Thursday, 24 June 2010

Rushanara Ali MP: Why won't you help me?

I am still here! In a way I am disappointed to still be at liberty. I would like to put on trial because then I would be able to question the people that put me there. I doubt if they will try the mental hospital trick again. The police turn up and say ‘we want a chat’ and when I refuse, they wander off!

Just to cause some mischief, I have e-mailed my new MP, Rushanara Ali, this morning to ask her why she will not help me.
May I ask exactly why you refuse to help me?
  • Is it, like George Galloway before you, I am of the wrong race, or, formally, of the wrong social class?
  • Is it because you believe that anyone who does not agree with the Labour party must be insane and should be locked up?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable for someone to destroy a person’s livelihood and reputation for their own profit?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable to deny people any help to get back to work?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable for Doctors to fabricate diagnosis just to detain people and forcibly medicate them on political orders?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable for Doctors to refuse to give details of a diagnosis and the evidence they used to form it?
  • Is it because you believe that it is acceptable for an MP to refuse to help their constituents out of spite?
I can provide documentary evidence to support everything I have said. I have had my life stolen from me for no reason on my part. I am a completely innocent man who became collateral damage caused by the incompetence and corruption of others.

As always: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

UPDATE (30 Jun) No reply yet. Typical Labour: Highly discriminatory, lazy and spiteful.

Reminder sent:

I am still waiting for a response to my questions.

How do you reconcile what you are doing to me now and what has been done over the last six years with basic human rights?

All I want is to be allowed to work again.Why is this so wrong?

UPDATE (02 Jul)I have just had an odd call on the mobile. "Hi, is that xxx?" "Yup", say I and the phone goes dead. That is nothing unusual with 3-Mobile. However, there was no return call. A quick check of the web stats to see if it was someone trying to contact me and I find someone from Tower Hamlets on IP Address ( has visited shortly before finding my site via Google using the search string "labour party Rushanara Ali MP". My site is on the first page! Nice one Googlebot.

Friday, 4 June 2010

In prison or the morgue by the end of the day?

There is a very good chance that I will be in prison by the end of the day; maybe even dead.

Before I go into details I want to state my slogan: All I ever wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

This latest round of attempts to silence me stem from the simple question I asked of the Chief Executive of East London Foundation NHS Trust, Dr Robert Dolan: what precisely are the delusions that I am supposed to have. Despite repeatedly asking the question he has refused to answer.

I have tried to get the Department of Health and even the Minister to ‘encourage’ him to respond, but they refuse to intervene claiming that it is a local matter.

Dr Dolan’s resistance to answer the question is because there are no delusions. The diagnosis of persistent delusional disorder by ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson was a pure fabrication to justify the detention ordered by the FTAC. Dr Dolan cannot produce the evidence used for the diagnosis because there isn’t any.

I have repeatedly offered to be examined by a truly independent (i.e. non-NHS and preferably non-UK) set of medical professionals to assess me. I would provide completely truthful and detailed answers to their questions. This offer has been rejected.

This week we have had the very sad case of Derrick Bird in Cumbria. Inevitably I can identify with the poor man. When I listened to a medical pundit on the radio the other morning I was reminded of just how incompetent the doctors are. His explanation of the motivations and choices made by people in these situations is way off. The pundit ended by stating the obvious that they do not really know because the individual usually ends up dead.

Let me state that I have no wish and certainly no plans to do this myself. However, I have to state that this could be a scenario at some point in the future. This is not a threat, but simply one of the many scenarios to be considered. I expressed that I have insights into the though processes of these cases and would be willing to share them in return for having my life back. This was ceased upon by Dr Dolan as an excuse to send the police round again.

There is no way that I will ever talk to the police under any circumstances. I will never let them in to my home. If they want to take me then the will have to break in. This is because of the actions of the police last time. I let them in then, but they lied about it. I will not put myself in the same position again.

All of this can be solved very quickly and easily. All that needs to be done is for the damage done to me to be repaired and that I am allowed to work again. The country needs people like me to generate wealth to pay off the debts that grew exponentially due to the insanity of the last regime. Claiming that documented facts are not true and locking people up who complain about government incompetence, fraud and corruption is not the way to go.


17:00 – The police are a no-show. I was convinced that they would be banging on my door this morning. It’s unusual for them to take ‘No’ for an answer when they say they want a ‘chat’.

I’ve had the NHS paying loads of visits to this blog today. They are probably trying to find something that they can distort into a reason lock me up. I had five months of them trying to do that. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

I have the police at my door.

They arrived at 10pm.

“We want to have a chat”, they say. “Sorry, I’m not going to talk to you”, says I.

After last time I let them in, there is no way that I am going to do it again. If they want to take me away then they will have to force their way in and record it as such.

Even if they take me away I will not say anything to them.


10:28They have got bored and wandered off. I expect them to be back later.