Sunday, 11 April 2010

This is a death treat.

George Galloway is an evil racist fucking cunt. If he had helped me when I begged him to back in 2005 I would never have suffered so much.

Let me state here for all to see: if I ever get the chance, I WILL KILL HIM.

Yes this is a death threat. I call for the government to put me on trial and give me a platform to reveal what has been done to me.

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

UPDATE: 13:30 – 12 April 2010

I am still here. It is a bit disappointing; I was expecting the police to be banging on my door this morning. In the past they have gone out of their way to find anything to pin on me to justify my imprisonment. Now I make an explicit threat to kill an MP and they totally ignore it.

Of course this is just an attention getting stunt; I have no intention of carrying out these threats. However, this has never stopped the police from prosecuting people in the past. I want to be put on trial. It is going to be the only way that my case will ever be heard. I want to have a chance to tell everyone just what has been done to me. I don’t have anything left to lose.