Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Here we go again.

I've just spotted a police van out side. And there we go ... a knock on my door. Just has a calm chat. "Bla, Bla, Bla..... Good night", says I. Plod, "OK, were going now." and off they wander. Outside the look up to my flat and then get inside their van. The wait there for 15 mins, but have now driven off. Pointless.

Yet another policeman banging on my door

I just ignored it. After a while they went away.

Gentlemen, I am not going to talk to you. You cannot intimidate me by your visits.

If you want to resolve this issue then rethink what you are doing. Let me have the same rights as everyone else. Let me have protection under the law. Let me have access to proper healthcare. Let me have access to legal representation. Let me have access to political representation. LET ME WORK!

I know, they are outrageous and unrealistic expectations.


28 Jul 20:20 - There is a police car and an ambulance waiting just up the street. I think they may be for me.

28 Jul 20:27 - The ambulance has driven off, but the police car is still there.

28 Jul 20:37- The police car has gone now. I expect they will be banging on my door in the early hours again.

Another attempt to get a solicitor

It is a futile effort, I know. I have to do things like this as an evidence gathering exercise.

I e-mailed the following solicitor firms last night:

I do not expect to hear from any of them, at least not in a positive way. The best I can expect is a letter claiming that they are ’too busy’.

I’ll give them a few days and then write to the Law Society for advice. Not that anything will come of that, but it may be entertaining to see what response or lack of it I get.


(15:20) A response from one of them! Rachel Short from Fisher Meredith (, Tel:020 7091 2849) Guess what: "Thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately at this time we do not have capacity to deal with your case."

(21:45) I have just looked at the stats for this site. Although Fisher Meredith are far too busy to help me, they found time to make over 100 visits to this site. Google has done it's magic too and the search term "Rachel Short Fisher Meredith" lists this site as number one. I know I should feel guilty about that, but ... er .. um ..[laugh] sorry.

(29Jul 11:00) I've had more than a dozen visits to this blog so far this morning from 'we are too busy' Fisher Meredith. In that time they could have written a letter to Dr Dolan of East London NHS trust to get him to answer the question. I cannot get any form of legal help because of blatant discrimination. It is disgusting.