Friday, 2 July 2010

Dr David James founder of the FTAC

I am indebted to a contributor who best remains anonymous for the knowledge that the founder of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is doing the rounds of the conferences at the moment. Next week (5-6 July 2010) Dr James ( is appearing at a two day workshop entitled “Assessing Stalking Risk”. For £500 you can hear him spout his nonsense.

The brochure contains a very poor image of the miscreant. I don’t know about anyone else, but this is the sort of picture the tabloid press like to print when they have a story about a paedophile or rapist.

In a way I am jealous of what Dr James has achieved, but he used his knowledge and spotted an opportunity and has milked it for all it’s worth. He correctly spotted where the former government was most fearful i.e. for their own safety. This is a common trait amongst all dictatorial regimes thought history; he doesn’t get any marks there. What he did was find a way to sell to them his services to remove potential nuisances from society without having to go through the tiresome business of putting them on trial. He could get them locked up without anyone giving a damn.

Not satisfied with the power to order people to be locked up until they die, James wanted more. He has gotten on the lecture circuit and appears from London to Australia telling people how to spot nutters and how it is alright to abuse peoples human rights.

Will I be ‘stalking’ him outside the venue in Belgrave Square? No, I’ve got far more interesting things to do. However, I offer this challenge to Dr James: talk to me. Listen to the truth. Let me present to you proper evidence that proves everything I have said about what happened to me, the corrupt or incompetent behaviour of MP’s and government departments. One condition, there has to be witnesses and it has to be fully recorded and documented. If you uphold the fraudulent diagnosis of ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson and you can convince the witnesses then I will willingly be locked up forever (though I would prefer execution). If you do not then I want my life back in full and a commitment that your organisation, the police, and everyone else that has cause me so much suffering keep out of my life forever. You can carry on selling your snake oil to fearful governments; just don’t do it to me.

I expect that this offer will reach him sometime as I have them all over this blog on a regular basis. However, I do not expect that they will ever take me up on my offers to talk. They can’t have something as embarrassing as the truth causing them trouble.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Update (17:48) I sent a URL for this post to and repeated my offer and said "The questions is: are you an honorable and professional doctor, or just a snake oil salesman to oppressive governments?" I had a visit from someones Blackbury at 17:39. I suppose I should expect the police to be knocking on my door later.

Update (03 jul 18:00)

On Friday there were a fair number of visits to this site from Blackberry devices and IP Addresses thought to be associated with the FTAC. I have not heard anything from them. You would think if they were so confident in their analytical abilities and that I was a legitimate case with no possibility of error, they would relish the chance to demonstrate how clever they are.

Your Freedom : Abolish the FTAC

Prompted by JuliaM’s comment on the previous post, I have looked at the ‘Your Freedom’ website from the government asking for suggestions. I found that someone has already suggested the abolition of the FTAC. I had not bothered as I didn’t see any prospect of the suggestion remaining on their system and there is no chance of the government closing it down. However, since someone has made an entry I suppose I better make a comment.

The FTAC is open to abuse and I am proof of it.

I was held prisoner for five months at Mile End Hospital on instructions from the FTAC. At the root of my complaint to MP’s was the abuse of the intra-company transfer scheme that was destroying the livelihoods of thousands of British IT professionals and causing long-term damage to the British economy and potentially national security.

The treatment that I had to endure bordered on torture in the way that I suffered personal degradation such as not being allowed to wash properly or even cut my nails, through to assault by forcible medicated in the last month although no medication was used the whole of the previous four months. Everything I had ever done or achieved in my life was denied to have ever happened. Even though I could produce documentary evidence to prove it, I was never allowed to present it. I suffered five months of doctors micro-scrutinising my every action and contriving ever wilder explanations to justify their detention of me.

I have been branded as suffering from having a persistent delusional personality disorder. However, my requests for East London NHS to be specific in what those delusions actually are have been refused. They claim to use evidence based diagnosis but refuse to state that evidence. In truth, there are no delusions; everything I ever said I can provide documentary evidence, has come to pass and is now in the historical record, or is a widely held belief by respectable people. There only remains fabrications by doctors which there is no evidence that I hold the belief.

There is no recourse to any form of justice for anyone that has been subject to the abuses of the FTAC. The IPCC and the relevant ombudsmen organisation automatically decide against the complainant regardless of any evidence. No lawyer will touch a case where the FTAC are involved if they have a choice. When forced to represent someone they will not represent them properly. Obviously trying to get ones own MP to help will get no response whatsoever.

Although I was release by a tribunal, I have been totally abandoned with no help whatsoever. I live in poverty and squalor with a continuous fear of what the state is going to do to me next. I have no prospect of ever getting back to work, but face the very real danger of having my benefits withdrawn. Even if they are not, they will decline in real-terms driving me into ever deeper poverty.

The FTAC is used to eliminate the politically inconvenient as well as truly sick people. Those that implement the directives to detain people are far too willing to commit fraud and abuse peoples rights. Those organisations that are charged with oversight and ensuring best practice turn a blind eye. People who should represent the individual who have been subject to injustice shun them. The FTAC is a dark stain on Britain; it is a feature of many a dystopia fiction that come to life.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

I expect that the whole suggestion will be deleted at anytime; my comment certainly will.