Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Been a bit poorly

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I've had some sort of bug (not piggy flu!) for part of last week and I've fallen behind on another project of mine. So this one has suffered. I should be back with some of the story by the weekend.

I looked at the stats earlier. A few things to note. My stalker at from London has been back today.

Also there was someone in Royal Leamington Spa at did a google search for 'ftac james' the other day and visited my site. The 'james' in question is Doctor David V. James who the senior forensic psychiatrist the FTAC. I must do a whole post on him so that more comes up when people search for him on the internet.

Monday, 6 July 2009

What do we officially know about the FTAC?

One thing that is striking when researching the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) is the total lack of published information about it. A Google search produced a few items, but not much detail.

The Police

On the Metropolitan Police web site there are no pages that admit to the existence of the FTAC. A deeper search reviled only one reference; a sidebar in an article on stalking from an issue from November 2007 of the house journal called ‘The Job’.

The Press

Press coverage has been remarkably absent. Back in late May of 2007 the Mail on Sunday broke the story, and it was subsequently covered by the Times and Telegraph the following day. Their coverage correctly raised the insidious nature of this organisation.

In response to this initial coverage, the Observer cooperated in a piece to cover up the concerns that have been raised.

Since the Observer article there has been virtually no coverage at all in the mainstream media whatsoever. The other security services my look with envy at the ability of the FTAC to avoid any serious scrutiny.


Our representatives in parliament have not been too inquisitive either. Hansard reveals that MPs have asked about the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre a grand total of twice. Once shortly after the Mail on Sunday revelation by Tim Loughton and another over two years later by the Conservative MP Grant Shapps. Other than that: nothing. The government forms a police department that abduct people and lock them up in mental hospital and no one of the opposition members challenges them.

Personal accounts

One story that has been picked up by the conspiracy websites has concerns someone who was called in to see their GP. The GP revealed that they had been ordered by the FTAC to ascertain the person’s state of mind. The person in question had sent e-mails to disgraced former home sectary Jaqui Smith calling her a communist. Apparently she had instructed FTAC to ‘deal’ with that person.

The only other case is someone clearly psychotic who admits in their own words to hear voices. We can only assume that all other cases have been locked up so securely that nobody will ever hear from them.

Now there is my story. I shall shortly begin describing what happened to me. What I have to tell will really shock everyone that reads it. I will reveal the lies, abuse and corruption that infest the police and the NHS. I am going to name those that are responsible.

I've got someone attention!

Considering that I’ve only just stated this blog, it’s got very little content (at the moment), and I’ve not done much to market it, you can imagine my surprise when I checked my stats service for all my sites and found that this one has had some hits.
What is very interesting that the majority of the hits today have been coming from a NHS user at another one has been from

Can I expect a knock at the door later to be carted off to prison or mental hospital on another fictitious reason?

Friday, 3 July 2009

Grant Shapps asked questions in the house. What are his options of the FTAC?

I thought I’d ask Grant Shapps, for his opinions about the FTAC. Since he asked questions in the House of Commons.

I’ve e-mailed him tonight:

Dear Mr Shapps,

I am building a blog about the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) and their behaviour along with that of the medical staff that collaborate with them.

My research on the internet has shown that you have asked questions about FTAC of the responsible minister recently. I would like to ask some simple questions. Please note that your responses or lack of them will be reported on the blog.

1. Where you satisfied with the response you got from the minister?

2. What are your personal opinions of this group?

3. Would a Conservative government allow its continued operation or would it close it down?

As you have probably guessed, my motivation for setting up this blog is because of personal experience. I was held prisoner without justification in Mile End Hospital for five months because of them and the actions of the consultant there, Dr Ferdinand Jonsson. The full details of my case will be published on the blog where I will give details of the abuse I suffered and the lies that were told.

I have tried to make complaints to the parliamentary ombudsman and the IPCC, but they are stonewalling me. My own MP is George Galloway. As you know is a law to himself and has no concerns about the issues of people like me. In the face of such behaviour of official channels, it is time to make use of the new opportunities that the web offers to bring our abusers to account.

My readers and I look forward to your response.

I’ll keep everyone posted on what response, if any, I get.

UPDATE (14-JUL-09): After following up the e-mail with a post on his website. He did respond. However, it was only to say that his questions where asked in his personal capacity and not as a member of the opposition. He added that he would pass my question on to the Shadow Home Office Minister responsible, James Brokenshire. However, he did not state what his opinions of the FTAC were.

I am yet to recieve any response from James Brokenshire.