Sunday, 23 August 2009

Where is my story?

One of the reasons that my story has not started yet, apart from being sick for a bit, is that I have an outstanding complaint with the IPCC. The officer handling it, a woman by the name of DS Brady, commented that reporting the case on this blog would undermine the investigation. I originally made the complaint on 22 April, 2009 and it was only on the 1st August , 2009 that they contacted me. Since then I have had no other response. I do not expect a proper investigation; as soon as there is any mention of the FTAC, complaints disappear without trace (like their victims).

Since the IPCC will not act, I have decided that I am no longer constrained on reporting what happened. My story will commence on this blog on the 1st September, 2009. The first part will report how I was abducted from my home for breach of the peace for sitting at my desk, drinking a cup of coffee, dressed and getting organised to do the housework, and then dragged through three hospitals in the east end. It will report how the police lied to the hospitals to ensure a detention. It resulted in me not having a change of clothes, my home unlocked and electrical equipment left running for nearly a month. But that is only the start of the abuse; there is far more to tell.

Summoned to a meeting

I send a reminder e-mail message to the office of Mr Brokenshire which is followed by a number of hits on this blog from addresses known to be the NHS, and then on Saturday I get a letter from Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) Ramesh Rajoo (Tel: 020 7364 1183) calling me in for a meeting. Of course, there isn’t a chance in this quantum reality that I would ever attend such a meeting. It maybe that I am not long for this world!