Sunday, 1 August 2010

I challenge Iain Duncan Smith to meet me

Nothing will come of this I know.


I have a challenge for you. Study my case with an open mind and try to understand.

Rather than write a long e-mail that you will never read may I simply say that I have been through hell and am at the stage when I have nothing left to lose anymore. I genuinely do think that death is my only option.

Briefly, I was formally a very successful freelance IT professional before the Labour government destroyed my livelihood. I have never recovered from what they did to me. This was not for the want of effort, I have tried to get help from everyone I could possibly think of. Every one of them has refused to help.

Unfortunately the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) have become involved and now things are far, far worse. I cannot get healthcare, I cannot get legal representation, I cannot get parliamentary representation, I cannot get protection under the law, I am excluded from earning a living. I am denied things that most people consider basic rights.

I cannot go on living like this. I have a slogan: All I wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace. I hate existing on benefits that will be withdrawn at any time. I have only ever wanted to work.

If I cannot be allowed to work again, may I at least be allowed to die as I describe in my blog.

If you are genuinely interested in social justice then please can we have a meeting to discuss what has been done to me?

If his group has any genuine interest in Social Justice he will meet with me. I can calmly and rationally present a case that shows that I have been subject to horrendous abuse by the state.

I have had my livelihood stolen, denied access to social benefits and housing, denied access to healthcare, denied protection under the rule of law, denied parliamentary representation, and denied access to legal advice and representation. These things are considered rights by most people. However, it is perfectly alright that I cannot have access to them.

None of the schemes that are presented in his latest report will do anything for me; and I doubt that they will for anyone else either. If this group talks to people like me who have seen what actually goes on and have the ability to analyse and formulate solutions then there will be far greater progress.

All that will happen by enacting the schemes described will be deep, widespread suffering and resentment that will probably be expressed through violence. Savings in one budget will be offset by greater spending in other areas. Genuine savings can only be achieved by doing proper research using people who have practical experience.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living.