Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ministry of propaganda pays FTAC Watch blog a visit.

Yesterday we were blessed with a comment from someone going by the moniker ‘Jethro’ who said, ‘what is wrong with the idea of the FTAC? Doesn't a stable society that desores [sic] safety and security need a body that keeps an eye on individuals that pose a threat to others?'

As it happens, I was checking my stats as the same time. I spotted someone from the Houses of Parliament (IP address: was in the log and to my surprise, the time stamps match. Spotting that I may be in for a bit of abuse and dirty tricks from the government, I apprehensively published the comment.

It could not go without a response so I replied, ‘The FTAC has got nothing to do with the safety of society but the security of MP's. It is also used to silence anyone who speaks against the government.

The ‘Jethro’ character tried to make a comment that was just a bit of cut ‘n paste from the standard propaganda about the FTAC and has been covered on this blog anyway, so I deleted that one. He also added, “Yes, I do work in Parliament - there's nothing I have to hide. Are you the person who sends faxes to the offices of MPs (about the FTAC) almost every day?” Do you see what he has done there? He is trying to paint me as a compulsive fanatic. He knows perfectly well that I am not the person that sends faxes, if such a person exists. For a start, I have no means of sending any faxes. He could easily trace where the faxes come from; most have the number at the top. All attempts I have made to contact MPs have been recorded on this blog and fully identify me and refer to this site.

He also said, “Do MPs not deserve safety and security too? Sadly there are mentally ill people in the world, and organisations like FTAC have to exist to stop some of these people crossing the line between 'mentally ill' and 'danger to people's lives'.” My response was “Everyone deserves to live safely and that includes innocent people trying to make a living without the state arbitrarily stealing their livelihood without providing any help finding an alternative way of supporting themselves.

I am just a victim who would like his life back. I have BEGGED for years to be allowed to earn a living, but have been refused help every time. In the end the FTAC sent the police round to abduct me and lock me up. Once held in hospital ‘doctor’ Jonsson contrived any excuse to keep me locked up none of which were valid.

I went on to say, "Let me make this offer here in public. I am willing to be subjected to any tests you want to establish the state of my mental health, provided those tests are done by someone from outside the NHS, preferably from another country. I am confident that they will not support the fraudulent diagnosis of ‘doctor’ Jonsson. If they do support him then you can do with me what you like (execution please). However, if they support me then I would like my life back in full and those that would imprison me to be imprisoned themselves.
Jethro, if you have any honour in your soul, I BEG you to contact the appropriate ministers in the Home office, DWP and NHS to arrange a meeting with me so that I can make my case that I have been injured by the policies of this government and the behaviour of these departments

I know that my message has been read as I have checked the stats and there was a visit from the Houses of Parliament at 1:36pm today checking the comments. It will come as a surprise to nobody to hear that I have not gotten any response to my offer.

This is the culture of government in the UK. They would rather brand people and ‘mentally ill’ and have them locked up than risk having them be able to prove that they have been a victim of government policy and incompetence.

As I keep saying: All I ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace.