Monday, 19 April 2010

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace

There is a saying, “if all else fails, go back to the beginning”. I have run out of ideas so I am going to go back to when everything went wrong and start again. Well, very nearly. I was working abroad before all this started. Indeed that is where I truly want to go; I want to leave the UK and never return. I stand no chance of getting work as I did before.

I am going to go back to trying to get help from the DWP. I sent the following e-mail to the DWP to be routed to the Hoxton office.

I am forced to ask one last time for assistance to get back to work. I know that this futile and that you will refuse to help me. Indeed, I expect that this plea will not get a response of any kind, or even deleted without ever being read. I have to give you the chance anyway.

I have not worked since my return to the UK in July, 2004. Despite numerous pleas during the last six years, I have been refused any realistic help in my desperate desire to return to work. I have tried standard requests for assistance, begging the DWP for help, begging my MP for help, begging government ministers for help. In my desperation to get proper attention I have even tried to use threats in the hope that I will either be put on trial to publicise my plight, or maybe get some other sort of help. All that achieved was the FTAC ordered me locked up in a mental hospital with a doctor fabricating diagnosis to attempt to justify my detention. It took me five months to win my freedom.

Almost every day I read about the schemes that will help claimants off of sickness benefits and back into work. This fills me the terror; I cannot survive any longer on the benefits I currently get and if they are cut by the third that I expect as a minimum then I will dead within weeks. I am so fearful of the time when I am called in that I cannot sleep, I cannot concentrate on anything, and have a constant headache. The last six years have broken me; I am a physical and mental wreck. The prospect of even lower income (definitely in real terms as inflation exceeds up-rating, or probably in actual terms when my claim is stopped) fills me with terror as does the probability that I will end up spending the rest of my days in prison or mental hospital. Death appears to be the only viable option left to me. I have made half-hearted attempts in the past, but it doesn’t look like I will have to make sure it succeeds next time.

It doesn’t have to be this way; it never has. My circumstances are not of my creation; it was done to me. I am not lazy; I was always considered to be a workaholic. I was not devoid of skills; I still try to keep up-to-date (despite being told by a member of staff at the DWP that I didn’t need to) and can demonstrate them. I don’t want to live off benefits; it goes against everything I believe in and I am disgusted with myself and ashamed to have to do it.

I am begging you to help me get back into work. I don’t know the full details of what is required, but I do know that existing schemes will never work for me. I do not need help with motivation, writing a CV, or how to do job searches. In my case, advice such as “lower my sights”; “take the speculative approach”; or “broaden my horizons” is platitudes that are completely inappropriate. The damage that has accumulated over the last six years is so great that basic remedial work on bringing me back to health and a standard of living raised to comparable level to other before I could make any applications for work.

Returning to my first paragraph, I fully expect you to ignore this plea for help. The good thing about e-mail is that there is an audit trail. I have sent this message with receipts requested. At least I shall be able to show that I did ask for help.

I know that it is a futile exercise; they have always refused to help me in the past and I have no expectations that they will help me now. I just don’t understand why. The government and opposition parties all claim to want to get people back to work. They come out with allsorts of ideas for penalties on people to motivate them to work such as driving them into even greater poverty or putting them in a chain-gang picking up dog mess in the local park. However, when someone desperately wants to work they refuse and do whatever they can to stop them.

I will be extremely surprised if this will be responded to directly. What I expect to happen is that I will be called in for one of their corrupt medicals which are used to justify stopping claims. I will be left destitute and homeless again. This will be pure DWP / government vindictiveness.


19/04/10 17:28I have sent the message and their servers have returned a delivery receipt. I was half-expecting to get a message that my IP address was blocked from sending mail to them.
20/04/10 10:14I have just received a read receipt from their servers (they run MS Exchange 6.5). Now they can’t say that they didn’t get it and read it. I was expecting it to be either blocked from their servers in the first place or deleted without ever being read.
21/04/10 11:00

As expected absolutely no response from the DWP regarding my pleas to have some help getting back to work.

Employment statistics were released earlier today. The government are spinning that the claimant count is down more than expected. However as always, the devil is in the detail. The wider measures all show that unemployment rocketed up. The total non-working count is about 11 million people. This is roughly 20% of the UK workforce.

At the same time the Home office is issuing work permits at an every greater rate to combat the so-called skills shortage. Are all of those 11 million out of work so lazy, devoid of skills, sick, or mad that they could not fill those roles?

22/04/10 12:30

Still no response from the DWP; I do not expect any.

Here is a very sad story from the Daily Mail of a young lady called Vicky Harrison, with good qualifications who took her own life rather continue living as a victim of this government. Just how many more will have to die before someone will help the 11 million of us that have been abused and abandoned?

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Just what do I have to do to get my case heard?

I have run out of ideas; anyone got any suggestions?

To recap my complaint:

  • I have had my livelihood destroyed by the actions of the Labour government when the allowed vast numbers of overseas IT workers to flood the UK market and exclude British professionals. I was blocked from working in 2003-2004 and have never worked since. Nobody would consider me for roles outside of IT either.
  • It has lead to my bankruptcy, homelessness and destroyed my physical and mental health.
  • All of my appeals for realistic help to get back into work to the Department of Work and Pensions have been rejected.
  • I have been lucky to be re-housed after a long and tortuous struggle. However, I have not been allowed a grant to furnish the place. So I live without a proper bed, chairs, or even any means to cook food. Again, I try to get help, but have been refused any.
  • I have tried to get help from our elected representatives, but they either cause the problem in the case of ministers, or I am in the ‘wrong’ group to be helped in the case of my own MP, George Galloway. Opposition MP’s will not touch the case either. I have tried to complain to the parliamentary ombudsman that my MP discriminates against me and will not help, but he refuses to intervene either.
  • In my frustration I have used ever stronger forms of words to prompt some form of action from ministers, but that resulted in then instructing the FTAC to order the police and the NHS to imprison me to shut me up. The police unlawfully removed me from my home and then lied about it. A complaint to the IPCC has stonewalled and only investigated under pressure and then the results were a complete whitewash.
  • At Mile End Hospital I was subjected to disgusting treatment that borders on examples from the internet ledged “The Torturer’s Handbook”. The ‘doctor’ there Ferdinand Jonsson lied about my case and fabricated a diagnosis based on no evidence whatsoever. He would never allow me to present any evidence; he just decreed that everything I said was a delusion. He did nothing for four months except detain me. Only under pressure to justify his continued imprisonment of me did he decide to forcibly medicate me despite there being no medical justification for the action. Individual ward staff members repeatedly told me in private that they though what the hospital was doing to me were wrong. In the end they refused to carry out Jonsson’s orders.
  • My appeal to a tribunal was deliberately timed to ensure that the chair person would be politically biased. They selected a date when the wife of a Labour MP would be chairing it. Even though the date was fixed weeks in advance, I was not told until the last moment. However, their plan failed as the report from the ward supported me rather than the doctors and the tribunal humiliated Jonsson with their questioning. They had no problem ordering my discharge from hospital.
  • I have still received no help whatsoever despite my situation getting progressively worse.

There is no chance of me ever working again. It has been too long and the damage is too great. Nobody would ever consider hiring me; I wouldn’t even consider it. However, I live in the daily fear of what the DWP will do next. I fully expect the DWP to call me in for a medical where they will contrive some grounds to claim that I can work. I cannot survive on what I get now and the prospect of having that cut by a third terrifies me.

Just this morning I have received another gas bill that exceeds £300. Soon I will get the electricity bill. Yesterday I paid a £50 telephone bill despite having made no called whatsoever in the billing period. With water bills of £25 and TV license of £12 per month life is impossible. Everyday I have a mini panic attack when I hear the postman. I am terrified of what new disasters have been delivered. I cannot sleep properly because of fear. I live in a constant state of misery and terror all day, every day. I am exhausted by it all. It is obvious that it has robed me of the ability to think rationally.

I never wanted state hand-outs. I wanted to be able to provide for myself like I have done for decades. I had the skills and the motivation to do so, but I have had the opportunity stolen.

So I pose this question to anyone that reads this: What am I supposed to do? Please don’t contribute idiotic strategies such as ‘take any job’, ‘try harder’, ‘lower you sights’, ‘ do something different’. Please believe me, I did all of those at the beginning and they didn’t work and now it is too late.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

This is a death treat.

George Galloway is an evil racist fucking cunt. If he had helped me when I begged him to back in 2005 I would never have suffered so much.

Let me state here for all to see: if I ever get the chance, I WILL KILL HIM.

Yes this is a death threat. I call for the government to put me on trial and give me a platform to reveal what has been done to me.

All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

UPDATE: 13:30 – 12 April 2010

I am still here. It is a bit disappointing; I was expecting the police to be banging on my door this morning. In the past they have gone out of their way to find anything to pin on me to justify my imprisonment. Now I make an explicit threat to kill an MP and they totally ignore it.

Of course this is just an attention getting stunt; I have no intention of carrying out these threats. However, this has never stopped the police from prosecuting people in the past. I want to be put on trial. It is going to be the only way that my case will ever be heard. I want to have a chance to tell everyone just what has been done to me. I don’t have anything left to lose.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Is this man delusional too?

The Daily Express reports another poor soul that stood on London Bridge begging for work. A case of a highly skilled man that is desperate and begging for work. Sound familiar? Is he delusional too?

GORDON Brown’s failure to provide British jobs for British workers was exposed yesterday after a despairing IT expert was forced to stand on London Bridge to beg for work.

A day after official figures showed 1.7million new jobs went to migrant workers, father-of-one Paul Bowler staged the appeal for even a trial job after his position was outsourced to Bangalore.

Yesterday it emerged 98 per cent of jobs created by Labour since 1997 were given to workers from overseas. And critics accused the Government of leaving UK workers worse off than 13 years ago.

Mr Bowler, 47, of Banstead, Surrey, was made redundant last May after working all his adult life and having 23 years’ experience in the IT industry.

The reality is that everyone knows that this is going on. It is well documented in the media and official reports. However, I said it and it was used against me.

After my appeal to the first tribunal failed because of the lies told by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson I was hurriedly rushed into an assessment by two other medical staff, one doctor and a social worker, so the could detain me under section 3 of the mental health act. It was obvious from the moment I got there that they had already made up the minds; they were simply following ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson’s instructions. I reported that there were massive amounts of displacement of British IT staff by Indians through outsourcing and on-shoring (where they are brought here). I was explicitly told that this was not happening; it was all a delusion that I was happening.

One of the other lies that ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson told the tribunal was that I believed that I was in control of the world economy. I have no idea where he got the evidence to base that one on. All I can think of is that I used to work in finance and still maintain an interest. I requested a copy of the Financial Times so I had something to read and to keep up. He has blown this up into something he could use to imprison me. Not only do I NOT believe that I am in control, but nobody can control it; I am a follower of Hayek not Keynes.

Jonsson at one of the few ward rounds that I attended once said that I had ‘peculiar ideas about the economy’. He once tried to entertain the court he was holding by asking me about the economy. I replied, “Well, technically speaking, it’s fucked.” He asked, “How would you fix it”. I responded, “The major problem is the vastly excessive public spending. There will have to be massive cuts”. At which point he cut me off and smiled at his followers. This was supposed to be another indicator of my delusional state. It’s odd that even Gordon Brown has admitted the same thing. Maybe ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson would like to explain his position on my diagnosis and treatment plan?

It should be noted that there was no mention of this supposed ‘delusion’ in any of the reports to, or at, the second tribunal.

The whole case for imprisoning me was based on lies, or at least an unwillingness to accept that reality conflicts with the political prejudices of medical staff. Their own blind following of Labour dogma and propaganda makes the treat anyone that has an opinion or experience that conflicts with it as being delusional. If my detention was not an explicit case of being a political prisoner then it is at least a case of medical negligence.

I am sure that Mr Bower who stood on London Bridge to publish his plight will feel the same as I when I say: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Word Verification

Over at Old Holborn's blog I got another good verification word.
I certainly do.