his lies.

It should also be noted that all the other parts of my history was branded by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson as delusions such as I was working abroad, and my technical and business knowledge. The abusive conditions I was kept under clearly prevented me from producing any documentary proof at the time. However, when I did finally gain access to documentary proof it was never considered. He maintained that I was delusional about living abroad despite I could produce a passport with multiple stamps in it and I also had the last two utility bills from my overseas home. Only at the final tribunal did he relent by saying during his questioning by saying, “there now appears to be some evidence that supports some aspects of his story”. At no point prior to then had he allowed me to present any documentary evidence to prove him wrong and me right.

The result of my final tribunal was that I was discharged from hospital. The members of the tribunal saw through his lies. Their questions to ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson humiliated him. However, the damaged done by him only extends the desperate plight I am in. His fraudulent imposition of a Section III detention means that I will never work again in my life. Not that I have much chance of ever doing so, but the FTAC will have put me on the ‘no fly’ list and I will be prevented from travelling to some countries such as the United States.

Despite ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson’s fraudulent claims that I am demanding multi-million pounds compensation, I have only ever formally stated ‘I would like my life back’. I am in no way responsible for what happened to me. I was simply going about my business. I was a respectable and honest man. I am a completely innocent drive-by victim of the Labour government’s incompetent and evil policies. What is true is that to ‘give me my life back’ will now cost many millions of pounds because of the extreme extent of the damage done. However, that is not the same thing as me making demands for multi-million pound compensation.

Will my life ever be repaired: NO CHANCE. This government nor any likely successor will never admit to inflicting wholly unwarranted injury to an innocent man like me. I am condemned to spend the rest of my life in poverty and squalor. With the constant fear of what will happen next. It is such a waste of an innocent life. All I ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace.